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Russell Mulcahy, eh? He's a funny one.
Leigh Loveday28 June 1999
Given the opportunity of clambering to the top of the directorial heap on the back of the magnificent Highlander, Mr. Mulcahy instead managed to shoot down his own chances by unwisely having any association at all with the not-quite-so-well-received sequel. Nevertheless, Resurrection, while not exactly a triple-A title, shows that the old dog's still got a few tricks up his sleeve - even if they are being deployed on straight-to-TV efforts these days.

With old chum Chris Lambert (a man equally cursed in his career choices, and looking very old all of a sudden) on board, the scene is set for another shameless reworking of Seven - which might be an obvious comment to make, but that doesn't make it any less true. While the deadly sins are replaced with the names of apostles, the relentless rain, gloom and gritty gore are still there in force, and the plot's just as threadbare.

But! That still doesn't make it a bad film, as such. It's decently performed and nicely shot, with a few nifty camera tricks thrown in to break up the free-roaming NYPD Blue feel of the general proceedings, and there are one or two genuinely effective twists encountered along the way (with some glaringly obvious ones to balance them out, unfortunately).

So it's worth catching, as long as you're not expecting mould-breaking brilliance. One of Lambert's better films, certainly, and an example of the sort of high production values he should be aiming for. So sit back and enjoy... all in all, it's better than you might expect.
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One of Lambert's best!
jbfichera20 August 2002
We all him as the original Highlander and as Rayden in the first Mortal Kombat film, but Christopher Lambert has been around for awhile and has made a pretty impressive number of films (however the quality of many of them is not that impressive). Though many of his films lack something to be desired he has made some classics and he always brings in a solid "Lambert" performance and every now and then he brings in a performance that even surpasses that. Resurrection happens to be one of those performances.

The film itself is actually quite good and it is a bit of a shame that it did not get a wide release in theaters, but unfortunately Lambert just can't bring 'em in anymore (however he is a staple in the straight to video market). The film is a gritty detective story (so NO SWORDS guys) in the style of SEVEN and re-teams Lambert with his Highlander director, Russell Mulcahy. What is interesting here is that the film is co-written and conceived by Lambert, which I think is a first for him (though I'm not sure). What makes this significant is that, Lambert gets to branch out a little and play a character with a little more depth. Which I'm sure is something he's been longing to do since GREYSTOKE. Another interesting thing about the film is that it has genius/director David Cronenberg acting in a small part as a priest(That's what I'm waiting for, the Crononberg/Lambert, Director/Actor team-up).

The film is well shot and acted. It is suspenseful and even a little more thought provoking than the average suspense/mystery. It has a twist that I believe works pretty well.

Well in other words, the film is good. See it if you can.
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Parts of a Man
sol121822 November 2008
***SPOILERS*** What the movie "Resurrection" shows is that religious nuts, from all dominations and cultures, are about as dedicated to their religious beliefs as those who try to suppress and eradicate them.

This deranged psycho is out on the streets of Chicago trying to replicated Jesus' Easter suffering by using unsuspecting persons, whom he kidnaps and brutally murders, body parts in his recreating Jesus' ordeal on the Cross. This wacko goes so far as seeking out his victim in that they have the same biblical names that connects them, in the Bible, with Jesus' Apostles! He also makes sure that his victims are also the same age that Jesus was when he was crucified: 33 years old!

It's transplanted , from New Orleans, Cajun Chicago police detective John Prudhomme, Christopher Lambert, who gets the jump on the killer by deciphering his notes, that he carved into his victims bodies, he left at his crime scenes. Det. Prudhomme's attempt to catch the elusive killer leads to his partner Det. Hollinsworth, Leland Orsen, ending up not only getting shot by the police, in mistaking him for the killer, but having his left leg cut off, by the killer, when he's left alone and under intensive care in his hospital room!

As things turn out it takes FBI profiler Agent Wingate, Robert Joy, to get Det. Prudhomme as well as the Chicago PD to finally get it straight in not just why this psycho is committing these ghastly crimes but who he really is! This revelation, on Agent Wingate's part, is by far the most shocking and surprising sequence in the movie.

What really makes the movie "Ressurection" go completely downhill is that after the killer's identity is revealed he walks right into a trap, that with his great intelligence and intuition he should have seen coming, that Det. Prudhomme and the Chicago PD set for him. With the killer being so smart as well as omnipresent during the first 75 minutes of the movie he then, after he's discovered, does everything in not at all bothering to prove his innocence that he easily can, by his manipulating the law and the courts, but goes out of his way in his death wish-like effort to prove his guilt instead! This has him going on a mindless and murderous rampage knocking off some dozen people by the time the movies over! Most, if not all, of those that he murders have nothing at all to do with his sick scheme in replicating the Miracle of Easter!

You have to have a really strong stomach to be able to sit through this movie that tries to outdo the film "Se7en" which has an almost identical storyline. "Ressurection" goes to show how unchecked religion, or religious fanaticism, can effect a disturbed and unstable mind who uses it for his own sick and maniacal purpose's. In the case of the movie "Ressurection" the sick person who's mind is effected uses religion, like the psycho in Se7en, to mask his dark and deep psychotic and murderous fantasies by having it justify not, what in reality it would do, condemn them!
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Redefining the term 'devine retribution'.
Spike-6526 June 1999
Warning: Spoilers
Due to the inability of Mitsubishi to make a VCR that can last any reasonable length of time before it dies, I had to wait two days to see this film. The frustration was worth it. This film is quintessential Christophe Lambert and a must-see for any admirer, especially if you are also into gore of the 'n'th degree (hence the British R18 rating).

The plot centres around a cop (Christophe Lambert) and his partner (Leland Orser) and their attempt to track down a serial killer (Robert Joy) who is reconstructing the body of Christ in time for Easter and the Resurrection. It is not for the faint-hearted and should be viewed during the daylight hours, as there are segments of it that will have you alternately on the edge of your seat and then running for the bathroom. Some may compare it to Seven, but the storyline is richer and more varied.

Jonathan Freeman's cinematography is ethereal, but intense, like a rollercoaster at an amusement park, with colour so subtle, it makes some scenes seem almost daguerreotypical. Just when your eyes have adjusted to the pitch of the changes. There are scenes reminiscent of many of Christophe's previous films, among them are Subway, Knight Moves, Mean Guns, Highlander, Why Me and Adrenaline. Watching it on a big screen helped, as the mood was dark, enhancing the effect rather than detracting from it.

The plot is sound and the (often unknown) collection of actors is acceptable. The only fly in the ointment was the surreptitious use of 'the laugh' at one point; one would hope this was put in to please Christophe's admirers. But once again we see the passion and the sheer volume of commitment that Christophe has given us all before. The score is understated, not at all overdone like the dozens of thrillers thrown at us lately.

If you want to sample a thick slice of what this guy is all about, it would be opportune to catch this one, especially since Christophe and Brad Mirman wrote it, while Russell Mulcahy directed. One would suspect this was a partnership made in when do we sinners get the next taste?
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The year's best thriller!
tp32021 July 1999
Man, what a movie! I see well over a hundred films per year and although I enjoy many of them, there are only about four or five which really impress me and this one definitely did! Of course, one could say that this film is simply another rip-off of "Seven". And in fact, it is. But is that a bad thing? I liked "Seven" and want to see more films like that. And in my opinion, "Resurrection" has a better plot, better music and more atmosphere. It may borrow the elements (rain, darkness etc.) from David Fincher's thriller but it enhances them so well that if you watch "Resurrection" before "Seven", you might even be disappointed by the latter. I know I would.

I like Christopher Lambert. I think John Prudhomme could only have been played by him. He has the looks, the screen presence and the charisma. Some might say he's wooden but I think he's acting style really worked well with this film. Prudhomme has lost his only child a year ago and there is something in Lambert's performance which reflects that, something sad but hopeful, which really makes you care for his character. This is a man who's been through hell and now he's finding out that he's seen nothing yet. I also liked the performance of the actor who played his partner.

The script is clever. The dialogue works very well and everything moves at a perfect pace. But what really sets this film apart from it's competitors are the high production values. There are clearly very talented people behind the camera. The cinematography, the music, the lighting, everything works extremely well together. I would really have liked to see this film in a movie theater but unfortunately it came direct-to-video in Finland.

I'm sure some people will be complaining about the gore. This film is quite bloody but I believe a film like this must be. In here the gore really enhanced the mood and I think the film wouldn't have been as good if it had been less bloody. There are some films which work best when the details are left to the imagination but I'm glad the director knew that this wasn't one of them. If you don't have the stomach to see gory bodies, don't watch a film involving a serial killer.

Overall, "Resurrection" is a superb thriller which should appeal to anyone who wants to see more films like "Seven". I gave "Seven" an 8 but I'm giving this one a full 10.
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Get past the similarities
refinedsugar9 September 2000
Resurrection is intended to be a dark and creepy ninety minutes of serial killer heaven so probably the first thing that will jump to mind is 'that other movie'. You know the one I'm talking about. As such, its bound to suffer the wraith of armchair critics everywhere, but if you can keep your expectations in check, you'll find a decent flick that stands on its own. Don't be too quick to judge this one.

The dark foreboding imagery, religious overtones and a crazed, mystery killer has been done. The constantly dreary atmosphere, dark locales, the detective with a broken past, the second string banana who's the direct opposite of his partner, the twist you're not supposed to see coming. These are the conventions, that is formula, but its unfair to label Resurrection a rip-off. It features some good production values and there's no denying this is one of Christopher Lambert's better efforts. He's one of those guys that has slipped into B-movie obscurity like some actors do. Appearing in the dredges of the direct-to-video market. In fact, this was such a pleasant experience than it almost made up for those poor Highlander sequels I sat through.

No one (me included) is going to come out and say Resurrection is the best thing ever, but all things considered, it's better than eighty-five percent of the dtv offerings I've picked off video store shelves. The acting and story might falter at times, but there are also moments that try to rise above. A must-watch for Lambert fans and a satisfying flick in its own right.
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Religion with a twist
dragster-27 November 2006
I saw this movie on TV for the first time. Right from the beginning, I had a strange feeling of sickness and disgust and the top scenes were not even on yet. It is compared to Se7en, but I feel it has more action in it while the gore is the same in both movies. The serial killer is very disturbing and has no pity towards his victims like most "respected" SKs. I don't remember the soundtrack to the movie, but I think it does give that eerie touch to a movie that is in itself disturbing all along. The killer doesn't give himself away that easily and he is seriously involved in what he's doing. The final scene is one of the best in horror movies, but can be quite sickening for many light-hearted viewers.
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'Resurrection' in Need of Resuscitation
jtx24 January 2000
This film truly was poor. I went to the theatre expecting something exciting, and instead was afforded the opportunity to hone my "guess the next plot twist before it happens" skills. Seriously, the plot was written with an extra thick crayon so everyone could see. Nothing was truly shocking. In fact, even the gore was met with such complete suspension of belief that it really didn't add up to much.

The excessive wise cracking and cops talking shop at the crime scenes made it seem all the more phony. And the scene where Lambert's character is struggling with the clues and reaches his "investigative epiphany" goes to great lengths to indicate the level of intellect expected from the audience - little.

Probably the most annoying aspect of the cinematography was the "X-Files" treatment: Every building in the film, whether it's the precinct building, or a house at noon, or a hospital, was suffering from a lack of any discernible lighting (not to mention a lack of 'patients' in the case of the hospital). I don't recall a single scene when someone flipped on a light switch. It sure would have been nice.

Mr. Lambert really isn't an Oscar-grade actor, so I suppose you have to take this film for what it's worth. In the end, I've reached the conclusion that the only thing that would make this film seem more entertaining is to watch it after watching "The Warriors". Otherwise, you're left with an effort that is dull and unoriginal, and nowhere near the equal of films of the genre such as "Silence of the Lambs".
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More than a rip-off of "Se7en"
Johnnee-227 November 1999
While I sat through the first half-hour of "Resurrection", all I could think about was how closely it resembled "Se7en". It had the same basic theme: two cops investigating a series of brutal (and unsettlingly gory) murders that follow a common theme. I couldn't help but dismiss it as a pointless, direct-to-video rip-off, but soon I found myself strangely immersed.

"Resurrection" is better than I thought it would be. Once the story started rolling along, I was surprised at how well the movie was made. The suspense scenes are first-rate, the screenplay is smart and intriguing, and the acting is well above average. Though it's not a great movie, it's definitely well worth a watch if you're into the serial-killer subgenre. 7/10
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far better than average
khouston8627 November 2002
Not a very well-known film, but far better than the average thriller/suspense/horror rental. Good story, good acting (except the out of place Rick Fox in a small role), very creepy killer. Don't worry about the "Seven" comparisons. It isn't all that similar, really, and I don't consider it a rip-off. Extremely gory in some scenes, but effectively so.
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akhilles8431 October 2001
I had no big expectations for this.I discovered it accidentally.But i was intrigued by it almost from the start.

What gives this film its dimension is the incredible acting of mr.Lambert.This is one of his strongest performances and it should have been awarded.The plot is already familiar from films like "Se7en",but it still makes you follow the film with anticipation,because the character of John Prudhomme is different than the other hero characters in similar films.He is a man torn apart;by loss of his only child,by his shaken faith in god and also bad communication with his wife.All he has now is his job and the murderer thats waiting for him.

I recommend this film to anyone who wants an interesting story on a rainy evening or who likes Christopher Lambert. 7 out 0f 10
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Gruesome story.
Jonathan Horner14 July 2000
Resurrection sees Christopher Lambert play in one of his more serious roles. Instead of the usual Sci-Fi, fantasy gun tooting, sword slashing role he normally plays (the Highlander movies, Fortress, Mean Guns)

Lambert plays a hard hitting cop who is trying to track down a serial killer, once the killer has killed his victim, he takes one part of their body and uses it to reconstruct the body of Jesus Christ, which you see near the end of the movie and it's not pretty.

The story line may freak a lot of people out but if you have a taste for crime thrillers and you have a strong stomach, then this movie is the one for you. But be warned there are a lot of gruesome scenes in this movie which I won't go into detail about. You may want to look away from some scenes.

Overall, a good but gruesome thriller. One of Lambert's better roles.

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Refreshing, low-budget thriller in the vein of "Se7en".
Lucien Lessard17 October 2007
An seasoned police detective John Prudhomme (Christopher Lambert) is having a tough time communicating with his wife Sarah (Barbara Tyson) after the loss of their son (Michael Olah). John lost his faith in God and He's been assign to a murder case, along with his partner (Leland Orser). Which they examined the body, which the body has an arm missing and the man bled to death. Two detectives find more dead bodies in the city with missing parts of the body. On the first victim, a message was found in blood saying "He Is Coming". There's marking on the dead bodies, they found and John founds out that the marking are messages from the bible. Which the killer is taking different body parts for the "Resurrection" of Christ. Which John and his partner have to stop this murderer before Easter Sunday comes.

Directed by Russell Mulcahy (Highlander 1 & 2, Resident Evil:Extinction, Razorback) made an clever, entertaining thriller that the filmmakers were certainly inspired of the excellent cinematic instant classic "Se7en". Lambert is good as the dedicated detective, who tries to capture this crazed psychopath. This movie is set in Chicago but it's obvious it was filmed in Toronto. Which there's a few continuity errors in the locations in the film. Only a few scenes were filmed in Chicago.

DVD has an good anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1) transfer and an strong Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. DVD has an commentary track by the director, which he's informative at times but there's plenty moments of dead air. DVD also includes trailer, TV spot and cast & information. This underrated thriller is actually much better than you might think. This film was release in Cable TV before hitting to video. Which it was only shown in theaters in Overseas. This picture has plenty of familiar Canadian actors in supporting roles and bit parts as well. Orser was also in "Se7en", who had a memorable bit part. Filmmaker:David Cronenberg appears in a amusing cameo as a Priest. The film also has a good supporting performance by Robert Joy as a mysterious FBI Agent. Which Character-Actor Joy is no stranger to Fantasy/Horror films like "Amityville 3-D", "The Dark Half", "Fallen", "Land of the Dead" and the recent remake of "The Hills Have Eyes". If you enjoy "Se7en" or other smart suspense-thriller with elements of horror, don't miss it. Screenplay by Brad Mirman (Highlander 3:The Sorcerer, Body of Evidence, Knight Moves). From a story by Mirman and actor:Lambert. (****/*****).
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psycho_15320 January 2000
Many people say it's too much like Se7en and yes it is very similar in alot of ways. Some of the puzzles were solved too easily but still I enjoyed this film. There isn't much gore but there are after shots of the death scene like in Se7en so we don't actually see the killing. I enjoyed se7en so something similar wasn't bad it was much better than other serial killer movies like The Bone Collector give this one a go.
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Worth The Wait.
paladin-1120 September 1999
I have waited over a year for this movie, and finally I saw it. It was better then I expected. Other then the lame C.H.I.P.S esque ending (i.e. the final scene) it caught as a great movie. The story line, the plot the dialogue were all up to par with the best of the thriller department and in the past few years I've grown sick of these movie we have been subjugated to. Its nice the see a movie that keeps you a bit off guard, offends you faith, disgusts your stomach and yet at the end leaves you satisfied. I suggest viewing the film. But please, its not Seven and don't compare the two. Lambert is far better in this movie then Pitt was in Seven.
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A very interesting movie
mrolivegarden21012 February 2000
This is the type that is made for people who love to see blood and gore.

Similar to "Seven", this film takes place in Chicago as John Prudhomme is on the trail of a serial killer along with his partner, Andy Hollingsworth, who is killing men for their body parts.

I enjoyed the way that the story was told. For example, the killer is killing to resurrect the body of Christ, which I found very interesting because I have not seen it done in film before.

I am not a huge fan of Christopher Lambert; however, this film has proven that I should take a look at more of his movies because he can be a dramatic actor as well as an action star.

I'm glad I saw this movie
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An insult to anyone seeing it
vigghan21 August 2002
Taste differs. But after seeing this 120 min long picture and afterwards checking the ratings I must confess a deep dissapointment of my fellow raters. This film is a total orgy of all the things that defines the gengre (thriller): Smart cop with immense social problems, wierd bad guy with unessesary nasty methods & even wierder motives, ticking clock and of course: The unbelievable clues. This kind of setup actually works in some movies (Seven i.e.) but given that a child would direct it better, it only worsens the situation for this picture. C. Lambert is not as bad as he is in this film. But here he lowers my rating for this film from a weak 4 to 3. Nothing, except possible the bad guy (and hardly even that, now that I think of it) has been done in an either interesting or good way. Every scene makes you wonder if all the coworkers at the set were at least slightly ashamed after seeing the final film. After one hour every scene makes you laugh and after another 20 min you stare in bevilderment as grossly over-dramatised acting displays reason beond doubt not to ship the crap overseas. I cannot express myself more clearly, its a misstake from everyone involved.
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Predictability to the max
WimRam26 March 2001
While targeting the audiences of SEVEN, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS and the likes (see video cover box...), this movie shoots WAY TOO LOW.

Highly predictable story line (Where is the unexpected ?),

Cheap trill (How often can an actor puke ?) Fast cuts (Let's not waste time on finding clues, just throw them in!) Flat characters (No acting experience required...)
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Not that Bad
Raegan Butcher22 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This wasn't bad at all. It does bear a strong resemblance to SEVEN but its interesting enough in its own right to warrant at least one viewing. The film looks great, all washed-out greens and blues and grays--and it benefits from the restless, edgy camera-work by Jonathan Freeman. There is a surprisingly good performance from Christopher Lambert. Leland Orser also provides strong support as Lambert's partner. The film breaks down and becomes somewhat predictable by the 3rd act; there are a few too many car chases and shoot-outs,and the rooftop showdown with the villain dangling a rubber-looking baby over the rainy precipice is actually rather laughable, but for the first two-thirds, RESURRECTION is pretty gripping. It's nice to see the director Russell Mulcahy teaming up with Christopher Lambert again. Perhaps its their long association that has enabled Lambert to give one of his best performances; when actors form working partnerships with specific directors, the results usually get better and better as their collaborations progress. I enjoyed this film more than ALONG CAME A SPIDER.
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Well-done copycat of Seven.
Brad K.27 June 1999
Being a mild fan (are there many left?) of Christopher Lambert (Highlander, Mortal Kombat), I decided to check out Resurrection on HBO a couple of nights ago. I had to admit I wasn't expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised by an entertaining and somewhat thrilling copycat of the ultra-violent film Seven (a personal favorite). Lambert stars as a tough detective on the trail of a sick, but brilliant serial killer who takes a part of the body of each of his victims. The film was very well-directed and the mood was very dark. Much of the dialogue was very similar to dialogue in Seven and the killer's motives even resembled Seven's. Despite this, I enjoyed the film. Lambert gives a solid (but unspectacular) lead performance, he's a bit too wooden at times, but he has a couple of good dramatic scenes. The film's best performance belongs to Leland Orser (Alien: Resurrection, Very Bad Things). Orser (who had a small part in Seven) takes the standard partner character and makes him somewhat memorable. Also of note, NBA basketball player Rick Fox (Los Angeles Lakers) co-stars as a fellow detective. Highly recommended for fans of Seven.
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Mattias Petersson16 January 2005
Many times movies borrow from each other, and this is nothing i have a problem with. But when the borrowing becomes stealing to the point that you can call it a rip-off then it's harder to accept.

A Chicago detective is investigating a strange murder where a man has been found with his arm severed and a strange quote attached. Soon more bodies with severed parts appear. The detective understand that the murderer is picking parts from his victim to assemble the body of Christ to celebrate Easter! This movie is sad in so many ways. The saddest part actually is that it's not really THAT lousy. Rather it's a half-decent thriller and even the king of garbage Christopher Lambert is OK in his role as the troubled detective. The thing that destroys the experience however is that the whole set-up, style and mood of the film is so blatantly a rip-off of Se7en. And that is what is really sad. Here they had a chance to make a decent thriller, but couldn't resist the temptation of stealing from one of the must successful thrillers of recent years.

Other downsides are also a very weak ending and over-use of gore-effects. I have nothing against seeing blood, but much of the gore in this film was uncalled for. In the end this just becomes a sad Se7en rip-off that didn't have the guts to stand on it's own feet. I rate it 3/10.
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Cheap remake of Seven
thorungla16 November 2004
This movie is the worst I've seen in ages. Most of the movie is similar to Se7en (by David Fincher, 1995) to such and extend that it borders on plagiarism. Replace the 7 sins with 7 body parts of Christ, Morgan Freeman with Christopher Lambert and Brad Pitt with some unknown actor and you've got Resurrection (at least an extremely poor copy). There's even a scene almost identical to a scene in Se7en where Lambert's partner is joking about the serial killer being a raving lunatic and Lambert correcting him and personally admiring the intellect of the killer. Christopher Lambert has never been my favorite actor, but this is definitely his worst performance ever. The plot is completely recycled, no suspense, not scary nor funny at any moment. I wish I could get my money back from the video store.
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A hardly thought-out movie, amazingly predictable can't be compared to "Seven", which it tries to copy
DimiMichas2318 April 2003
"Resurrection" is without any doubt one of the worst movies I've ever seen. The plot is awful, I don't know what that movie is supposed to teach us, what the idea is it carries.

I get the impression no-one thought about the story before writing the script for that movie. I watched the whole of the movie, although I consider some parts of it really painful.

I mean, it's clear right from the beginning who the psycho is. The movie totally lacks innovation and serves as a further example that Christopher Lambert can't ever get it right, with the roles he plays (Highlander, Beowulf ). Although I consider him as a good actor, he can't save that movie.

Honestly it's a waste of time watching that movie, I only did it to go sure that my first impression was right so I can warn my friends ... and you.

I'm sorry if that sounds harsh, I don't want to offend people who like "Resurrection", but it tops my worst ever movie list.
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Reasonably entertaining, for a while.
Li-127 March 2003
** out of ****

The title itself is an irony, as the film could be viewed as a bid to revive director Russell Mulcahy's and star Christopher Lambert's careers. But this won't be the film to do it; Resurrection is ultimately a by-the-numbers, cliched serial killer thriller that resembles Seven maybe a bit too closely.

Lambert stars as Prudhomme, a detective on the lookout for a maniac who's severing his victims' bodyparts. Prudhomme and his partner (Leland Orser) are able to tie the murders together as a bid upon the killer's part to create the second coming of Christ, who intends to use each of these body parts for the resurrection.

For a good hour or so, Resurrection delivers a fairly engrossing story with interesting twists and turns. But once the motives and the identity of the killer are revealed, the script goes on auto-pilot, trudging through chase scenes and shootouts that needlessly pad and fill the running time. The big climactic surprise we keep expecting never occurs, and when a movie boils down to a typcial showdown between hero and villain, you know the writers have run out of ideas.

The film also stumbles in the drama department, with pathetic dialogue and silly flashbacks to communicate our hero's past. The tragedy that afflicts him is there for no other purpose than to have him lose his faith in God, simply to tie in with the religious motives our killer has. But it's all poorly placed together that I wonder why it was even inserted in the first place.

Resurrection is relatively well-directed and acted (particularly Leland Orser, delivering yet another sharp turn), but limps with lead man Lambert, who continues to struggle with his English. To be fair, this is one of his better performances, but this is a film that needs a stronger actor to carry the load. Those who enjoy dark, gruesome thrillers still might enjoy what the movie has to offer.
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Too derivative.
gridoon22 July 2000
There is a strong sense of deja vu dominating "Resurrection", and I'm using the term "deja vu" literally: there are whole sequences and bits of dialogue that you can almost SWEAR you've seen and heard before in several other movies. Director Mulcahy tries to redeem the hopelessly derivative script, but he fails: his technical tricks and fast cuts are sometimes effective but more often pointless and annoying. Lambert gives the poorest performance in the film, though the supporting performers aren't particularly memorable either.
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