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Dragon Ball Z
MR_Heraclius15 February 2020
I can honestly give my opinion that broly movie is going to make a history for dragon ball super movie. i can't assure you that they might continue the series in the same art style but the movie is Going to introduce pure art.

aside from that plot wise i thing the character introduction are lit and the fights are going to spark a lot of thrills. each and every detail about the characters involvement about the their past and how everything is connected and how vengeance is formed. is what makes broly movie worth watching. the sentiments from each scene can touch anyone's heart that you might want to become broly or love broly even more...
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The Legendary Super Saiyan.. what a great movie!!
lucas-4210 December 2002
This film marks the longest of all the Dragonball Z movies. Over an hour in length and could actually pass as a full feature film. It also has one of the most complex storylines of all the rest of the movies. I won't say much about it, as it's storyline is it's strogest point with fighting coming in a close second. Brolli, who is apparently the REAL Legendary Super Saiyan, is intent on destroying the galaxy and it's up to the Z team to stop him. Well, it's more fun to watch what happens than for me to tell it. Let's just say that Brolli goes through some wicked transformations and does some brutal, brutal damage to the Z team. He's unstoppable through much of the film and when he does say something it's usually pretty wicked or scary. Like... "Monster? No, I'm the devil!"

You'll enjoy this movie so very much it'll make your head spin. It's a great collage of great storytelling and fighting. But once you've seen it a few times it begins to lose it's impact. So make sure that first viewing is a good one! ;)
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The only Dragonball Z movie that actually feels like a movie.
Aaron137525 July 2010
This Dragonball Z movie actually has a very decent runtime of an hour and nine minutes. That may not seem like a long movie, but compared to other Z movies it is a nice bit of time indeed. Why does the simple increase of length help the movie? Well for one thing they had time to set up the movie while still having a decent fight at the end that is just not another 2 minute fight where someone powers up and decimates their opponent like in the first film with Cooler. This one has a strange mysterious alien getting Vegeta to his planet. He is a Saiyan and he wishes that his prince return to the new Vegeta planet. Well he is not really interested until told of the legendary Super Saiyan warrior creating havoc. The thought of challenging this warrior leads Vegeta onto the ship to the new planet with quite a few Z warriors in tow. A bit more buildup to follow, when I first saw this one I was very worried that there would not be enough time for a decent fight, but thankfully the longer running time meant there could be one giant fight between the Z fighters and Brolly who was the legendary one. Still, while it is good it has its faults as well. For some reason Vegeta is completely out of character here. He shows fear of this warrior and freezes up at the sight of him basically conceding they had no chance against him. This is not something Vegeta has ever done in the regular series. This is the same warrior who usually goes after the much stronger foes still thinking he is going to win. I also did not like the way this Super Saiyan is taken out, but that has more to do with how he is presented later (he would appear in one other film and sort of another one). Overall, though this one is very nice has a great fight and great humor as I loved the scene where Master Roshii challenges Brolly.
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It's fun
hansenchris-8605023 October 2018
It's your average dragon ball movie, but improved by a mile. Go check it out.
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As epic as they got for awhile
ericstevenson8 May 2017
The "Dragonball Z" movies are certainly good, but they ran into this huge problem. They were just too short! These things were as short as 40 minutes sometimes! They are probably the shortest films I have seen in modern times that have been considered feature length, but not this one! Okay, 72 minutes still isn't that long, but this really feels like a movie based on "Dragonball Z". We get introduced to Broly and it's great that we actually get movies that have a recurring villain. We even get a great backstory when we realize he placed literally next to Goku on the day he was born!

I love the allusions to Bardock too. The other main villain is named Paragus. It didn't take too long to figure out that his name was a pun on "Asparagus". I admit that it does seem a stretch to have the villain named "Broly" as a reference to broccoli. They even themselves point this out, so it was fun. The pacing was great and the artwork is as good as anything featured on the show or other movies. I love how they try to make this story personal. Master Roshi shows off his muscles, but still doesn't get to fight. This is why the more recent movies are even better. ***1/2
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A fantastic movie that could have been one of the best sagas.
derekbellas13 January 2017
Broly the Legendary Super Saiyan feels less like a movie, and more like a short, but amazing saga from the normal Dragon Ball Z. I felt like the movie had some great characters, and easily one of the greatest villains the series has ever seen. I honestly would have loved to see a saga for Broly himself, as he could have been an even better villain, but the movie still does an excellent job. The voice acting, animation, and action scenes maintain the same high quality level as the show. The only real criticism I think I can give is the ending that seemed a little lack luster for me, but it still wraps up in a decent fashion, and I don't think I would have been able to write a better ending anyway. All in all, any negatives are vastly overshadowed by the rest of the movie, and well worth a watch for any DBZ fan.
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Best DBZ movie!!!
jake-law1232 August 2010
Out of all the Dragon Ball Z movies, Bojack, Cooler, Lord Slug eka. This one tops them all. The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, and epic that will get you pumped up from beginning to end. Broly is without a doubt the most bada** movie villain in DBZ. Three movies to honor his coolness.

A saiyan named Paragus arrives on Earth for Vegeta, and takes him to a planet to be honored the new king of Saiyans. It turns out that his son, named Broly, is the Legendary super saiyan, and becomes an unstoppable monster that, for a variety of the film, kicks the crap out of the Z warriors.

Seriously, most of the film is set around Broly killing everybody, which, although gets a little repetitive, also gets amazingly awesome and intense. Broly is ridiculously monstrous, and is the most bada** DBZ movie villain ever!

Its about a full length-ed movie too, unlike the others, which gives more room for conflicts.

The best of the Broly series by far, even though its just him beating everybody around. What I disliked about it was Vegeta, who is a huge puss throughout the whole film. When Piccolo steps in, its awesome, and things really heat up. The music kicks a** as well, setting the mood for each individual fight scene. The way Broly massacres everybody is insane, crushing their heads and all kinds of crap.

The title says it all, the Legendary Super Saiyan at his most monstrous.
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Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan Review
Spideyfan-963-2462159 September 2016
Dragon Ball Z: Broly-The Legendary Super Saiyan(1993) Starring: Eric Vale, Bin Shimada, Ryō Horikawa, Mayumi Tanakam, Toshio Furukawa, Masako Nozawa, Naoko Watanabe, Hiromi Tsuru, and Kōhei Miyauchi Review You know for a guy who doesn't like Dragon Ball and sees it as a joke thanks to that 2009 live action film I freaking enjoyed myself with this picture. It was tons of fun. In this Dragon Ball film it introduces the super-villain Broly into the franchise. When a spaceship touches down during a picnic, the saiyan Paragus tries to persuade Vegeta to rule the new planet Vegeta. There, Vegeta enlists Paragus's powerful son, Broly, to help him investigate a series of interplanetary attacks. But when Broly comes face to face with Goku, his long buried rage sends shockwaves through the universe. This films was purpose I believe was to go along with the dragonball storyline for fans while being enjoyable for other kids who didn't see the show at the time. It has great animation and great action sequences for a cartoon but to be honest I wasn't heavy on the plot. But it does seem interesting which is a good thing. You know my brother in law would always have a conversation about the superman movie Man of Steel and he would say to me its Dragon Ball because of the fight scenes, And I would say I've always wanted to see that kind of fight and he would say you have basically have always wanted to see a dragonball fight. The film is short of course I think this needed rto be longer if it were to hook me because I did not like that opening with Goku going for a job interview with CHi Chi I think that's how you spell her name. But later it got my curiosity then quickly my attention. Dragon Ball Z: Broly: The Super Saiyan is a fun time, with a some what interesting story, all the characters you know and love and great action sequences I give it a three out of five.
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A tale of hate, revenge, death, and grief and its Dragon Ball Z!
krillinkid7 September 2003
To be blunt this is easily the best Dragon Ball Z movie. The Funimation version is actually better than the original because it has some awesome music. It starts off a Super Sayian destroys the south galaxy and we're next. Now the Z fighters are up for a huge challenge. To defeat the Legendary Super Sayian. You don't have to know anything about DBZ to love this movie. If it was in theaters and a little longer this would easily be a hit on the silver screen. I give it a 9/10. If it was longer I would give it a 10.
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Why this movie is one of the best of all time!
SonGohan10 June 1999
This movie is one of the best of all time. Great animation, humor, and fighting scenes make this my favorite movie of all time!
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over all a good movie but...
fallensaviour11 July 2003
this is definatly one of the two best dbz movies tied only with the fusion movie....the only thing that keeps it from being the hands down best is the fact that vegeta is compleatly out of character for much of the movie's important bits....
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