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MPAA Rated R for strong violence, language and sexuality

Sex & Nudity

  • Rated R for strong bloody violence throughout, language, sexual content and nudity.
  • Several cops go on what is called a "panty raid" in a building in Chinatown. Some prostitutes are seen topless (nothing too blatant).
  • A nude woman is getting massaged hard and is moaning loudly in one scene (may be disturbing to some viewers)
  • A nude woman massages a man with lubricant.
  • A woman is on top of a man, thrusting him. (implied sex-nothing explicit)
  • A man is the only male in a room. One of two women gestures him to get near her. (it is implied they have sex b/c the scene cuts)

Violence & Gore

  • Bloody violence throughout.
  • A store in Chinatown blows up at the beginning of a film, after which a chinaman is shot several times by Fukienese gangsters-moderate blood is shown.
  • A man shoots another man in the head (intense but not graphic). Many people are shot in this scene; one w/ bloody result. A man has his gun drawn while looking for another man, who then comes and punches him in the face.
  • A man hits another man repeatedly across the left cheek and tells him to avenge the deaths of his brothers.
  • In the raid described above, many gangsters and cops are shot in a big gunfight, some with bloody results. A cop sneaks up on a gangster's left and shoots him in the head. Much blood is shown.
  • As the same cop is arresting a gangster, he hits him across the head.
  • A man gets hit in the face, then stomped repeatedly by the same cop.
  • A man is suddenly grabbed by two cops and forced against a wall. The barrel of a gun is shoved against his crotch while they try to negotiate a deal with him.
  • A man sees the woman being massaged hard (see Sex & Nudity) and bursts in to arrest one of the gangsters. When he resists at gun point, he is shot above the torso-much blood is present.
  • Gangsters enter a building and kill an undercover FBI agent (offscreen)
  • In the subsequent vehicular chase, many people are shot with very bloody results (had to be edited to obtain "R" rating). One pedestrian is hit by the gangster's car. One of them sticks out of the passenger window to shoot at the cops and gets hit by the back of an 18-wheeler-intense, little blood shown. The cop's front tire blows and he crashes into another truck. The windshield gets smashed in half and he is injured badly, little blood is shown.
  • An old man is confronted at gunpoint by three men, but takes a revolver and shoots himself through the throat-moderate blood shown.
  • On a cargo ship, many people are shot with much blood. A younger cop gets shot in the hand before firing back and shooting the other guy. A guy gets shot, falls off of a ledge, and then gets electricuted to death. Another guy burns to death.
  • The antagonist gangster comes from behind somebody and shoots one of the cops below the chest, (moderate blood) and is then shot in the head by the other cop.


  • Strong but infrequent-about 3 dozen or so F-bombs, numerous uses of sh--, a few uses of "whore", other mild profanities are used, and some sexual dialogue is even used.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Whole movie is very intense, particulary shootouts.
  • the ending is very sad

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