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Season 1

31 Mar. 1997
Ned's Bicycle
A flag appears in Teletubbyland.
1 Apr. 1997
Our Pig Winnie
Teletubbies love to dance.
3 Apr. 1997
Naughty Sock
Teletubbies Original: The Teletubbies play peek-a-boo!
7 Apr. 1997
Teletubbies Classic: Tinky Winky counts to five.
9 Apr. 1997
Dad's Lorry
Teletubbies Original: Dipsy goes for a walk.
11 Apr. 1997
Making Flowers
Teletubbies Original: A watering can appears in Teletubbyland.
16 Apr. 1997
Owl Babies
Teletubbies Original: Laa-Laa and Dipsy go for a walk.
23 Apr. 1997
Feeding the Chickens
Teletubbies Original: The Teletubbies dance in and out of the trees. The Teletubbies watch Matthew, James, and Mark feeding their chickens. There's toast all over Teletubbyland when the Tubby Toaster makes too much toast.
29 Apr. 1997
Teletubbies Original: The Teletubbies watch some children jumping.
2 May 1997
Washing the Bus
Teletubbies Original: Teletubbies watch some children riding on a bus.
6 May 1997
Emily and the Trap
The Teletubbies watch Emily ride in her trap, drawn by her pony Jester.
7 May 1997
The Beach
The Teletubbies watch some children take their dog and a ball to the beach.
8 May 1997
The Teletubbies watch some children rolling things up and down a hill.
12 May 1997
Swimming with Stephanie
The Teletubbies have fun falling over, and watch some children go swimming.
13 May 1997
Yellow Cow
The Teletubbies and some children see Tamzin Griffin tell the story of the Yellow Cow.
14 May 1997
My Mum's Keyboard
The Teletubbies watch two boys play with their Mum's keyboard.
15 May 1997
Walking in the Woods
The Teletubbies watch some children who are going for a walk in the woods.
16 May 1997
Strawberry Picking
The Teletubbies watch some children who are going strawberry picking.
19 May 1997
Tinky-Winky watches some children put on their own shadow puppet show. Po starts a game of hide-and-seek.
20 May 1997
Painting Swings
The Teletubbies watch some children painting pictures.
21 May 1997
My Mum's a Doctor
The Teletubbies watch a little girl whose Mum has a very special job.
22 May 1997
Tweet Tweet
The Teletubbies are having their Tubby Toast when a voice trumpet brings them a message.
23 May 1997
Po shows off her "blowing talent" by blowing Tubby Toast across the TubbyTronic Superdome, and blowing the other Teletubbies up the slide. Laa Laa watches some children use different size wands to make different size bubbles. LaaLaa ball bounces her ball inside, Noo Noo doesnt like it so it sucks it up and hands it back to her. The Teletubbies do a follow the leader segment.
23 Jun. 1997
Gospel Singing
The Teletubbies see a girl whose mother is a very good singer.
24 Jun. 1997
Mark and Zoe Cooking
The Teletubbies watch Mark and Zoe decorate cake with icing, chocolate and strawberries.
25 Jun. 1997
Arthur Robot Story
The Teletubbies watch some children sharing a story about a robot.
26 Jun. 1997
Hey Diddle Diddle
A voice trumpet brings a message for Dipsy and Laa-Laa.
27 Jun. 1997
Dirty Dog
The Teletubbies watch Emily And Jamie walk their dog Jessie before giving her a bath.
30 Jun. 1997
Going for a Walk
The Teletubbies watch some children go for a walk.
1 Jul. 1997
Music with Debbie
The Teletubbies watch some children joining in with Debbie, and Laa-Laa makes up a song.
3 Jul. 1997
Today's video is about haymaking, a tree appears in Teletubbyland, the Teletubbies make some toast and the Noo Noo sucks up Laa Laa's ball, Dispy's hat and at Tinky Winky's bag, but it spits them out after Po chases it with her scooter.
4 Jul. 1997
Naughty Cloud
The Teletubbies listen to the story of the naughty cloud.
7 Jul. 1997
I Want to Be a Vet
The Teletubbies watch a girl who wants to be a vet.
8 Jul. 1997
Ned's Potatoes
The Teletubbies watch a boy digging for potatoes with his Grandmother.
9 Jul. 1997
Digging in the Sand
The Teletubbies watch Andy Brown and some children go digging in the sand for worms.
10 Jul. 1997
Sarah, Fraser and the Ducks
The Teletubbies watch some children feeding the ducks.
11 Jul. 1997
The Teletubbies watch a girl and a boy throwing a ball.
14 Jul. 1997
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