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Sex & Nudity

  • Tony attempts to pursue his therapist several times, but nothing ever happens between them, except a few kissing scenes but they are forced.
  • There is a scene in a gay bar but nothing explicit is shown
  • A main character is raped. Not graphic but upsetting and very disturbing.
  • The Sopranos does contain several sex scenes throughout the series but they are infrequent and not graphic. Nudity occurs even less frequently. Overall, nothing too bad.
  • It is said Tony has some adulterous relationships throughout the series.
  • One character owns a strip club called the Bada Bing! and some scenes take place within the club. Sometimes dancers are there, sometimes clothed, sometimes bare breasts are seen. However, they are often out of focus in the background.
  • Some sexual discussion at random times during the series
  • There are some minor themes of prostitution

Violence & Gore

  • Two men rob a drug house, they kill two men in a brutal fashion, one of them gets shot in the neck and blood spurts out his wound. There is blood all over the walls and on the floor at the end of this scene.
  • A man is unexpectedly shot in the head, he is then shot once more in the chest, his face is then slowly ran over by a large car, we don't see it but we hear a graphic crunch, a man vomits after witnessing this.
  • There are multiple beatings which can get extremely graphic.
  • The violence in The Sopranos is usually very brutal, but the violence is never depicted as fun or cool. It is shown in a responsible and negative light and has consequences. Unlike most crime shows, the violence is not glorified. It is all meant to show that the characters are bad people and the life they lead is evil.
  • A man brutally beats his pregnant girlfriend to death by punching her and bashing her head into a metal guard rail repeatedly, we see her bloody corpse a few times, this scene is extremely disturbing.
  • A man is viciously beaten in the head with a golf club until his skull splits open and blood gushes out.
  • A man is shot in the face with a shotgun and half of his face is blown off, the camera lingers on his gory wound in closeup.
  • An elderly man shoots his godson in the head spraying blood and brain matter onto the ceiling. There is tons of blood in this scene
  • A man is beaten to death with pool cues in a homophobic hate crime. Later it is mentioned that he had a pool cue rammed up his buttocks
  • A man is shot in the back of the head, chunks of blood splatter onto a lamp. We see a gory bullet hole in his face. A dead rat is shoved in his mouth.
  • A woman shoots her fiance in the chest and face the day before their wedding. His body is then cut up into pieces and ran through a meet grinder.
  • A corpse is dismembered in a bathtub. We see hands chopped off and a decapitation. Tons of blood. His arms/legs and head are placed in a bowling bag that gets buried. The rest of the body is then thrown in the river.
  • A man is viscously pistol whipped in the face, blood surrounds his mouth. Later he is curb stomped, he cries out in pain, and all of his teeth are knocked out. This scene is extremely bloody and brutal.
  • No one is safe from murder during this show. Throughout the series, family members and blood relatives kill each other in cold business like manners.


  • Infrequent use of c*nt
  • The word "cocksucker" is used numerous times per season
  • The f word is used frequently and several times per episode. It can be used by mobsters, children, rabbis, just about anyone. But given the type of show and the nature of a lot of the characters the language is understandable.
  • Slurs for African Americans, Italians, Polish, Hispanics, Jews, Indians, and homosexuals are heard throughout the series.
  • Some profanity in other languages, most notably in italian.
  • Virtually every single character on the show regularly uses harsh language.
  • Some minor sexual discussions among the characters
  • Irreverent jokes about sex, pedophilia, homosexuality, and suicide.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • A group of thugs raid a dope house, people are shown doing and dealing drugs.
  • One episode features Tony and a stripper using peyote.
  • Use of drugs such as heroin and cocaine is shown often. Sometimes they are seen being packaged.
  • A main character abuses drugs and alcohol often.
  • Smoking and drinking are present in nearly every episode.
  • Tony's teenage son smokes marijuana in a few scenes
  • Tony is involved in narcotics trafficking.
  • Underage drinking and drug use is shown in a few episodes.
  • Ecstasy is sold to teens and adults alike at parties and local night clubs.
  • In one episode, teens take ecstasy and "Special K" at a party. One overdoses and goes to the hospital.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • The show highlights various hard-hitting topics such as PTSD, depression, murder, cancer, sexual harassment, organized crime, domestic violence, family estrangement, suicide and drug and alcohol abuse.
  • The main character Tony Soprano is a sociopath.
  • The show can be extremely suspenseful and intense. Major and minor characters are killed, sometimes suddenly.

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