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Argue goes loco in sci-fi spoof

David Argue has rediscovered his passion for acting after playing an Australian astronaut in Astro Loco, the debut feature from writer-director Aaron McLoughlin. The actor who made his name in the 1980s classics Gallipoli, BMX Bandits and Razorback, shot the sci-fi comedy at Rmit University.s studios in Melbourne after taking a self-imposed break .

Explaining the hiatus, he tells If, .On a couple of projects I felt I was not treated the right way, or the film was shafted..

Astro Loco follows four misfit astronauts who discover during their mission they have been given one-way tickets and not going home.

.When Aaron sent me the treatment I thought, .That.s right out there,. a bit like Red Dwarf,. Argue says. .My character Lucien is quite angry, he.s not the full astronaut..

The actor thoroughly enjoyed the shoot, observing, .It was an awakening, my reconnection with the film business.
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Kerri-Anne Kennerley joins the Seven Network, including Dancing With The Stars

No doubt Australian morning show host Kerri-Anne Kennerley has been enjoying sleeping-in since her long-running show was given the axe from Channel Nine late last year.

But now the bubbly TV presenter is back with a new timeslot, a new show and importantly, a new network.

The host of Kerri-Anne (formerly Mornings with Kerri-Anne) for almost a decade, Kennerley has joined rival Channel Seven, after she was famously replaced by Sonia Kruger.

In what is a big coup for Channel Seven, she will front a new primetime project later in the year, but the details remain sketchy. In media interviews, she said however that it wouldn't be an interview show.

It's also been announced that she will be the first contestant on a new series of ratings juggernaut, Dancing With The Stars.

A statement, issued yesterday morning, said Kennerley would also feature across some of the network.s established shows.
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News: No 3D for Dark Shadows, Jon Blake, Gina Tognoni, Degrassi

Aussie actor, Jon Blake dies at 52 after long years in bed

He was once hailed Australia’s “next Mel Gibson” while at the peak of his career in the late 1980s. But an unfortunate road accident had left Jon Blake permanently incapacitated as he was described in ‘near-vegetative state” until his death Sunday. He was 52.

Blake appeared in a number of TV series including soap opera The Restless Years and Anzacs.

Tim Burton's Dark Shadows will not be in 3D‎

“I’m just starting, and it’s a weird tone and it’s a lot of actors and, you know, we’re not starting with the simple stuff; we’re sort of getting right in there. You like to kind of sneak up on it a little bit, but this one we just kind of slammed right into it. [asked if it will have a soap opera quality] Yes, I don’t know. I’m early into it
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Actor Blake Dies

Australian actor Jon Blake has died after suffering complications from pneumonia. He was 52.

The star lost his fight for life on Sunday.

Blake shot to fame in the 1980s with roles on several hit shows, including soap opera The Restless Years and TV miniseries Anzacs.

The actor hit headlines in 1986 when he was involved in a car smash in the South Australian desert on the last day of filming movie The Lighthorsemen.

He was left permanently brain-damaged and never worked again, relying on his mother Mascot to look after him, before her death in 2007. His son Dustin then took over as his father's carer.

Blake's funeral will be held later this week (ends05Jun11).

Actor Jon Blake dies from pneumonia, aged 52

Jon Blake has passed away at the age of 52. The Australian actor, who was best known for his roles in The Slim Dusty Movie, Anzacs, The Restless Years and A Country Practice, died of complications from pneumonia. Blake was dubbed "the next Mel Gibson" after starring in The Lighthorsemen but his career ended after he had a serious car accident on the last day of filming in 1986. He was left with permanent brain damage. The star went through various court cases and was eventually awarded $$7.7 million (£5 million) in (more)
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