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Season 2

5 Sep. 1994
Pandora's Box: Part 1
An old enemy of Skullmaster awakes in the depths of the underworld, and Max finally faces his destiny and returns to Skull Mountain to destroy Skullmaster once and for all.
7 Sep. 1994
Pandora's Box: Part 2
Caught in the middle of the storm of battle between Lava Lord and Skullmaster, Max and his friends are forced to escape through the underworld portal, though their escape comes at a terrible price.
9 Sep. 1994
Blood of the Dragon
Free at last, Skullmaster immediately begins his evil work by fooling an island tribe into drinking dragon's blood, which transforms them into monsters that only obey him. Max and co arrive to try and save the last of them.
12 Sep. 1994
The Missing Linked
In the strange town of Schlepak, something weird is gobbling up the townspeople. Max and his friends go there to try and find the cause of disappearances.
14 Sep. 1994
Year of the Rat
Max is summoned to China to stop the evil Lao Chu, resurrected Emperor of the Rats, who threatens to engulf the world with the numberless hordes of vermin at his command.
16 Sep. 1994
Zygote's Rhythm
Max, Virgil, Norman, and Max's pet iguana Thor journey to a mysterious island to stop the menace of a mad doctor who has invented a way to "de-evolve" modern animals back into dinosaurs.
19 Sep. 1994
Cyberskull Virus
When a spiteful computer nerd becomes near-omnipotent after transforming himself into a living computer virus, only Max's gaming skills combined with Virgil's knowledge of mathematics can save the day.
Nov. 1994
Along Came Arachnoid
When giant spiders begin preying on Seattle, it's up to Max alone to stop the danger posed by a demented mutant because spiders happen to be Norman's only fear.
The Axeman Cometh
During the felling of trees, loggers accidentally release the bloodthirsty Lockyar, an undying evil spirit of violence who has the power to incite rage and madness in all those who fight him.
26 Sep. 1994
Max and his friend Bea must solve the mystery of a powerful insectoid robot that is causing a mass exodus of beetles in New Mexico.
28 Sep. 1994
Souls of Talon
Talon, a wicked, ancient soul-devouring entity from the Astral Plane is unleashed and Max Virgil and Norman must find a way to trap him in the bizarre dimension he came from before it's too late.
30 Sep. 1994
Tar Wars
In Los Angeles, an ancient, super-powered Sabretooth is disturbed from it's rest by construction workers and only a similarly powered caveman, with Max's help, can stop it.
10 Mar. 1994
Clown Without Pity
Max must rescue Virgil, Norman, and a group of children from the deranged Freako, a man whose deformities make him look just like a clown, who has enslaved and transformed them into hideous mutants to be slaves in his dark circus.
5 Oct. 1994
Max vs. Max
Virgil summons Max to inform him that he may not be the real Cap Bearer, and that they may have found the real Mighty One. Virgil devises a test to decide who is the real chosen one, a test that proves to be disastrous for the world.
10 Oct. 1994
Cyberskull II: The Next Level
Cyberskull re-emerges from the depths of cyberspace to enact revenge by manipulating a brainwashed cult into transferring his essence into a gigantic robot body which will grant him unimaginable power once again.
17 Oct. 1994
Fuath and Beggora
Max and co travel to Ireland to try and stop a misguided cult from awakening an ancient titan that could destroy mankind as we know it.
31 Oct. 1994
Dawn of the Conqueror
In order to live for another 10,000 years, Nornan must survive the trial of the Conqueror, a mighty beast-warrior who he must battle from dawn to dusk or he will cease to exist.
19 Oct. 1994
Fly by Night
A vampire is loose in London and it's up to Max and co to stop her. However, they find that this particular bloodsucker is anything but the classic vampires of legend.
12 Oct. 1994
Zygote Music
The menace of the now super-intelligent mutant Dr Zygote returns and this time his vast mind powers are focused on discovering the key to ultimate evolution.
26 Oct. 1994
I, Warmonger
Max and the guardians travel to the center of longitude and latitude to stop Skullmaster's lackey, Warmonger who betrays his master, from destroying the balance of nature. But is there a grander scheme at work?
21 Nov. 1994
Around the World in Eighty Arms
Max and co travel to France to investigate why cargo ships are disappearing. When they discover who is behind it, everything they ever knew about classic science-fiction books is blown away.
7 Nov. 1994
Sirius Trouble
A race of strange bird-like aliens arrive on earth to steal something that they consider precious. Knowing what they aliens want is actually toxic waste, Max may just be able to kill two birds with one stone.
21 Nov. 1994
Scorpio Rising
Max and his friends must stop a madman who believes he still lives in the 50's from bringing about a nuclear winter while fighting off the deadly giant scorpions that he commands.
23 Nov. 1994
Good Golly Ms. Kali
Max Virgil and Norman must stop Nadja, an evil snake demon, from summoning Kali, the Hindu goddess of destruction, and destroying all of India.
24 Oct. 1994
The Mommy's Hand
A mysterious ring is delivered to Max's mom which possesses her hand and draws her toward the goddess Isis, who means to use her as a sacrifice to resurrect her husband Osiris.
14 Nov. 1994
Armageddon: Closer
Skullmaster reforges the Crystal of Souls and launches an all-out assault against Max and the guardians, hunting them relentlessly across the globe for the Cap, which is the key to a ritual that will make him all-powerful.
16 Nov. 1994
Armageddon: Outta Here
It is the day of the Winter Solstice. With Norman and Virgil both destroyed, Max faces the evil of Skullmaster for the last time alone. However, things are about to come full-circle in a way that no one could have ever fathomed.

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