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13 Jul. 1997
The Impostor
A salesman living from sale to sale, walks between towns and stumbles upon a dead body. He discovers the man was on his way to a marshal's job at Apache Wells and decides to take his job and what he was also wearing - the Deadman's Gun.
13 Jul. 1997
Buryin' Sam
A pair of undertakers get their business wherever they can. Their payment is whatever they can get, even from each other. During an unusually slow period, their payment and their future comes unexpectedly in the form of the Dead Man's Gun.
16 Jul. 1997
The Highwayman
Robert Cosgrove runs a failing boarding house with his wife. A rich boarder tells him we make our own luck. Taking his advice, he starts a new career by stealing his money and relieving him of the Deadman's Gun.
30 Jul. 1997
The Bounty Hunter
Raymond Jakes has dreams of being more than he is -- a store keeper. When one day he trades goods for the Deadman's Gun, he feels his calling of being a bounty hunter can now be realized.
13 Aug. 1997
Black Widow
Willed the Deadman's Gun by her latest husband, Lillian Posey moves to a new town where she ensnares her next victim. What she doesn't know is his reputation may equal hers.
20 Aug. 1997
The Healer
Paid off with the Dead Man's Gun after delivering a baby, Dr. Butler finds that it may bring up a past he had no part of and involves someone he loves.
10 Sep. 1997
Medicine Man
Considering all the times he and his people, the Nez Perce, have been victimized by the soyapo, white man, Tom Shadow Wolf finds a way to even the score when he stumbles upon the Deadman's Gun.
1 Oct. 1997
Next of Kin
Gathering the remainder of his family and friends, a dying man uses the weekend to see who deserves what of his considerable estate and holdings, one of which is the Deadman's Gun.
15 Oct. 1997
Death Warrant
A ruthless, hard-bitten bounty hunter carrying the Dead Man's Gun accidentally kills an innocent young man in a shoot-out. The mother of the dead boy puts a bounty on the bounty-hunter.
22 Oct. 1997
Mail Order Bride
When a blacksmith sends away for a bride, what his future has in store is more than what he initially planned especially when it includes the Dead Man's Gun.
22 Oct. 1997
Fortune Teller
A crystal ball gazer with a traveling carnival tricks a man out of the Deadman's Gun not knowing she is about to experience talents for foretelling the future even she didn't know she had.
2 Mar. 1997
Fool's Gold - Pilot #2
A con man who sells a worthless gold mine to a naive farmer soon finds out the joke is on him when the mark shows signs of striking it rich.
2 Mar. 1997
The Great McDonacle - Pilot #1
Harry McDonacle is part of a traveling group of performers going from town to town. Using a prop pistol which fires buckshot instead of bullets, he never misses his target. That is until he runs into the Dead Man's Gun.
27 Aug. 1997
My Brother's Keeper
Two brothers find a skeleton under a tree and a gun beside it. One of them finds he has become an incredibly fast draw with the gun.

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