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Bruce McGill: Ron Motley



  • Tobacco Lawyer : Dr. Wigand, I am instructing you not to answer that question in accordance to the terms of the contractual obligations undertaken by you not to disclose any information about your work at the Brown and Williamson tobacco company, and in accordance with the force and effect of the temporary restraining order that has been entered against you by the court in the State of Kentucky. That means you don't talk! Mr. Motley, we have rights here.

    Ron Motley : Boy, you got rights... and lefts. Ups and downs and middles. So what? You don't get to instruct anything around here! This is not North Carolina, not South Carolina, nor Kentucky! This is the sovereign State of Mississippi's proceeding. WIPE THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE! Dr. Wigand's deposition will be part of this record! And I'm gonna take my witness' testimony whether the hell you like it or not!

  • Tobacco Lawyer : Object!

    Ron Motley : Is there an echo in here? Your objection's been recorded. She typed it into her little machine over there. It's on the record. So now I'll proceed with my deposition of my witness. Does it act as a drug?

  • Tobacco Lawyer : Mr Motley, we have rights here.

    Ron Motley : Oh you have rights, and lefts, ups, downs and middles. So what?

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