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Where are all the fans?
chembai5 October 2004
I am amazed that not one of Superstar Rajinikanth's millions of fans in the whole wide world has bothered to write a review of what is arguably his greatest hit and possibly his best entertainer. Like legions of his fans, I cannot find a single flaw in this superb flick. It's like a Bond movie; everything's possible because 007 is in charge. Rajini as Manickam and Badsha is simply scintillating; he gives his most impressive Bond-like performance to date. Actually I think Superstar should have quit films and entered politics after Badsha - he would have left in a blaze of glory and cemented his place in film and political history. There are many unforgettable scenes - when he speaks to the college principal for his sister's admission, the fight with Anandaraj ("ULLE PO"), all his scenes with Raghuvaran. I can go on and on. Instead I'll go and watch Badsha again. Maybe you should, if you haven't already.
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Rajini's breakout role
vinaybar23 September 2010
Rajini might have done over 100 films prior to this one,but if there's one film which catapulted him to demi god status,it has to be this one.His characterisation as the calm and docile Manickam coupled with the stylish and ruthless don Baasha makes this movie a treat to watch.

The story might not be great,the BG is a rip off from Terminator,the music and songs are cheesy,Nagma is useless,the production value is tacky(OK,granted this was 1995).

But,if there's one person who makes this movie unbelievably watchable it has to be Rajinikanth.This might sound insane,but I have seen this movie more than 30 times(I stopped counting after 30)and each viewing is still enjoyable.I can't say the same for most movies,Rajini's other movies included.There is something special in this film which is hard to explain.

Time for another Baasha session.
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The Greatest movie of Superstar Rajinikant
sendhiltg13 October 2006
Baatsha is the greatest movie released in that decade.

People say it is a remake of Hum but Hum could be nowhere compared with this movie this is an awesome one .

Many people have tried to imitate Superstar's style but no one can be a match to that legend.

The movie has too many super scenes which could remain ever green in our memories

The latest trend in movie making is remake another old movie But this movie can never be remade by any body

the greatest movie of Super Star
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Movie of the millennium
shanvi21 September 2005
Said to be the movie of the millennium, as the friend above said it , it is so so great, Rajini Baba Ke Jai.

Only Rajini can do movie like this, & I wonder whether he himself can make a movie similar like this.

Super star ka style to ek dum perfect hey, in this movie it touched the peak, some scenes are breath taking like the first fight in the movie, scene in the medical admission, talk with the IG, Nagma's marriage day, the climax, gundas tearing Rajini's Auto.

Apart from scenes the background score is too great, however the music wasn't so great but still in Super star's movie the music always become magical.

At the end of the Day Rajini is Rajini, millennium ka eki superstar hey, & he is the god for tamil movie fans.
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This movie is one the most stylish,slick and fast moving Tamil movie ever made!
carjjun16 September 2006
One of the best gangster movies i have ever seen! Didn't think an Indian regional tamil movie would be so good...rate the movie UP THERE! Rajni's style and acting in this movie is one of the reason why this was a success! The acting of the villain Raghuvaran was fantastic! Directed very is also superb...even though the background music sometimes is a rip off from "The Terminator" its done very well by the music director Deva. The whole Autorickshaw driver who was a big Don in Bombay is a fantastic story so the heart of the movie is the story.The slick way this movie has been taken is excellent.Rajni always does something special for each movie he does like say something or a movement like a sign or symbol and in this one he does one of his most famous styles..

Watch it for Rajni's greatest movie!
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Tamil Cinima's Epiphany
A-Guna147 March 2015
Warning: Spoilers
If there ever was a poster for Tamil Commercial Cinema, this would be it and if there ever was a star who could wield the South Indian box office dynamics by merely starring in a movie, it was and it will be(for ever) Thalaivar Rajinikanth. This movie is for Tamil Cinema; what Sholay is to Bollywood and what Gone with the Wind is for Hollywood, a classic that would never get old for eons.

This movie follows a classic three act structure with an inventive twist. Manickam(Rajinikanth) is a peace loving auto driver who wants to provide a respectable life to all his step siblings. He gets his one of the younger sister married to a respectable family. He helps his another sister to get an admission in a medical college and his younger brother a police officer job. He does all this honestly. Even though he runs into trouble with local goons time and again he never turns to violence. His brother gets in trouble with one of the local goon called Indran. Indran traps his brother and threatens to assault him fatally.Manickam offers to get beaten in his brother's place . He does not even flinch while those goons beat him to pulp and moreover laughs at the end when his brother questions his stupidity. Even though each and every viewer inherently knows Manickam would retaliate sometime, we would sympathize with the character for his sacrifice.Finally, when Indran tries to molest his sister to avenge Manickam's brother. According to Indian culture(movie culture also), women are highly respected and molesting one's sister, mother or wife would generally bring out the worst in a man. Thats what audience want too. Manickam gets violent for the first time.

This movement when Manickam hits one of the sidekicks of Indran and he flies off for what seems to be few yards, marks the high adrenaline, action packed, nerve throbbing performance of Thalaivar as Basha and Rajini's Box Office Supremacy. This particular scene is shot so well, that it is the example by which many punctuating action scenes in the Tamil and Telugu cinema are shot even today. A right mixture of silence, music, lighting and editing makes this violent scene all the more exciting ,memorable and possibly poetic. The only other scene in Tamil Cinema which could almost match the adrenaline rush of this scene would be one another scene by Thalaivar in Padayappa, where he sits on a swing(sounds simple! yet you would have to be Thalaivar's fan to experience this free Ecstasy).

Following this much awaited and welcomed outburst of Manickam, we are introduced to his alter ego in flashback, Basha. Rajini's getup as Basha was so stylish and sophisticated, his image as Basha is what most of his fans might remember him. Basha, is a mafia don of Bombay, whose only ambition is to destroy another evil don Antony. As far as any action commercial cinema goes, its the strength of the villain that makes the movie and not that of hero's. Raghuvaran(who played Antony) gave such a performance as Antony, that he cemented his character as a legend of celluloid villainy. He was equally sophisticated, stylized and articulate as the hero of the movie. At the high point of their battle Antony looses to Basha and is arrested by police. Basha, according to his promise to his dad leaves Bombay after staging his own death and lives a simple life of Manickam in Chennai.

In the climax, Antony learns that Basha is still alive in Chennai and escapes from Bombay prison to avenge Basha and gets killed in the end.

The movie had an effect of a fantasy movie of Hollywood worth millions of dollars, with just Thalaivar's menacing looks, snappy dialogues and thumping background score. The dialogues in this movie gave rise to new form of dialogues in Tamil cinema called punch. A punch is basically a comparatively small catchy phrase, which is capable of communicating a much larger meaning. One such punch which became so popular that, literally every kid in the state was reciting it on a day to day basis was-"Na oru thadava sonna nooru thadava sonna mathiri", whose literal meaning is "If i say once, Its like i have said it 100 times". It might sound stupid, but in a weird thalaivar's connotation it means a lot to fans and cine goers alike. Apart from dialogue, the movie had a pretty impressive background score. They had borrowed Terminator's theme music as theme music for Basha, which also helped in elevating Rajini's appearance in each and every frame. That being confessed, every aspect of the movie, from story, screenplay, direction, music, costumes, cinematography changed the landscape of South Indian Commercial Movie for ever. This movie showed what happens when every one working in a movie tries to accentuate what Rajini could do on screen.

This movie elevated Rajini from stardom to a demigod status. This was such a success through out South India that Rajini was considered to be the next Star turned Politician(after M.G. Ramachandran and Miss Jayalalitha) who would rule Tamil Nadu in future. People of Tamil Nadu literally went berserk over this movie, including myself(i was around 9 years old at that time).

Tamil Cinema's history can never be complete with out this classic. Even though its just a pure entertaining ,commercial, action flick. Tamil audience witnessed the birth of a demigod called Thalaivar in this movie. This movie pushed the boundaries for Tamil Cinema and made it commercially viable to produce big budget Tamil movies, which were otherwise done by Bollywood alone. Whole Tamil Industry owes a lot(for big budget movies and crappy masala flicks) to this movie and its star Rajini.

Nobody can replace Rajini in Tamil pop culture and no movie can replace Basha in the annals of Tamil Cinema.
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Film for rajini fans
sanjayppc21 August 2014
Baasha is a faithful remake of the amitabh-rajini starrer - Hum. I have seen both the films & so can vouch for that.

This film ranks as one of the top favourites for rajini & his fans. It has all the usual rajini ingredients - hero worship, dumb heroine, hero as a male chauvinist, loud songs, jazzy costumes plus punch dialogues.

It was from this film that rajini started mouthing punch dialogues which became a staple fare for all his future movies.

Rajni had done a good job & Raghuvaran matches him step by step. Nagma is glamorous & janakaraj is OK.

Songs by Deva will be liked by rajini fans.

This is the film which saw the downfall of rajini as actor & the rise of rajini as the superstar.
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A movie that transformed a popular film actor into a political tsunami
Mohammed Faizer20 August 2013
A movie that gave a new definition for Character Underplay and subsequent Stylish (violent) transformation for the tamil movie goers. Tops the must watch list of all thalaivar fans and more than a decent entertainer for anyone who prefer an intense story said with a commercial sugar coating. This is the movie that exploited the brand RAJINI to the maximum and expanded his reach among maases to unimaginable proportions thus making RAJINI the undisputed MASS HERO! The movie is not only stylish but has substance too and a trend-setter for future gangster flicks! But unfortunately none could match the magic of the one and only BASHA, nehi nehi maanik BASHA!!!! A complete RAJINI entertainer all the way!
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NOt a remake of Hum
nir-o1232 January 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Someone should change the sypnosis.. this movie is not at all a remake of Hum. i read the plot line in wikipedia and its not even close to the plot of Baasha.. Baasha is an original movie starring Rajini and this is one of his biggest hits ever.

Anyways.. i would recommend all of you to watch this movie if you guys just heard of him after watching Endhiran.. this is a great gangster-mob movie.. its about a person trying to lead a normal life ever since his dad died because of his rivals when he was a mobster.. but karma bites back when he had to fight to save his sister and his brother questioned him about his past when all the baddies that he fought were in life- threatening condition... this is a really great movie even though it was made in the 90.. please watch this movie and let the word out about this great film
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A Don(Rajinikanth) who ruled the tamil industry after this classic.
First of all i would like to say this is the best film of Rajinikanth as it turns out to be the perfect plot,stylish acting etc. The film gives you glimpses how stylish was rajini back then. The film is still regarded as one of the best films ever made in tamil cinema. you should have been there in the theaters in jan 1995 then you would have known the response of the film. The style icon rajini followed up with serious block busters which made him an iconic person as he is now.The film had everything love,action,comedy and above all true friendship. The films best part is those conversations between the protagonist and the antagonist played by raguvaran who has done exceptionally well. You wouldn't want to miss this classic do watch this to know about it.This is one of the best made don films in the history.
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One of the Best of Rajinis Movie
Suresh Kumar R27 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Rajinikanth plays the role of Maanik Badsha wherein he rules the city of Mumbai and opposes the villain Antony(Mark Antony - Raghuvaran) for all his ill acts towards the innocent public and the cruel murder of his best friend Badsha.

Once Raghuvaran gets arrested for charges - Maanik Badsha changes his name back to Maanickam(his original name in the movie) and tries to lead a normal life back in Chennai as a Auto driver. But at times it is required for him to reveal his identity to face the local dhaadhaas and he does that with class. For instance - His sis goes to college administration office for getting seat to study medicals and the administration office guy(some big shot), asks her to come to his guest house for sexual favour in return of the college seat allocation. Sis returns to Rajini and informs about him about the incident and cries, the scenes following the same wherein he visits the admin guy and reveals his past still brings in nerve chilling effect when thought of. Such is the impact Rajini has on our thoughts and imagination too...:). So goes the film but his own brother who becomes Police officer tries to unviel Badsha's identity and following that Antony in jail comes to know Badsha is alive and so when he gets released he again tries to take revenge on Rajini and gets defeated and killed in the final battle.

Nagma plays the heroin role as a rich mans daughter. Her dad was related to Antony in the past and was behind the assacination of Antony's family members. Thus the story is well knit together.

The dialogue 'Naan Oru Mura Sonna Nooru Mura Sonna Madhiri' became one of the best punch dialogues of Rajini and even in 2010 a child born 5 years back will utter the same with pride and craze. I personally watched this movie more than 10 times and each time I watched it, it was full of energy, style and RAJINI. We love him. Yes we people are crazy about Rajini and least bothered what others think about us. When he's on-screen we forget ourselves off-screen, thats RAJINI. Wish Him Good Luck for his currently running movie Enthiran which is creating records in the history of Indian films and wish him good luck for his personal life too.
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Baasha, Manik Baasha!
acewinsekar4 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
A young man leading a normal life is forced to turn into a modern day robin hood, in Mumbai - Baasha, when his best friend is killed by an underworld don.

But at the pinnacle of his powers, he chooses to lead a life of obscurity as an auto rickshaw driver in far of chennai, to bring up his 2 siblings, and give them a good chance in life.

But life takes an unexpected turn when he falls in love with the daughter of the right hand man of the drug baron he kills in his earlier days.

and when his family is targeted, Baasha resurfaces to conquer evil in a way only he can.

Rajnikanth's unique acting skills and styles at his very best.

A racy entertainer with mind blowing dialogue delivery by Rajni! Baasha.... Manik Baasha!
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Nammma Thalaiva!!!
dilip-ramachandran28 January 2007
Namma thailava super Starr Rajini Kanth nadithha Baasha (Badhsa) padam ithu. Best of the bests! Must see. Oh, must see. It revolutionized the tamil cinema. If movies could cause earthquakes, this would max out the Richter scale. I''m surprised that nobody else has really commented on this film We need to get some pictures to go along with this movie This movie is a mix of action, romance, action, romance and lots of really really cool action. Plus of course, our Thalaiva Rajni Kanth. Great movie da. I do not want to say anything more about the movie cuz I don't want to spoil it for you. You need to watch it and see how great it is.
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