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What Movie Were You Guys Watching?!!
gurochuck24 April 2006
I know I'm late as hell and I hate to break the overall 'vibe' about this movie but this movie was great when I saw it in the theater and gets better every time I watch it over again. And this is mainly because of the performances by Denzel and Ethan. I don't know what you guys expected but the movie CLEARLY suggests that Denzel is a crooked, burnt-out, streetwise cop and Ethan is a 'wet-behind-the-ears' clueless rookie. So knowing that, WHAT DID YOU GUYS EXPECT, Malcolm X, Remember The Titans, The Hurricane?? If you were, then maybe you all need to be checked out. The reason why this movie was so great is because it wasn't the typical Denzel 'role model' movie. We KNOW that he can play those roles well so it's a testament to his acting ability that he can portray the other side of the spectrum. And my hat goes off to Ethan because he bounces off Denzel flawlessly.

I hate to break the news to you guys but cops like Alonzo ARE OUT THERE and need to be acknowledged. Acting like the problem doesn't exist does not solve it. You don't have to go that deep to know that Alonzo was once a good cop who just got fed up w/ 'police procedures.' If you acknowledge that Jake's shallow-mindedness at the beginning of the film only allows him to look at the perks of making detective and how the progress of the day transforms him, you can really appreciate Ethan's portrayal of him. Let's face it, a bad day at the office when you're a narcotics detective differs greatly from that of an office executive and the different stresses can warrant different results.

Even the street rhetoric was authentic. Maybe you guys need to get out of the 'burbs more. You guys didn't actually expect eloquent dialogue with little or no profanity, did you? The only part of this movie I struggle with is Dr. Dre's terrible overacting and that isn't nearly enough to take away from the overall result.

Next time you guys bash a movie, make sure to try to be objective and rate what you see and not what you're used to seeing!!
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Stunning performance by Denzel Washington...
Cocacolaguy912-228 December 2006
"Training Day" was a very good movie. I like movies that shove it in your face and make you deal with it...movies like, "Black Hawk Down" clichés, no touching moments, just brutal, bitter realism. "Training Day" was such a movie. However, the one thing that made this film really shine was the performance by Mr. Washington. To me, a good actor is someone who just IS a character...if it isn't obvious that they are acting than they are doing a good job. That was the case with Washingon. He just was Alonzo. Every pantomime, every word, every glance was performed masterfully. Did Mr. Washington deserve his Oscar? Absolutely. 200%. Some people say, "not Oscar material" and I must wonder, what film...what performance were they watching?
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Training Day A Solid Action Crime Thriller
tburke8513 June 2009
Training Day is a solid action crime thriller with exceptional performances by Ethan Hawke and especially Denzel Washington. Director Antoine Fuqua has done an admirable job of making this movie about a rookie cop who gets into a lot more than he bargained for while on a day with a senior rogue detective to prove he's got what it takes to be a narc. Denzel Washington is fantastic as twisted but charismatic Detective Alonzo Harris who takes a big departure from his good guy roles to play the villain in this one. Washington has show over and over again that he's a talented actor. Well he continues to prove just that in Traning Day and then some. Ethan Hawke is equally impressive as rookie cop Jake Hoyt who finds himself in one increasingly dangerous situation after another. Hawke holds his own against Washington on screen and he may not have the flashier role but he goes a very good job as the hero in this film. The rest of the supporting cast including Scott Glenn, Cliff Curtis, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and a brief appearance by Tom Berenger are solid in their roles but none of them are given much to do and are merely given extended cameos. They still prove to be effective none the less in their brief screen time. The music seemed to sync very well with what was happening on the screen and the tone of the film. The brutal action violence is well executed but the showdown between Washington and Hawke near the end did get a bit unrealistic. It was still intense though and the two actors really got to show their off their acting chops in this movie. The vulgar language did get a bit much at times but the good more than outweighs the bad in this one. Despite some flaws Training Day is an entertaining action crime thriller with great performances from Hawke and especially Washington who make this movie definitely worth the time to watch.
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Training Day is a prime example of how just one scene can elevate a film to greatness.
TheMovieDiorama27 February 2018
You all know the scene I'm talking about. Alonzo's monologue against the street that he thought would cooperate with him. That scene. Urgh, genius. A rookie narcotics officer is paired with a more experienced, albeit corrupt, detective for a day of training in the urban streets of Los Angeles. What looks like a semi-professional day on the job turns out to be a nightmare for the rookie. There are a ridiculous amount of positives, but unfortunately there are various negatives that prevents the police drama from being classed as a classic. At its core, this is a character study. A twisted, demented and self-assured detective who may have started out with the right intentions, but gradually becomes corrupted by the streets. The screenplay consistently reaffirms the idea that it is the environment that changes a person. Being adaptable under given scenarios. The depiction of the streets of Los Angeles and the black and white segregation is rather prominent throughout the film's runtime. Yet it feels extremely real. It is the gritty and dark undertone embedded within the narrative that intrigues you and makes you invested in the characters. Speaking of our protagonist(s), Ethan Hawke was sublime as the naive rookie who just wants to help the world, one crime at a time. However, Denzel Washington just owns every scene in what I can only describe as his best performance. His acting was ferocious. Conveying confidence and fear simultaneously. David Ayer's best script (although that's not saying much...) and Antoine Fuqua's best directorial effort. It's just a shame the ending was unsatisfying with too many plot conveniences throughout. What were the chances that the girl they saved at the beginning was the cousin of a Sureño who was going to kill Jake!? Absurdly convenient. Then later we get the craziest overkill of the decade. Bullets galore. Alas, I do find this to be a gripping police drama and Washington's best performance. That's enough for me to highly recommend this.
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Denzel's Acadamy Award Winning Moment
Tantive731 January 2006
In his Acadamy Award Winning Performance,as best Actor.The movie, as the title suggests, follows a single day in the life of rookie cop Jake Hoyt (Hawk) as he is subject to a single day of evaluation by a senior, decorated police narcotics officer Alonzo Harris (Washington) to see if he has what it takes to be a 'narc'. Almost immediately Hoyt is placed on the back foot, constantly caught off guard by Alonzo's nature, his ability to switch between a cold, no-nonsense street-wise player, a genuinely caring and good intentioned leader, and occasionally jovial companion. From their first encounters though, where Hoyt tells Harris he will do "anything you want me to do", the situations Hoyt is taken into become more and more morally ambiguous, from the simple use of excessive force to outright illegal activity, forcing Hoyt to decide which side Harris is truly on, whether to trust him, or whether Hoyt is the unwitting centerpiece of a huge and complex web of lies and set-ups in order for Harris to for fill his own sinister motives..This is the movie that won Denzel the Oscar that year for Best Actor!! A must watch
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Street Justice Dispensed
bkoganbing19 April 2008
Ethan Hawke, bright eyed and innocent, reports to his training officer for his first day on the job in narcotics in the LAPD. He never could have fathomed just how much he would learn on that very first Training Day.

His training officer is Denzel Washington, a thirteen year veteran on the police who's put in a few years in plainclothes in Narcotics. He certainly has the experience, but just what kind of experience and what he imparts to Hawke is the subject of Training Day.

A film like Training Day will rise and fall with the performances of these two characters since one or the other and mostly both is on screen from the beginning. Fortunately both Washington and Hawke complement each other's performances like jigsaw puzzle fit.

It is no accident that Denzel Washington won his second Oscar, his first as Best Actor. This performance is working on so many levels it's astonishing. Washington is at all times, charming, capable, corrupt, violent, street smart, and arrogant. What I liked most about it is how the various facets of this character are revealed bit by bit to the audience and to Hawke though not at the same time.

As for Ethan Hawke it takes him to realize just exactly what he's dealing with in a training officer. Hawke was nominated himself as Best Supporting Actor, but lost to Jim Broadbent for Iris. Still it remains his career role so far.

Corruption in the Los Angeles Police Department isn't exactly a new story. In fact one of the supporting players, Scott Glenn who plays a drug peddler and well, did another film about LAPD corruption in Extreme Justice. LA Confidential also dealt with this issue recently, another fine film.

Denzel Washington is a great example in this film of the arrogance of power. He's a guy who dispenses more street justice than going through the traditional system. So with what happens to him here, he gets one of the best comeuppances ever seen on the big screen.

And I won't say what it is, but you've got to see Training Day to find out.
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Excellent film that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and blow you away
Catherine_Grace_Zeh2 August 2006
If you ask me, TRAINING DAY is an excellent film that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat and blow you away. Harris (Denzel Washington) kind of gave me the creeps. You'll understand why once you've seen this movie. In my opinion, the performances were top grade, the direction was superior, the costumes were perfectly designed, and the cast was perfectly chosen. Also, the soundtrack is really good, too. Before I wrap this up, I must warn you that this movie is very violent if you're going to see it, so viewer discretion is strongly advised. Now, in conclusion, if you're a fan of Denzel Washington or Ethan Hawke, I highly recommend this movie. It's sure to keep you guessing from start to finish.
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Performance of a Lifetime from Denzel!
icklecharmer22 December 2005
Wow! What a superb film, Denzel Washington at his superb best. Denzel plays a terrific part as Alonzo Harris, a cop with a dark personality.

From the moment you set eyes on him you can relies that Alonzo is a feisty character, who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Ethan Hawke provides excellent backup but Denzel steals the show. I don't want to give an plot lines away but there are only three movies in cinema history I have given 10/10, and this one was so close to being number four.

I sincerely hope to see Denzel put in another performance like this one.

Plot is excellent as it leads you into false sense of securities and even shouting at the TV set.

I loved every breathtaking moment of this film and I am sure you will too.

Quite extraordinary.
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It's my favourite movie
the_muffler23 February 2006
I remember being lent this on DVD during the summer holidays by a mate soon after it was out. I must have watched it every day/second day for about a month! I loved it so much I could never get enough. Denzel and Ethan are a perfect match for this movie; I can't imagine anyone else playing their rolls. Can you? You will either love this movie or find it just a way to 'pass a night'. If you connect with it then you'll never forget it. I know I haven't and I haven't watched it since 2002 because I can remember every part in detail! Training Day is one of those movies which breaks new ground in terms of how a movie can come across to people. It was filmed in such locations such as Imperial Courts neighborhood which, until now, hasn't been filmed. The talk is the talk... you get a real sense of what it's like for these guys as narcotic officers and for what it's like for these guys as the 'bad guys' themselves. At the end of they day they're "Just people and they always were" (Ethan Hawk in a making of Traning day interview).

The movie isn't the fastest paced one around - there are some slow moments but they are played out meaningfully due to some great acting talent which gels the scenes together well. The more you watch it, the more subtle lines and actions you will pick up which make this movie authentic.

Overall, to each his own. I have found this to be one of my favorite movies due to great acting, great directing, great casting (Hawk, Washington, Scott Glen etc) and an interesting storyline.
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Great acting by Washington and Hawke Excellent Thriller - Action Film!
Juan_from_Bogota27 April 2007
This movie impressed me by its great quality in all ways, the story, thrilling with great police detective action and the most remarkable aspect of the movie was the acting performances of Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke; they put his soul on the characters making this movie a total delight for those who like action films with intelligent scripts and also like for high quality films.

About the Movie: Ethan Hawke plays Jake Hoyt, a rookie police officer with a good curriculum that is assigned to a one day trial day in order to qualify for a narcotics division in Los Angeles. Hawke meets then detective Alonzo Haris (Denzel Washington) who was assigned as trainer and evaluator for this rookie. Hoyt wants fiercely to get this assignment, but finds very orthodoxes and quaint ways to "protet and to serve" of Alonzo. In this day Hoyt will meet a true challenge and will face the total opposite way to proceed from the one he learned in the academy; he will also face some of the more dangerous neighborhoods and streets of Los Angeles.
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First day on a new job, can be stressful...
buzznzipp199524 January 2007
Denzel is a real chameleon. This is a sinister and likable personality...all because of him. Enter Ethan Hawke's character, officer Jake Hoyt. With the allure of a new job, a transfer to the division that he has been working hard to reach. He is at the top of his game.

The Call, from the department head, Alonzo Harris, congratulating him on his promotion, sort of. Denzel Washington, takes on a character, like none other that he has had so far. Sounds like a big business wall street type scenario aye? Not even close, down of skid-row street maybe. This is a story set in Los Angeles, that even when it's daylight, this is the darkest 'beat' in the whole department's city.

From the moment that the meet was set at the coffee shop, something is just, slightly skewed. There seems an absence of real concern for Jake's situation and a lot more mechanical rogue cop, trainer 'Doggin' going on here. Alonso wants to catch him up on what's going on, of course, see what he is made of, but Alonzo is dangerous, because he doesn't care, anymore. His soul has departed, and it's simply a matter of time before, he is too. As they departed from the coffee shop, by way of a black Monte Carlo. The director, Antoine Fuqua wanted to show a more real and brutal side of the crime busting business. The place where lines are so blurred...if they even exist anymore. Denzel Washington, should be applauded for the part that he became ' wholly ' involved in. Scary in some ways, it appeared as if there was no acting, just this over the edge ' Narc ' who you just gotta watch like a hawk!

Ethan, was the ' newbie ' but a very likable, "Just wanting to do the right thing" type of guy. Some what confused at times about the way in which Harris attended to his profession. Curious about why he would do what he would do. Alonzo, always explaining away the point to a nervous rookie, who in the back of his mind just knew, that there is something here, that won't let him rest until he does the right thing. It almost costs him his life, in the end, Hoyt is a master in his career field...a true Wolf, amongst the dogs. It seemed as though, Hoyt had an awakening. He had to go down into that alley-way because his 'gut' wouldn't let it alone. And in the end, this is what saved his very existence, now that is reasoning with razor sharpness. Plus he needed to get home to that hot wife of his....

Recommended, but not for those with weaker film story constitutions. (*****)
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zoraca29 March 2002
This movie is alright, but nothing special. I think they just really wanted to give Denzel an Oscar. I even suspect that they gave Ethan Hawke a nomination just so it looked like this movie was actually worthy enough to allow Denzel to win. Basically, he should have won for Malcolm X, and then he did a bunch of bad movies, so they were overanxious to give him one. Both actors do good work here, and I like Denzel in general, but there is nothing special about these roles. I think Russell Crowe or Gene Hackman or Haley Joel Osment should have won, because those roles were truly unique. 5/10
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Classic, Legendary
jamesstevens-9352119 February 2020
One helluva good old film. Considered a classic by myself, some great acting by both Denzil Washington and Ethan Hawke.
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Washington is sensational
r96sk5 September 2020
Denzel Washington is sensational in this, the plot might not quite match his performance but 'Training Day' is still a great watch. It's a riveting 122 minutes, I'm just not in love with how the premise is played out.

Washington's character, Alonzo, never really changes throughout, despite a supposed problem of his. I kept waiting for a reason to change the opinion that the first act puts to you regarding him but it never came, there's never a point I cared for him and I assume I was supposed to... at least to some degree? Also, his issue is thrown at you in one scene and isn't really mentioned again until the end. I get the character, just not his arc.

Ethan Hawke is very good, too, in this, even if I kept hearing Tom Cruise when he spoke... You also have a load of now familiar faces involved, including Eva Mendes, Raymond Cruz, Cliff Curtis, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Terry Crews. Quite an interesting cast list, that.

Loved all of this, except the (still good) plot execution. Maybe that's just me though. From what I've seen, Washington's best performance so far. He's the main takeaway from this whatever way you look at it.
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Denzel at His Best
minister_of_silly_walks27 February 2020
Denzel Washington shines in this movie about a crooked, burnt-out cop taking on a wide eyed rookie as his partner, proving once again that he is one of the best actors of his generation. His performance is incredible and he commands the screen every time he is in a scene. The suburban streets never seemed so real, depressing and raw showing us that maybe the ones designated to make a community safer and more prosperous are actually the cancer that drags it further down.
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Denzel at his best
atiflatif-757895 February 2019
This had to get a 10 for me as it is my favourite film and one I've watched the most number of times. And believe me, it's a big number. If you're a Denzel fan, look no further. He truly is magnificent in this. Awesome movie.
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The power of Denzel
SnoopyStyle18 August 2015
LAPD narcotics detective Alonzo Harris (Denzel Washington) takes rookie detective Jake Hoyt (Ethan Hawke) on his training day. Alonzo is a harsh spoken street-wise cop pushing the envelop in South Central L.A. Mostly he goes right over the edge.

This is all Denzel all the time. It's his relentless power. There's no logic or plot worthy of following. That's not the point of this movie. The audience is Ethan Hawke as he tries at first to submit to the Denzel hurricane. Then we're trying gather our feet in the storm. Finally we have to make a decision about his character. This is a tour-de-force performance from Denzel and nothing less.
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Oscar winning performance by Denzel Washington...
LakshmiKanth_Vizzu6 May 2011
Training Day is one of the best cop movie ever made..also an intense and uncompromising crime thriller...It astonishingly visualizes the dark side in LAPD....Denzel steals the show by his performance....this might just be his masterpiece..

Denzel played a role of a narcotics cop named Alonzo and this character is one of the most menacing villains to hit the screen, and it's all because of Denzel..

Ethan Hawke done his best but Denzel steals the show away from him...

Plot is very clear and picking up irrelevant plot holes is pointless..

Another good thing of movie is dialogues..Just imagine powerful dialogues with worlds finest actor...

Its the best Hollywood's finest actor can offer Go watch it now...

If you really liked the movie check out the DVD with the extras..

My Rating 9/10...
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didn't buy it
william_blake24 July 2002
as my personal opinion, i have to say dr.dre and snoop dogg were much more convincing as l.a. street men as denzel will ever be. all the time i could see denzel's black suite and red tie. shrug. what do i know about l.a. street life, but that's just the way i felt. meanwhile, ethan hawke, sigh, has never been my favorite actors, performs a whining mouse-like role as the partner, maybe it's supposed to be that way, didn't like it anyway.

anyhow, the strong points of this movie are good action sequences, nice street feeling and an ok plot. there are all kinds of good side characters in this film, some who are shamefully underused. actually, the lead pair is the only one that i didn't really like. the higher-then-average rating i gave came really from the general feeling in the movie, thanks to the side roles.

the last 20 minutes of the film is bucket stuff though, i've seen a similar ending a thousand times already. the director could have thought of something more original.
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appalling cliches, stereotypes, and hateful p.o.v.
kinolieber1 April 2002
The plot of this film may pay lip service to the value of the rule of law, but everything else in it shouts the glamour of money and power, and the thrill of brutality and male dominance. How Denzel Washington could participate in this sham and still sleep at night is baffling. Shame on Ethan Hawke as well for putting this kind of dehumanizing 'entertainment' out in the universe.
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Much ado about not much.
jjs40215 September 2002
First, I'll state I'm a big fan of Denzel Washington. I really enjoy his movies. That's why this is a bit of a disappointment. I'm very surprised that this got him the Oscar. He's had so many better roles and movies.

The movie wanted to be realistic, but the story is unbelievable. There's no way a savvy Alonzo, with so much at risk, would have involved a total wildcard like Jake.

Even if you go along the plot, none of the characters are that gripping. I didn't care about anyone in the movie, except for a couple of kids.

I'd say 4 out of 10 stars.
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Nothing special
Alexander666DeLarge12 September 2002
This movie is nothing more than another action movie. It has some nice action scenes and that's about it. Denzel Washington's role is overrated. The only thing that gave him the oscar is that he never played the villain. But his acting isn't that great.

It's just like if Tarantino would win an oscar for making a Disney movie...

Movie rating 5/10
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It was hard to watch, just too ridiculous.
vmxa5 August 2002
The idea that anyone would add an untested person to a hit squad on day one can only fly in the movies. I understand the contempt that many have for the police, but could they not make this in any way that I could accept it? Bad cops, yes moronic one no thanks. Build up to the corruption, that we can buy. Must all movies have those cliche scenes where the hero gives the bad his chance to jump him? At least they skipped the I dropped my gun bit. While I am at it, can we stop with the outrageous come backs from a beating that would leave one without the means to retaliate? It was not a horrible movie and had talented actors, but I could not get past the main thesis.
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Not so much
QueenMakeda8415 March 2003
This movie was hyped up so much cuz Denzel was playing a "bad" guy now. My problem isnt with that. My issue is with the Oscars for giving him the award for this particular movie. He was great, no doubt, but he's done better movies with more compelling stories. It's like it was a handout for playing something more true to his "race". I thought the film was gritty enough and showed that cops can be turned from seeing what they see all the time. The film was good at presenting that side instead of the justice for side. Ethan Hawke kinda took a backseat to Denzel's power in this film. It was necessary however so Hawke could determine for himself if he wanted that life badly enough. It made me wonder how many cops are like that and if there really is any justice left when within the police lie people like Alonzo. Not too bad a film, but you have to have a penchant for films about bad cops, and I don't. Even with Denzel in it.
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More plot holes than bullet holes
mreisman23 February 2003
I'm not really sure what the point of this movie was, other than to look cool and to give Denzel a badass persona with which to chew the scenery. The characters make reference to the "chess game" going on between them, but it's really a game of kick the can. They only manage to keep it moving forward one hour, at which point it just could becomes a big checkers endgame, full of black-leather gold-chain-danglin' fury, signifying nothing. This movie pistol whips you with countless racial stereotypes, and F's you up with an anticlimactic, silly ending that would be satisfying only after a hit of PCP-laced dope. The friends who recommended this to me ought get their own special brand of "street justice". Garbage.
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