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The New Yorker
Trashy and opportunistic as some of it is, Training Day is the most vital police drama since "The French Connection" or "Serpico."
Village Voice
Antoine Fuqua's propulsive, elegantly written police thriller, offers the unsettling spectacle of Denzel Washington.
Washington creates an indelibly charming and terrifying character whose volatile blend of dedication and horrible expediency keeps us off balance.
A razor-wire-taut (and extremely violent) exploration of what happens when good guys go bad, badder, baddest.
New York Daily News
The movie raises questions that are on plenty of minds right now, including whether and how much the rules should be bent to wage a war (in this case, on drugs) that cannot be won conventionally.
Mr. Washington's dry-ice grandeur -- the predator's reflexes contrasting with a pensive mouth -- deserves regard, and his powerhouse virtuosity will almost guarantee him an Oscar nomination.
Training Day has the best performances and worst third act of any movie you're likely to see this year.
Portland Oregonian
It's a little depressing to see such a thrilling talent deployed in such an ordinary and sordid movie. Training Day isn't awful, but it's absolutely nothing special.
Washington Post
As exhausting as it is exhilarating to watch, the film in the end is less than fully satisfying.
Baltimore Sun
Denzel Washington does a cocksure turn in Training Day -- That may be enough to transform a shallow picture with delusions of grandeur into a crowd-pleasing hit.

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