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A crime caper that is quite entertaining.
Mike120118 September 1999
This little crime caper of lost souls and found money is an entertaining twist to a familiar plot. Both Scheider and Braga caught my attention and I thorougly enjoyed watching them team up and manipulate events in a new way. Even Las Vegas looked good.
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Excellent Film
David_Brown6 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I am simply amazed that more people have not seen this film (only two other people commented on it). I am a huge fan of this made for Showtime film (It is on this month (August, 2013)). It is mostly, about the relationship between over the hill prostitute Irene (Sonia Braga), and her favorite customer, broken down Johnny Tobin (Roy Scheider), which really works well, because although they are made for each other, they are too into their own issues to see it (very different than the usual approach of one strong character and one weak character). The real adult in the film is Johnny's daughter Stacy (Elisabeth Lund), who after catching them in bed (Irene is hiding out at his place because she stole mob money that she found in a vest), not only does Stacy not act like the usually bratty child, and throw a tantrum, but embraces Irene in a way she is very unfamiliar with (not only talking and playing board games with her, but insists that she come on a trip with her and her dad). Spoilers ahead: At the end of the film after Johnny kills mobsters who were hunting for Irene, but sees most of the money burned up (except $24,000), neither one wants it, so Johnny bets it at the craps table until he hits $192,000 and Irene offers to marry him if he stops (which he does). The film ends at the Wedding Chapel with Irene saying I did it "To save College money for Stacy", and Johnny saying I did it "Because a wife cannot testify against her husband." Of course, Stacy sitting there smiling really knows the truth, that two lost souls really love and need each other, and with the help of Stacy (even more than with the money) can begin to start their lives over together. 10/10 stars.
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One to watch .......
merklekranz13 December 2013
Roy Scheider and Sonia Braga are believable as ordinary people thrust into an extraordinary situation. As partners, they use $560k of mob money, to take a shot at rolling the dice one time for a big score. Of course eventually the wise guys piece things together, and want their cash back with interest. There is real character development here, along with a strong sympathy factor for Scheider and Braga. I liked this film a lot more than I should have, considering that it is a "Showtime" cheapie. Elizabeth Lund and Jon Polito do a good job of rounding out this well acted movie that is definitely one to watch. - MERK
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Spoiler End of the movie *************
avezou118 July 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Same ending as 'Jaws'. Roy shoots five times and misses, the car moves towards him, the sixth bullet hits the mark, the baddie dies and the car explodes.

I'm pretty sure it's been done on purpose by the director. It is really too obvious.

Overall a fine little caper, with nice touches of humour and a perfect interpretation. Scheider took a break from the standard action thrillers he used to do in the nineties, the character here, without being utterly original, is not one-dimensional and gives him a chance to show his acting skills.

Nice soundtrack too.

Highly recommended TV movie.
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Unbelievably clunky, a real loser.
jonathancanucklevine29 September 2020
I had hopes, but those hopes were coloured by what "TV movie" means in 2020, not what it meant in 1998: No budget, no profanity, no nudity, every possible mobster (and car-in-the-desert) cliche, and a lame, hapless "caper". Oh - and a soundtrack so bad it would embarrass a Lifetime movie. If you want to see what Scheider could do as a good guy facing down some *real* bad guys, go with "52 Pickup". Don't waste your time with this dreck.
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Totally Predictable
benfunu-7102818 April 2020
Warning: Spoilers
Mob guys chasing their stolen money with a happy ending. For criminals, mob guys sure lose their money a lot. How many times has this tired story line been done? Boring, slow and predictable movie..
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