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Dudley Moore: Moments of Comic Genius

In a matter of a few short weeks (April 22nd in fact), Warner Bros’ remake of a classic 1980s comedy arrives to British cinemas, with Us audiences being able to go and see it from today. That comedy is Arthur, a film which is very dear to my heart and which was rather criminally one of only relatively few cinematic releases that Dudley Moore made, which is why I was initially somewhat frustrated that the unstoppable Hollywood remake machine had turned its attention to it.

I do like Russell Brand- and I’m sure I’m probably in a dwindling minority here- and value his sense of humour above a number of less barbed and colourful (and thus far safer in my eyes), but in accepting the role of Arthur, he is filling some mighty big shoes. Dudley Moore, the original playboy character from the 1981 version of the film,
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Alan Bennett: 'I've often wanted to be bolder'

The author of The History Boys and The Habit of Art has written a sexy new short story. Alan Bennett tells Simon Hattenstone how he lost his literary inhibitions

Alan Bennett is finally losing his inhibitions. At 76, the great British playwright has decided it's time to give himself free rein. Take blowjobs, for example. For 50-odd years, fellatio had no place in his work, but how times change.

He quotes his hugely successful play, The History Boys, when the pupil Dakin gets a little too intimate with his teacher Irwin. "Dakin asks Irwin out for a drink and Irwin says: 'No, I can't do it,' then Dakin says, I can't remember the words exactly, but he says: 'Would there be any circumstances in which you'd suck me off?' Now I could have never conceivably written that line 15 years ago, but then again, if I had, it wouldn't have
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