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superlative hokey TV fare
stuhh200130 September 2002
This group of English pros are a pleasure to watch. The supporting cast could form a series of their own. It's a seen before love tiangle between the head of surgery, his wife, and a new pretty boy surgery resident. Only the superior acting skills of Francesca Annis, Michael Kitchen, and the sexy Robson Greene lift this from the trash category to a very enjoyable "romp". The only quibble is that it's hard to accept that the smoldering Francesca Annis would fall in love and actually marry Michael Kitchen, who like me, is hardly an international, or even a British sex symbol. You can readily understand why Robson Green would light her fire, with apologies to the "Doors". The guy who almost steals the show with a great "laid back" performance is Owen's father David Bradley. Watch him in "The Way We Live Now", in a completely different performance, to get an idea of his range. Daniela Nardini as Kitchen's secretary, sometime sex toy, is hard to forget as the spurned mistress who makes Kitchen sorry he ever looked at her great body. Conor Mullen, and Julian Rhind-Tutt, as Green's sidekick surgery buddies as I've said could have their own series. They are that good. The whole thing is a great deal of fun, and I heartily recommend it, and thank you imdbman for letting the paying customers have their say in this fascinating venue.
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Younger man's love for older woman is complicated by older woman's husband: his boss
GBurgMan29 March 1999
Hunky Geordie Robson Green is Owen Springer, a young doctor who moves home to Manchester to be near his father. Along the way, he falls for Anna, a woman 20 years his senior, and who happens to be the wife of his new boss, Richard Crane. Despite warnings from his new colleagues, Owen proceeds to get Anna for himself, going as far as to sabotage Anna and the cheating Richard's marriage. This is a romantic drama with many humorous undertones and a quick wit. The actors are superb: Green of "The Student Prince" and "Touching Evil" smolders on-screen as the cunning, yet warm-hearted Owen; Annis of "Dune" fame is lively and proves a good match to Green; Kitchen, from "To Play The King" is the right menace as Richard, whose comic missteps and snobbery underline his masterful, building hatred for Owen. This is a perfect love triangle, and despite the foibles and fallacies of our three characters, you come away better for knowing and watching them.
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Terrific cast, witty writing....and handsome Robson Green! How can you miss?!
ga_jill23 January 2007
Francesca Annis, Michael Kitchen AND Robson Green!! Wow, what a trio...OK, so this is no Anna Karenina, but it is a good love story, very well-written and well-acted by all. Even a few 'laugh-out-loud' moments mixed in with some pretty serious observations on fidelity, age bias, and parental aging/Alzheimer's issues.

Quirky guitar music added to the story as well.

While I have been a fan of Ms. Annis' since 'Lillie' (in the '70s) and Mr. Kitchen's since 'The Buccaneers' and 'Enchanted April', I have only recently discovered Mr. Green ('Me and Mrs. Jones', 'Touching Evil', etc.), making me ask the question - why had I not seen 'Reckless' until recently??!! Admittedly more of a 'chick flick' than something a man will sit through, it is perfect for a rainy afternoon's lazy viewing.
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Young doctor loves an older woman: numerous complications result.
ronaldosborne24 June 2006
This gripping tale of intergenerational love, jealousy and revenge was even more enjoyable to see on DVD years after its PBS broadcast, with a sharper picture and crisper sound. My only reservations are that the plot has a few improbable moments and that some of the stronger Manchester accents are difficult at times. Luckily even missing a word here and there won't spoil the fun: the primary actors are ideally cast. Robson Green brings an enigmatic smile, a go-for-broke temperament and an athletic physicality to his role as a young surgeon who falls hopelessly for the wife of his boss at the hospital where he's just begun to work. Francesca Annis is one of the most striking 50-ish women imaginable; her acting rivals her beauty. (The love scenes between these two demonstrate better than words how little the age difference matters to them!) Each of the supporting characters is sharply drawn and excellently portrayed as well. The mix of pithy dialog and passionate excess makes this a delightful miniseries. As Russell Baker notes in his introduction, you may not be morally improved by viewing "Reckless" -- but you'll have plenty of fun. (The sequel, a part of the DVD box set, provides a wild yet satisfying two-hour denouement. You won't want to miss it if you've enjoyed what came before.)
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A great series...
med_extra28 January 2007
Only a complete dolt would not recognize the charm, intensity, relevance and reality of this story. OK... it is not "I, Claudius", but it is a typical example of excellent UK production values, from script to casting. It is superb. Another reminder of just how ignorant and idiotic the vast majority of US programming is and what is possible. Francesa Annis and Robson Green are real, from start to finish. The story, while simple and used many times before, is just as vital today. This treatment is balanced, understated and in proportion. Michael Kitchen, as always, performs at the highest level, even though, as often, is in a secondary role.
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This time it's December-May
blanche-224 July 2013
When a younger man falls for an older woman whose husband is his boss, you can expect a few complications, which you get in "Reckless," a three-part miniseries starring Robson Green, Francesca Annis, Michael Kitchen, and David Bradley.

Green is Owen Springer, a young surgeon who takes a job in his home town of Manchester so that he can take care of his father (Bradley). He meets a woman on a train, Anna Fairley Crane, who lends him her phone, and finds out that they work in the same hospital, she in a management position. For Owen, it's love at first sight, though as he describes her later, she's "forty-odd" (Annis was actually 52 at the time of the series; Green was 33). Then he finds out that she's married to his boss (Michael Kitchen). His friends and fellow doctors (Julian Rhind-Tutt and Conor Mullen) are dead against it and are afraid he's headed for big trouble. He is.

Really grand series elevated by wonderful acting. Annis is gorgeous, Green is one of Britain's sexiest actors, and Michael Kitchen is fantastic as Anna's husband, and David Bradley hands in a marvelous performance as Owen's dad. Rhind-Tutt, whom I remember from Keen Eddie) and Mullen are hilarious. Everyone is very committed to their roles.

The series brings up a few things, not the least of which is the non-acceptance of an older woman and a younger man - this is 1997 -- now it's not unheard of. Also, it brings up the question of true love versus sexual/physical attraction. People in the series keep pointing out that Owen and Anna's relationship may be okay now, but what about in ten or twenty years, indicating that Owen would no longer find her sexy -- as if outward beauty and sexiness are the only reasons one falls in love. And, in fact, Owen would be older as well, but it's assumed he's still going to be sexy. As a bit of trivia, Annis is now 68 or thereabouts and still beautiful. Also, she had a 12-year relationship with Ralph Fiennes, 17 years her junior (I saw them together in Hamlet some years ago)

The other situation in the film is the class distinction, still prevalent in Britain, Robson with his working-class accent and beer-drinking father, involved with the glamorous administrator Annis, married to a highly-successful surgeon.

So though "Reckless" seems like just a romance, it actually, seen today, brings up some provocative questions. I liked it, and I look forward to the sequel.
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Fun to watch but has a few hiccups
Steampunker29 November 2005
I saw only the first part of this series when it debuted back in the late 90's and only recently got a chance to watch all three parts via Netflix (convenient service by the way). All in all, I liked this lighthearted, sometimes genre challenged, mini series. The story of a younger man falling for an older woman seems to work and the actors are all fine. Yes, it does have some romance clichés of running in the rain or a train station goodbye, but the characters have a chance to be explored so it doesn't seem cheesy, like it would be if this were some Tom Hanks vehicle or similar. Robson Greene, who at times reminds me of a separated-at-birth Scott Bakula does a fine job of someone who is head over heels in love and the ebb and tide of desire and rejection throws the series into watchable fare. Personally, I think the series could have been done with two episodes, but that's up for debate I suppose. Apparently, there's a sequel, and that should be arriving tomorrow via Netflix.
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I tried. I really did.
tigerbitsy20 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I mean, what could be better? 8+ hours of Robson Green AND Michael Kitchen? And it was voted one of Masterpiece Theater's 10 best? I was sorry that Reckless just didn't come together for me.

As for the first two episodes, there were some fun sex scenes, and PLENTY of steamy Robson Green. But the third episode was late coming from Netflix, and by the time it got here I had almost lost all interest in finding out what happened to these characters. I did stick it out …but I just can't help feeling that Francesca Annis's character was too two dimensional…she just flitted from man to man without ever really defining herself. She was right to be angry that all the men in her life just went ahead with what THEY wanted. But I never found out what she wanted, either! And Owen Springer never really said WHY he loved her, or what he thought their life would be like together...I felt like I was watching what might have happened if Benjamin Braddock (The Graduate) had stayed with Mrs. Robinson, or if the boy from Summer of '42 stayed with the lady from the beach…. I'm not ageist or anything: there is a fourteen-year age difference between me and my spouse! But as much as I tried, this movie just didn't do it for me.

The BEST part of Reckless was, as other reviewers have pointed out, David Bradley's performance as Robson Green's dad. His understated performance just wipes away anyone else on the screen with him. Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Now, unlike most reviewers, I rather enjoyed the sequel. Here at last was real villainy! Here was a galloping pace! Here was more David Bradley! I would recommend this title only to big Robson Green/Michael Kitchen/Masterpiece Theater fans.
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RECKLESS......And Its Music......Absolute Perfection!!!
freddiemercurysthebest12 March 2018
I forgot to mention the music! A very integral and lovely part, transitioning us from one scene to another. Hal Lindes (of Dire Straits' fame) and Christopher Gunning did an extraordinary job to create the perfect melody, weaving it sensitively throughout Reckless, sometimes soft and sweet, other times, lively and playful, whatever the scene called for. Absolutely Perfect!!
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RECKLESS-----The Best Thing EVER On TV!!!!!
freddiemercurysthebest12 March 2018
I saw RECKLESS when it first aired on PBS. It has stayed with me for 20yrs, I loved it so much. I could not get it out of my head; I absolutely adored everything about it. It's THE BEST thing Ever put on TV, or, anywhere else!! It was my first introduction to the gorgeous Robson Green. I fell madly in love, naturally! Francesca Annis, I've loved since Lillie Langtry. Some reviews have mentioned that it might not be up to par with Anna Karenina, simply b/c the narrator derides Paul Abbott's writing and warns viewers not to expect the likes of the classic. However, I think it's a harsh and unfair criticism. Reckless has all the drama of A.K., only with a lot more humor, grace, and sensitivity. I think it's an extraordinary tale of the human condition: of love, lust, jealousy, class warfare, age discrepancy, adultery, baby-out-of-wedlock, and divorce. All in all, the vicissitudes of life. And, just like real life, it's got a lot of funny bits as well. For me, it's just as compelling as Tolstoy's tearjerking account of life, only with a modern twist and with some laugh-out-loud moments, truly mimicking life is not all serious and maudlin....hopefully, anyway! Don't get me wrong, I Loved Anna Karenina, but I don't like the outright dismissal of Reckless, just b/c it's written in the 20th century. And if the narrator had not planted that silly comparison, I doubt that anybody would even bring it up! The acting here is stunningly superb!!! As in most British shows, the actors inhabit their roles so strikingly that it's hard to imagine them only as actors. As always, these phenomenal Brits put Hollywood to shame. I don't know what it is, the directing, the acting, the writing......all of it.....just comes across so realistically. Reckless is my absolute all-time favorite thing ever shown on screen. This and Oliver's Travels, also a British mini-series, (with Alan Bates) are a must-see!!
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don't bother
venusrising14 March 2003
Don't bother trying to watch this terrible mini series. It is a six hour bore, an unbelievable love triangle between three people who have absolutely no chemistry for each other. There is no heat in this story, no real passion, no real romance. It is a dry, boring, drawn out, and uninspired as they come. And it doesn't even meet the expected level of technical proficiency. Take those six hours of your life and use them for something more worthwhile.
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