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A broken family
Petri Pelkonen21 December 2011
This movie tells about a broken family.The father is dealing with alcoholism, but he decides to become sober.But that doesn't solve all the problems of the family.Pyhä Perhe (1976) is directed by Anssi Mänttäri, who recently celebrated his 70th birthday.This is the first feature he directed.It's based on Claes Andersson's play from 1974.Jussi winner Lasse Pöysti gives a very convincing performance as Paavo Mäkinen.Same I could say about Birgitta Ulfsson, his wife at the time, playing Terttu.The children are played by Rita Polster, Martti-Mikael Järvinen and Sanna Fransman.They're all very good.Also great job from Mikko Majanlahti (Doctor) and Marja-Sisko Aimonen (Ms. Vuorio).This movie has a lot of good, not just the great performances.The sequence where Paavo is in his working place, trying to hit on his colleague, is really nice.And the whole thing is most realistic.Something like this happens in Finland way too much.
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