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  • Johnny Twennies, a newspaper columnist in present-day New York, is a jauntily cheerful, very friendly, totally honest and upstanding young man who happens to be completely oblivious to any technological or social changes in the past 70 years. He routinely uses telegrams, a manual typewriter, and a manual toaster, and to the pleasure and despair of his girlfriend conducts his personal life in correspondingly anachronistic style. One day he's threatened by criminals who want to plant a false news story. But they've never met anyone like him before...

  • Fantasy-comedy about a young man who lives as if it is 1928 or so, and his encounters with modern-day women and modern-day criminals.


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  • A 1990s newspaper columnist thinks he's living in the roaring twenties. Johnny tries to save the day.

    Very modern and very retro, a bit like time travel without going anywhere and a bit like lost in translation while speaking the same language.

    Are you Gay? Im as gay as the flowers in May.

    The film incorporates classic screen gags and bits. Even though no one else can find a cab, when Johnny Twennies steps to the curb, a cab pulls right up. When Johnny orders at a restaurant moments after he orders, all the food arrives.

    Even though Johnny lives in the 20's his Mom lives in the late 1800's.

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