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"Xica da Silva" is a most enjoyable telenovela!
Fafa Says8 November 2001
The 1996 Brazilian telenovela (soap opera) "Xica da Silva" is about the true story of a slave in 18th century colonial Brazil. Telenovelas are normally based on books and "Xica da Silva" is loosely based on the book, "Chica que Manda" by Agripa Vasconcelos.

Xica uses her wits to get out of trouble and help others. When she becomes the slave of powerful João Fernandes, they soon become lovers and a passionate, long-lasting love affair is formed. João gives Xica her freedom. He showers her with diamonds and other gifts. As a result, she is able to rise from slavery to a position of power. Because of her deeds, the real Xica became a legend in her own time, especially among the slaves.

"Xica da Silva," is a charismatic telenovela from the very first episode, when the viewer is introduced to the heroine, to the last very last scene. It is full of intrigue and comedy. One scene can be serious, while the next can be humorous. Each episode leaves the viewer wanting to return to see what will happen next. Unlike the 1976 movie with the same name, this telenovela not only covers the story of Xica and her influential lover, João, it also provides a rich storyline about other characters. Many of the personalities possess hidden secrets, which unfold through the course of the storyline.

Different themes run through this historical telenovela. The viewer sees how the culture of that era deals with the issue of slavery. Injustice and inhumanity are not only reserved for the slaves, but also for homosexuals, Jews, suspected witches, women and anyone who falls from power.

Originally aired in Portuguese, "Xica da Silva" has been often dubbed in various languages, depending on the country in which it shown. Written by Adamo Angel (Walcyr Carrasco), in collaboration with José de Carvalho and directed by Walter Avancini, this telenovela stars Taís Araújo, Victor Wagner, Zezé Motta (the actress who plays the original Xica in the movie version) and a stellar cast.

Find out how this cunning woman is able to defeat all her enemies' plans against her and meet the other interesting characters of the town.

"Xica da Silva" is a most enjoyable telenovela!
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XICA is the best novela EVER! It should be sold on DVD!
jenlynnmonroy26 August 2006
Telemundo should definitely consider making a DVD collection of the novela Xica! I know tons of people including myself who would like to be able to purchase the novela Xica! It is a very entertaining novela which is set in Brazil. The costumes worn by the actors are beautiful and the town in which the novela takes place is beautiful. Xica contains a lot of history of that time period. I wish Telemundo would televise it again even if it was a 2 in the morning. I would highly recommend watching Xica if it is ever shown again on Telemundo. I've e-mailed Telemundo a million times already to show the novela again but my pleas have fallen on deaf ears. The only cautionary statement about Xica is that it occasionally contains some harsh scenes therefore I would recommend that children under 14 do not watch Xica. Overall Xica merits a 10 out of 10!
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Simply great!
Pippin's Diamond7 May 2000
The setting is interesting, the wardrobe perfect, the story compelling and the cast brilliant (though I think the director, while not bad, could certainly do better.) A specially great performance by the actress playing Violante(?) and the actor playing José María. I wish I knew their names, because they're very talented. This story has some characters that are quite complex. I read it is based on the actual life of a slave named Xica da Silva. I was amazed at finding this kind of complexity where I thought I would only find two-dimensional characters. The story is always surprising me with totally unexpected plot twists and realism. It's got humor and drama and soul, and I really like the theme song idea for each character. This is one of those things you really don't know how it's going to end. Right now I hope the end is still a long time away. I'm really going to miss it when it's gone. Kudos to everyone involved.
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Xica da Silva
viniciussaints5 July 2006
xica da Silva is one of the best Brazilians opera soap ever! the a black slave's story that becomes queen of a small villa when conquering the most powerful man's of the area love, in the colonial period of the brazil dominated by Portugal, that explored its diamonds. The largest xica enemy, violante, bride that it was changed by xica, is a woman of big it influences the Portugal king close to and does to take revenge of the slave of everything. Very religious person, she is a picture of the hypocritical society and religious of the time, she dedicates its life the morality of the villa that was committed by xica, that is a woman full of lusts that it faces the society of the time to preach and it helps the slaves of the area. The story also bill with forbidden loves, sorceries and vampires and religious fervor. Xica da Silva does with that you don't want to lose a I only surrender, from beginning to end!
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I love this show
ecallalily11 May 2007
This show is a great history story. It's has everything from slavery,the way they were treated, religion, the ways Jews were sent into hiding,the inquisition, the belief in the Orisha the African gods, the way women were treated,including the daughters. Even down to homosexuality. The way the characters are intertwined and that Violante, that character saddens me. She is so desperate to be loved that she destroys everyone around her.I am so glad they decided to re-release it to t.v. again. Although I would love to see the unedited version. Xica has become my Heroine. I look up to the way she uses her power to help all who seek it. I love all the characters and have found that they can relate to many people now in this century. I look forward to my Xica every night. It would be great to dub it in English so the Americans can love her too.
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I so don't want this show to end...
carol-lara1 December 2010
The show is so amazing. The love story is so sweet and I don't want it to end at all. I am watching it again on Passiones....This is my second time watching it since I was younger and it has me wrapped around its finger. I rush to get home to watch it on time. I agree that they so need to make this on DVD because I would buy it. If you get a chance and you see that your TV is starting this series; watch it! Another thing, the scenery in the show is beautiful and it has better helped me in my Spanish skills. The people in it seem to live there roles and become that person and somehow even tie in together in other Brazilian soap operas as well.
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Loved this Soap
wantanamera40427 August 2007
I absolutely LOVED this Soap. It has been one of my favorite. Will highly recommend :)... I just love Brazilian soaps, they deal with real life events. I'm really sad that the soap ended but I'm sure I'll be able to find it somewhere. For those of you who have not seen it, please see it. I loved the characters, the plot and how things turned out in the end for the villains. The only thing I would have changed is the end for Xica and her long life love. I can't wait to see it again and highly recommend it. Xica has been by far, the best soap I have ever seen. Forget everything else :)GO XICA.. Hope you all like it as well.
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Wonderful, witty, funny, fantastic!
Miguel Pinto18 December 2006
Based on a true story, this series is a gem within its kind. The slave that becomes queen by capturing the heart of the most powerful man in the village.

In the diamond mining town of Tijuco in Brazil, the diamond commender--appointed by the king of Portugal--is the ultimate authority. Having grown up in the relative security of his house, the young and beautiful Xica da Silva finds her world threatened when he decides to sell her to a whorehouse in town, refusing to recognize that a black slave girl could be his daughter. In a desperate bid to save herself, Xica steals the diamonds collected by the diamond commender for the king, intending to use them to escape. The king's army arrives to collect the diamonds the very next day, however, and when the loot turns up missing, the diamond commender is led away in chains, his family dispossessed and thrown out in the street with only the clothes on their backs. Martin, the diamond commender's son, swears vengeance. Xica and the other slaves, however, are sold at auction, and Xica ends up in the home of the Sergeant Major, an old man who bought her solely to slake his lust. To the town of Tijuco, however, comes the new diamond commender, the elegant and ruthless Joao Fernandes. Immediately struck by Xica's beauty, he manipulates the Sergeant Major into selling her to him. And thus begins a love story, filled with danger, intrigue and passion, between a willful nobleman and a crafty slave girl who rises to one day become queen.

The series is filled with rich details of the era's beliefs, superstitions, politics, fashion, etc. etc. And it really manages to captivate your attention for every minute. At times funny with a sarcastic and dark humor, full of suspense and unexpected twists. "Xica da Silva" is definitely a must. I wish I could buy the whole series on DVD.
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What a disappointment!(SPOILERS AHEAD)
leon1239 July 2000
Warning: Spoilers
Why ?????

Where do I begin to describe my disappointment ? Let me start with the good first. The acting is awesome, the location is excellent, the era, the costumes, are all great.

Now for the bad: the plot is weak at best, terrible at worst! The plot starts out very intelligently, with the rags to riches story of Xica Da Silva. The problems start when they let her fall from the grace of the Commander Joao Fernandez, only to rise again! Why go through a "rise and fall and rise" story ? If the story ended here, it would be great, but then they go on! Pretty soon, the story gets too long and too boring. Soon afterwards, it gets downright ridiculous, with vampires and witches, the sucking of blood, and putting spells on people! Is this a soap opera about colonial times in Brazil or a dungeons and dragons story, with black magic and witchcraft? I don't know. The other problem this soap opera suffers from is repetition: how many times can they tell the story of a mother being separated from her child by force? They tell that same story, no less than three times, with two different characters! And that brings me to what I think is the weakest link of all: the characters. Usually in a story like this, there are good and evil characters. Not in this story: all of the main characters are either evil or weak, and all are very unsympathetic! Even the weak characters are forced to do evil, and because of their weakness they can't avoid this! There are some good characters, but they are all minor. Most of the time one can only choose between the lesser of two evils. Certain crimes undertaken by some of the "good" characters early on, are completely glossed over later in the story, to make them look good to the viewer again, but I think this ploy fails miserably. All in all a very convoluted story, with big plot holes, too long (are we at least through the first half yet ???), too much fantasy and unsympathetic characters, with the only saving grace being the acting and the scenery. The only way to get out of this one, I think, is at the end to kill all the major characters through some big bloodbath or something. That at least would do the story some justice. Four out of ten......
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