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Season 1

7 Nov. 1986
De beëdiging
Oscar Verhulst married Lucy van Delden when she was a mere 18 and he was pushing 40 to honor her fathers dying wish. Years later he wants to divorce her on the grounds of infidelity. However he insists on getting custody of their only child, Gieltje. His lawyer De Vos proposes to hire a young, newly appointed barrister named Eric Hoogland who has just had his first success defending crooked car salesman Henri Bolleman.
14 Nov. 1986
Het incident
Henri Bolleman has pointed another client towards Eric Hoogland, but expects to get a little something out of the deal himself, a 'finders fee' of sorts. Eric's girlfriend Nicolle objects to him fraternizing with the underworld and does not trust the well bred client Oscar Verhulst either. Verhulst's chauffeur, Roel Smits, has his own agenda and arranges for Lucy Verhulst to have car trouble after a rendezvous with her lover Peter de Koning. When she is late picking up her son from school, the boy attracts some unwanted attention.
21 Nov. 1986
De echtscheiding
Eric has another success in his legal career representing the mentally unstable shop lifter Mevrouw Donker. The attack on young Gieltje appears to have been orchestrated by Oscar Verhulst and Roel Smits to insure that Oscar gets custody of the boy. Lucy agrees to the divorce on the grounds that Gieltje will not be send to a boarding school, something which Oscar ignores the moment the divorce is final.
28 Nov. 1986
De kostschool
Gieltje escapes from his boarding school and runs to his mother. Roel Smits introduces Peter de Koning to Oscar as his new chauffeur. Lucy thinks Peter is the only man she can still trust but in reality, he and Roel are more than just friends plan to get their hands on Oscar's fortune. Henri Bolleman tries to get Eric Hoogland to buy a new car becoming his new stature. Lucy confronts Eric in a restaurant after having too much to drink.
5 Dec. 1986
De verzoening
Eric experiences his first defeat in a court case against his mentor De Vos, in a case defending an innocent young man. Nicolle visits Lucy and asks her to give Eric another chance as her councilor and meet with him. Roel begins intimidating Betsie and tries to do the same to Lucy, but finds it harder to keep tabs on her now that she has stopped seeing Peter.
12 Dec. 1986
De verleiding begint
Eric and Nicolle are shocked to have a brick thrown through their window. Oscar promotes Roel from his chauffeur to assistant director and puts him in charge of the Spanish project 'Santa Domingo'. Eric begins to investigate why Lucy's finances are so much less than expected. This leads to some stern warnings from his mentor, De Vos.
19 Dec. 1986
Het moment van de waarheid
Both De Vos and the Deken warn Eric Hoogland he is walking on thin ice if he continues to represent Lucy Verhulst. Oscar Verhulst confides in Roel that Lucy was already pregnant with another man's child when he married her. Hernri Bolleman invites Eric's secretary out to diner. Nicolle takes a trip to Paris and meets Eric's old college friend Ab van Hamel at the train station.
26 Dec. 1986
De koude douche
Eric has spend the night with Lucy and immediately feels remorse and asks his father for advice. In Paris, Nicolle wonders why she can't reach Eric and grows closer to Ab. However, she decides to go home early when she begins to suspect with whom Eric is spending his time.
2 Jan. 1987
De confrontatie
Nicolle walks in on Lucy and Eric and decides to thrown him out. Smits fires Eric's father, Jan Hoogland on the grounds of spying in the company Verhulst. Oscar and Roel leave for Spain to check out the Santa Domingo project. Accountant Van der Velde wants to come clean about the fraud Verhulst has forced him to commit over the years. Unfortunately he finds he can't rely on Weber to do the same. Peter de Koning sets a trap for Eric involving Lucy.
9 Jan. 1987
De aanslag
Eric believes Lucy when she tells him Peter has set her up. The Santa Domingo project is a failure and the other share holders set up an investigation of their own. Henri Bolleman also travels to Spain and decides not to join the project. Eric and Lucy begin their preparations for a court case against Oscar. Roel and Peter plan to arrange an accident to get rid of Lucy and Eric.
16 Jan. 1987
De vergelding
Eric and Lucy have driven into the channel and only Eric managed to get out. Bolleman is arrested on suspicion of sabotage. Soon however, the evidence begins to point towards Peter de Koning. When the investors in the Santa Domingo fiasco express their lack of faith in Verhulst, Roel suggests that he and Oscar flee to Malta.
23 Jan. 1987
Een nieuwe zet
Oscar Verhulst has hanged himself and Gieltje, having lost both parents is placed in a foster home. He soon escapes and returns to the empty Verhulst mansion.Eric has gone to the seedy side of Amsterdam in order to disappear. Henri Bolleman promises Emilie to go and look for him.

 Season 1 

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