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The Criterion Collection Will Resurrect Night Of The Living Dead, Silence Of The Lambs With 4K Blu-Rays

The Silence of the Lambs and Night of the Living Dead, two bona fide horror gems, are officially joining the Criterion Collection.

Each film classic will receive a 4K restoration, along with scores of special features, which will be available from February 13th, 2018. Now how’s that for a Valentine’s Day treat?

On a more somber note, news of this re-release arrives at a difficult time for the horror community: Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme passed away back in April, while George A. Romero, the undisputed king of zombies, died in July. Indeed, it was difficult losing two legendary filmmakers in the space of three months, but this posthumous recognition ensures their finest achievements are ushered into the pantheon of great cinema.

Each release will come with different bonus features – Lambs, for instance, includes audio commentary from Demme himself, along with Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins and screenwriter
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George A. Romero’s Night Of The Living Dead Criterion Collection Blu-ray Release Details & Cover Art

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An absolute game-changer for the horror genre, George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead introduced the modern zombie as we know it, packing in as much social commentary as it did gore. Now, nearly 40 years after its initial release, the influential horror film is getting The Criterion Collection Blu-ray treatment it so justly deserves. Criterion is coming to get us, Barbara...

Slated for a February 13th release, The Criterion Collection Night of the Living Dead Blu-ray features a 4K digital restoration that was overseen by the late, great Romero as well as John A. Russo, Gary R. Streiner, and Russell W. Streiner. The new Blu-ray is packed with bonus features both old and new, and you can get an idea of what to expect from the official release details and cover art below, as well as information on another February 13th Criterion Collection Blu-ray release: Jonathan Demme's The Silence of the Lambs.
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Labyrinth at 30: Brian Froud conceptual designer interview

Louisa Mellor Oct 19, 2016

30 years after Jim Henson’s much-loved Labyrinth was released, we chat to concept designer Brian Froud...

As Labyrinth celebrates its 30th birthday with a posh new disc release and visual history book, we spoke to the man from whose mind sprang its evocative character and world designs.

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Artist Brian Froud, famed for his paintings of folkloric creatures, was first invited to work with Jim Henson on 1982 puppet fantasy The Dark Crystal. That led to live-action-puppet musical Labyrinth, and would have continued to a troll-themed feature film had Henson not sadly passed away before work on their third collaboration could begin.

Read on to hear Froud discuss the proposed sequels to the films he made with Henson, the one scene he really,
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Blu-ray Review – Labyrinth: 30th Anniversary Edition

Labyrinth: 30th Anniversary Edition

Directed by Jim Henson

Starring Jennifer Connelly, David Bowie and Toby Froud.


Labyrinth arrives on Blu-ray again in a new 30th Anniversary Edition that ports over the materials from the 2009 release and adds some new supplements. The package resembles a hardback book, with a small booklet bound into it. A code for a digital copy of the film is included too.

I’ve often wondered what else Jim Henson would have accomplished had he lived longer. His family has admirably carried on in his absence, but I’m sure we lost some wonderful movies that would have furthered the legacy he established with not just the Muppets films but also The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. (And, yes, he would have done more on TV too.)

I won’t rehash the plot of Labyrinth, since I assume you’re familiar with it and want to
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September 20th Blu-ray & DVD Releases Include Beware! The Blob, Labyrinth 30th Anniversary Edition

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The third week of September has a lot of fantastic horror and sci-fi home entertainment offerings coming our way, including an incredible pair of Criterion Blu-ray releases—Cat People (1942) and Blood Simple—as well as the 30th Anniversary Edition of Labyrinth and the Special Edition of Brian Trenchard-Smith’s Dead End Drive-In. Other notable titles being released on September 20th include the horror doc The Blackout Experiments (which premiered earlier this year at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival), Sacrifice, The Rift (1990), Beware! The Blob, and a Blu-ray set featuring all kinds of Twin Peaks goodness.

Beware! The Blob (Kino Lorber, Blu-ray & DVD)

Newly Re-mastered in HD! The Blob returns... more outrageous than ever in this 1972 sequel to the popular sci-fi classic! Plenty of familiar faces, including Robert Walker Jr. (Ensign Pulver), Larry Hagman (Dallas), Sid Haig (Busting), Burgess Meredith (Rocky), Dick Van Patten (Eight is Enough), Godfrey Cambridge
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Jim Henson’s ‘Labyrinth’ is 25 years old today

Jim Henson’s fantastic creation that is Labyrinth hit theaters 25 years ago today, on June 27, 1986. Labyrinth ranks up there in my top ten films of all time, mostly due to a heavy sense of nostalgia and a soft spot for fantasy and Jim Henson. But nobody can deny the magic that is Jim Henson + David Bowie circa 1980s. It even ranks as one of my “Must not remake” films.

Check out some fun Labyrinth trivia to reminisce.

/Film posted the Youtube parts of the doc “Inside the Labyrinth.” Check out the first few parts and then check out the rest on Youtube or /Film.

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The Hannibal Lecter Anthology Blu-ray Review

Debuting twenty-three years ago with “Manhunter”, there have been five films chronicling the enigmatic and terrifying serial killer Hannibal Lecter. Though many of us have seen the first three (which are included in this collection), they were previously unreleased on Blu-Ray format until this past month. If you haven’t seen these films, you owe it yourself to see them at whatever cost, but the Blu-Ray versions don’t necessarily add anything spectacular to the series. Though worth watching, this collection of films doesn’t differ much from the previously released versions, and I am still waiting for some sort of “Ultimate Collection.” Keep reading after the jump to see why.

Starting with the first film in the initial trilogy, “Manhunter” (directed by Michael Mann) stars William Peterson as Will Graham and Brian Cox as Hannibal Lecter. Though they were probably right at the time, in retrospect, I don’t
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[DVD Review] Labyrinth

Labyrinth may be the most heinous crime committed against the human mind at the hand of muppeteers. It’s not awful, it’s not even bad – it’s just a total mind screw from the first Bowie appearance on out. Who’s the movie really for? I still say it should be shown to children. The images in Labyrinth were and remain some of the most bizarre things a muppet has ever done. Bird-things dancing on their heads, a fox riding saddleback on a dog or a tunnel full of faces made out of hands – suspend your disbelief indefinitely, otherwise there’s no hope for you enjoying this one.

Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) wishes her parents would spend more time paying attention to her and not her infant brother Toby. Her fraternal resentment peaks when she’s left to babysit the runt as her parents go out for a night on
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Sony Details Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal on Blu-ray

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has released the complete details for a pair of upcoming fantasy classics Jim Henson worked on set to debut on Blu-ray Disc September 29. Labyrinth with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly, and The Dark Crystal starring Henson's cute and diabolical puppets will be presented in their original 2.35:1 aspect ratio with 1080p resolution video and 5.1 Dolby TrueHD audio. The press release is not entirely clear in relaying which bonus features are new and exclusive to Blu-ray but I think I got them close if not correct below. The Dark Crystal definitely received preferential treatment when it came to supplements. Labyrinth

The Storytellers: Picture-in-Picture (Bd exclusive) Making of Documentary: Inside The Labyrinth Commentary with Brian Froud Journey through the Labyrinth: Kingdom of Characters Journey through the Labyrinth: The Quest for Goblin City The Dark Crystal

Commentary with Brian Froud (Bd exclusive) Picture-in-Picture Storyboard Track (Bd exclusive
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The Dark Crystal & Labyrinth go Blu-Ray

  • Fangoria
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will bring a pair of fantasy favorites from the Jim Henson Company to Blu-Ray on September 29th.

The Master of Muppets' 1982 feature The Dark Crystal, which he co-directed with Frank Oz (Yoda!) and an uncredited Gary Kurtz (Empire Strikes Back) will hit the hi-def market, along with the 1986 David Bowie-starrer Labyrinth.

Full specs below the jump!

The Dark Crystal

Msrp: $27.99 - Pre-order (Click here), $19.99 as of this writing.

The Dark Crystal is a masterful live-action fantasy starring some of Jim Henson's most imaginative creatures ever! Directed by Jim Henson and Frank Oz and produced by Gary Kurtz (Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back), The Dark Crystal brilliantly weaves a timeless myth of Good and Evil! In another time, The Dark Crystal- a source of Balance and Truth in the Universe- was shattered, dividing the world into two factions: the wicked Skeksis and the peaceful Mystics.
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