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The essence of humour
nordicfrost13 March 2002
Without contest, the funniest TV program on Norwegian TV for over 20 years. The antics of Harald Eia are always hillarious, and the dry wit of Bård Tufte Johansen make for a program on the edge and beyond. Peak moment; when Bård dressed up as a chicken on a live news broadcast on the competing channel and disrupted the transmission for several minutes. This program has the standing record in angering the Christian Television Commission, every program gets at least one complaint, but the audience loves this show.
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Norwegian humor at its best.
AlexMoeller23 April 2003
Harald Eia and Bård Tufte Johansen of Lille Lørdag fame came close to perfection with this series that was ended a couple of years ago. The show consisted mainly of sketches and funny characters created by Eia and Tufte Johansen. The character Thomas Andrè is perhaps my favorite character. Other highlights were the Finn Kalvik news, Jarle the drug addict and the infamous "skrukk" scene.
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