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Dec. 1995
Comfy & Joy
The gang celebrates "The Longest Night of the Year", which is a special holiday. They do fun activities such as playing in the snow, give presents to eachother, and stay up late.
1 May 2003
Cool It!
On a very hot day, the gang tries to find ways to cool off.
Clothes Make the Clown
In the eleventh episode of the hit PBS show, The gang tries not to reveal a surprise about Major Bedhead's birthday, but Major Bedhead never stops asking what the secret is. Can they get over Major Bedhead's annoying pleads until Auntie Macassar gets to the party?
Earth to Loonette
In the seventh episode of the hit PBS show, Molly wets the Big Comfy Couch which makes Loonette very embarrassed.
Lettuce, Turnip and Pea
In the eighth episode of the hit PBS show, Molly tries to get Loonette's attention, but Loonette is too busy having a "me" parade.
You're a Gem!
Loonette pretends to be a roving reporter and interviews the others about dreams. This is the Season 5 finale

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