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Season 4

29 May 2000
Rites of Passage
The young people of Blair Water travel to Summerside to take the entrance exam for high school and compete for the Queen Victoria scholarship. Isabel sneaks back to Scotland leaving a venomous letter in her wake.
30 May 2000
The Taming of Ilse Burnley
As her father's wedding day approaches, the distraught Ilse's behavior becomes increasingly erratic.
31 May 2000
A Bill of Divorcement
Ilse Burnley has moved into the Murray house. Jimmy comes home. It is discovered that Isabel sold her share of New Moon to Ian Bowles. Laura decides to sue Ian for divorce. Jack Haszard plans to help Laura.
1 Jun. 2000
Too Close to the Sun
A beautiful free-spirited french balloonist crashes into the lives of everyone at New Moon. Now a soldier, Perry Miller returns for a visit and then marches off to the Boer War.
4 Jun. 2000
Weight of the World
Jack and Jimmy attempt to start a fox-farming business. More sorrow is heaped upon an already fragile Laura.
5 Jun. 2000
Rhoda Stuart steals Emily's mail, incoming money orders and with the help of her mother Velma, attempts to impersonate Emily when a New York travel magazine publisher visits Blair Water. Ian Bowles, who is in hiding at New Moon, is wanted for fraud.
6 Jun. 2000
A Seller of Dreams
After receiving an honest critique of her first novel from Teddy Kent, an angry Emily is given a valuable lesson and corrective help in an unexpected form.

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