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A very strong and disturbing 70's porno roughie gem
Woodyanders2 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Short, blandly handsome Jason Carns, a seemingly ordinary and unassuming nice guy next door type gone horribly bug crazy wrong, gives a frightfully plausible performance as lowly security guard Eddie, who gets his twisted deviant carnal kicks by pretending to be a Los Angeles police officer who joyfully browbeats, manhandles and elicits unpaid sexual favors from street hookers while wearing a fuzzball uniform and driving around in a phony cop car. One day Carns witnesses a housewife (bewitching brunette Linda Harris) in the act of killing her no-account husband; this in turn causes the already seriously nuts Carns to go further around the bend and succumb to depraved delusional fantasies in which he has his sadistic way with Harris.

From its shocking opening sequence depicting Carns cruelly taking advantage of a frightened prostitute to the electrifying final face-off between Carns and Harris (complete with jolting rape and an exciting last reel automobile chase), this harsh, aggressive, fiercely confrontational psycho sickie roughie porno from the late, great Lee Frost profoundly scares and unsettles, spewing forth 84 harrowing, brutality-ridden minutes that are jam-packed with plenty of nerve-jangling full-throttle dementia and perversity. Frost's blunt, no-nonsense direction, the eerie, ethereal score set to a pounding pseudo-disco beat (said score also boasts a haunting recurrent whistled theme), the flat, unpolished cinematography which adroitly captures the plain, plodding rhythms of mundane everyday life, the authentically lurid L.A. locations, several jarring visualizations of Carns' savage power trip fantasies, the mean, hard-hitting dialogue, the frequently quite startling all-out nasty rough sex tableaux, and the unusually strong and credible acting from a mostly no-name cast (the sole familiar faces are skinflick starlets Rene Bond and Uschi Digard as massage parlor girls, plus longtime Frost collaborator Wes Bishop as a detective and legendary exploitation producer Bob Cresse as the massage parlor owner) are all uniformly tops. Moreover, the film's hard, gritty, almost unbearably razor-sharp edge digs deep into the darkest, most base and disturbing wacko recesses of the human psyche. Hell, this unbeatable outing even possesses a commendably daring and provocative subtext: The flagrant abuse and mistreatment of power and authority, with especially revealing insights on role playing and how men use sex as a means to an end for totally controlling and dominating over women.
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Excellent story driven roughie
The_Void7 April 2008
A Climax of Blue Power is an excellent roughie flick as it combines hardcore porn with a storyline that is actually interesting. The story is not exactly Shakespeare, of course, but naturally most people will be tuning in for the porn and the story helps to ensure that it actually has some point, rather than just being a collection of random sex scenes, and that does benefit the film immensely. The film is somewhere between a porn flick, a cop flick and a psycho flick and the lead character is a man named Eddie; a security guard who gets his kicks during his off-hours by posing as a police officer and picking up young prostitutes. After being given a run down of what will happen to them now that they've been caught, Eddie then offers to let the girls go if they'll agree to give him a free ride - which invariably leads to a torrent of abuse for the girls. This goes on for a while until one day, while out and about, Eddie witnesses a woman kill her husband. This has an effect on the "moral and upstanding" man and after mulling over what to do; he decides to deal out his own punishment...

The film was obviously cheaply made and naturally this has lead to a very gritty and downtrodden atmosphere, which bodes well with the hardcore sex. The sex definitely is hardcore and director Lee Frost (who previously directed odd porno-noir The Pick-Up and dismal Nazisploitation trash Love Camp 7) definitely leaves nothing to the imagination as we get to watch the lead character have his way with various female members of the cast. The sex is gritty just like the atmosphere though it well filmed and largely very erotic also. The acting does leave a lot to be desired, although Jason Carns is thoroughly convincing in the lead role. The film all boils down to the scenes at the end where we get to see the lead have his way with the murderess he witnessed earlier on and these are the best parts of the film. The film takes a bizarre turn and the sex scene towards the end is very brutal. Overall, A Climax of Blue Power certainly wont be everyone's cup of tea; but if you like your rough seventies porn with a story; this is probably one of the better examples. Recommended.
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Well, u gotta give the lil bastard credit. He's got a novel way to get his nuts off.
Fella_shibby7 November 2020
I saw this for the first time recently after getting enticed by the synopsis. Fast forwarded the hardcore sex scenes.

It is a dark, disturbing n gritty crime thriller if u forward the hardcore scenes.

A wannabe cop gets rejected from the police force due to his short stature but he keeps himself busy by working as a security guard. However, unwilling to give up his dream of being a cop, he masquerades as a cop n sexually n physically abuse prostitutes. Sometimes he takes free massages n free threesome by threatening massage parlor owners. One fine morning he witnesses a murder, and when the murder is termed as an accident by the local cops, he discovers that the assailant might get away with it, he takes it upon himself to put the assailant on trial.

The film has sufficient tension, a car chase n it is darkly comical.
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More "Story" Than "Roughie"...
EVOL6669 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
A CLIMAX OF BLUE POWER is a strong piece of 70s sleaze that is equal parts crime/drama and trashy porno. A solid entry in the lacking genre of story-driven grindhouse cinema - CLIMAX is one of the several drama/porn films that actually work on more than just an "arousal" level.

A disgruntled and scummy security guard illegally moonlights as a real police officer in order to fulfill his sexual desires with random hookers. When our "hero" accidentally witnesses a murder take place and begins fantasizing about the crime-scene, he decides to play private-dick (literally)...

A CLIMAX OF BLUE POWER is one of those rare 70s era porn films that actually relies on storyline and a bit of decent acting to carry the film, while still maintaing it's grimy porno atmosphere. A notable piece of drama/porn - CLIMAX works better than most similar genre entries. The porn scenes are pretty hot, while not really focusing on them as a way to validate the film. The bizarro ending is also worth noting in a weird and pretty much unexplained PSYCHO-ish turn of events (but with hardcore sex added in...). A gritty and rough piece of 70s exploit cinema - this one will be of interest to "classic" porn fans, and those that dig a whole lotta sleaze mixed in with their drama films...8.5/10
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Hard-edged Hardcore
ascheland28 June 2004
Though he tries to hide behind the pseudonym F.C. Perl, director R.L. Frost can't disguise his style in the nasty "A Climax of Blue Power." This adult film follows a security guard (Jason Carns) who's got some serious hang-ups about women. In his free time he masquerades as a cop--even going as far as converting his Ford LTD into a black & white police car--and "busts" prostitutes, offering to let them go in return for sexual favors and/or fulfilling his sadistic whims (the first victim is ordered to "crawl around in the mud like a dog!"). While bumming around the beach one day, Carns hears gunshots at a nearby house. Peeking through the windows, he witnesses a woman (Angela Carnon) murder her husband. Carnon quickly becomes the focal point of Carns' obsessions. Even a three-way in a massage parlor or watching a porno movie at home can't get her out of his mind. When he learns the murder is written off as a suicide, Carns decides the murderess shouldn't get off that easy.

"A Climax of Blue Power" is hostile and gritty, and without a trace of political correctness. It also plays like a real movie, with a plot, characters and believable acting. There's even a car chase. Carns is effective in his role, his physical attractiveness (he sort of looks like a young Kurt Russell) never overshadowing his creepiness. Carnon, who's made numerous softcore movies ("Drop-Out Wife," "Booby Trap"), is another standout. (Incidentally, Carnon's scenes in this movie all appear to be softcore; an obvious stand-in was used for the hardcore close-ups). Also appearing are Frost's frequent producing partner Wes Bishop, as a detective, and Uschi Digard in a non-sexual and, surprisingly, fully-clothed cameo.

Director Frost made some of the most stylish roughies of the 1960s ("The Pick-Up," "The Defilers," "Hot Spur"). "A Climax of Blue Power" essentially uses Frost's roughie template and repackages it in a hard-X format. Though the movie has a few shaky production and story issues at its beginning (like why does a hooker keep flagging down johns in front of a police car and an unconvincing day-for-night scene), this is a must for fans of Frost's work, as well as aficionados of rough sex.
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Sammy_Sam_Sam23 May 2021
Here we have a film not dissimilar to Taxi Driver or Bad Lieutenant, but the most obvious difference is that it features explicit adult material. Essentially a 'roughie', it's a mixture I suppose of exploitation and hardcore porn, however it does neither of these things particularly well and I don't really know to who I could recommend the film. On the one hand, the pornographic sections don't make for pleasant viewing. The actresses have heavy tan lines and on the Vinegar Syndrome Blu Ray the blemishes, spots and everything else were all very clear to see. I couldn't imagine anyone finding anything in this film particularly erotic. On the other hand, the storyline just wasn't enough due to the incredibly long sex scenes, so I can't really recommend it on that basis either. The acting was actually pretty good, particularly the male lead, and the music was also great (I had the theme stuck in my head for a few hours after viewing). All in all though, I think this would only appeal to those who seek out extreme cinema and for me, there's nothing here to warrant a second viewing, but in a funny kind of way I'm still glad that I saw it. You'll certainly need a shower after watching this one!
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