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Season 4

22 Sep. 2001
21 Val Street
Val's nosiness ruins Relic's undercover at an LA college campus as student Todd. The only way to save his investigation for mob king Hans Lamal trough his campus drug pusher, Kenny Farmer, is for all VIP to join him in various undercover capacities after catching the mob killer Lamal sent after him, in Quick's case as that hit-man. However Hans's secret identity covers another secret.
29 Sep. 2001
Chasing Anna
Johnny and Quick rival for dating favor from client Anna Petrov, whose parents were killed in a suspicious car crash. It turns out general Volykov, head of the secret police of Kasbayan, is heading a killers team to eliminate her, as princess heiress the last threat to the ruthless regime he defected to when the king was overthrown.
6 Oct. 2001
Holy Val
VIP is hired by executive secretary Kamin and elder Rygel to protect their 'cosmic' Centaurian cult's treasured 'sacred' meteorite. They successfully ward off an attempt to steal it by internationally wanted master thief Roberto 'Bobby' Perez, who next kidnaps Val, but soon discover the story isn't that simple.
13 Oct. 2001
Millennium Man
VIP looses Rod Fallon and other Hollywood clients after being publicly outclassed by competitor Adam Fowler's goons. However they discover he drugs them with a pharmaceutical which the company, Dalco, based on Chang Kai Cheq' Purple Legion's potion bo chi but didn't commercialize because of the side-effects. One of them, Trey, turns out to be a former USMC buddy of Nicky, and may already have suffered brain damage.
20 Oct. 2001
South by Southwest
Canadian wrestler Tyler 'Sabretooth' Mane hires VIP to prevent serious harm when loony machos provoke him, hoping to get beaten up by the master. Real danger lurks because FBI agent Darman's team invented a decoy super-agent to smoke out Fallon's Red Coyote terrorist movement, but chance made it look like Tyler is him. He accepts to play along, now closely protected by VIP himself. In the process, he rediscovers himself and reevaluates the sense of his career choices.
27 Oct. 2001
Dean McGee desperately seeks VIP's help, suffering from amnesia after a knock the head. He's the target of Harman industry's hit-men to prevent him revealing the revolutionary Jaw Hawk car, which Nikki is to test drive, is a failure. The test is part of the charitable events Val volunteered the team for in the contest to become mayor for a day.
3 Nov. 2001
The Uncle from V.A.L.
Val's clumsy, naive uncle Ned Irons, who never got beyond administrative work in the Mounties corps he longs to join, accidentally finds a parchment deed which grants an Inuit tribe a large tract in the Yukon. When he 'returns' it to the native crooks gang of Turoc and Ta'eena, they try to eliminate the only witness who can ruin their planned land deal with an oil multinational. Ned escapes to LA, where his favorite niece Val still believes he's a Mountie hero. The crooks follow, and so does Yukon RCMP station sergeant Roarke, who wants to arrest 'rogue deserter' Ned.
10 Nov. 2001
Pen Pal Val
Damian Caine, Val's favorite Cyber author, is released on a technicality in a trial that would have meant jail for arson in the V Club, which killed popular owner Burt Wyler just after he fired Damian, using the MO of his first cyber crime story, Epsilon. VIP believes in his innocence and protects him after someone throws a Molotov cocktail at Damien, conform another Epsilon chapter. District Attorney Pete Overton, who has senatorial ambitions, is most eager to convict Caine for a new poison murder, again conform Epsilon.
17 Nov. 2001
Kayus Ex Machina
CIA agent Andrew D Welles decides on his own that a plan to eliminate a Latin American general-dictator, although never approved by Washington, is to be executed anyhow, even if that requires murdering a reluctant colleague. But its finance depends on a dot com front company, which just made major stock holder Kay a small fortune, which she invests mainly in converting her favorite muffin bakery into a cyber café. The secret plans are hidden in its personnel files, which Kay downloads unsuspecting. The CIA notices that, and Welles wants to eliminate her, assuming her ...
24 Nov. 2001
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Val
Johhny is delighted that Hollywood director Jeremy Harmetz has casted him for a low-budget action movie as martial arts actor/stuntman. But the media exposure also discloses his survival to the Hong Kong "Tong" Triad's new LA boss, Morton Zhou, who assumed him killed. However Morton's daughter Catherine is kidnapped by mob competitor Jonas Smith, who is out to revenge his own son and steal her part of the Zhou fortune on the side.
19 Jan. 2002
Saving Private Irons
Johhny gets dragged along in a no-dating-bet by Quick's clumsy infidelity. Just now Relic asks them to deliver a package to Hollywood producer Nina, whose office and next meeting place abound with scarcely dresses models viz. nudist part guests. Nikki's former drill instructor asks the girls to go undercover in his marines base because someone in the all-female platoon he's training has been stealing explosives and probably plans to kill top-secret prisoner 'Eagle', who turns out to be VIP-enemy Morales.
26 Jan. 2002
Diagnosis Val
A hospital administrator asks VIP to protect Dr. Hank Jonas's patients after two successfully treated botulism victims among them died mysteriously. Relic informs they were lured by fake, infected letters. The team goes undercover in various capacities to investigate the staff. Kay works out the victims were all jury members in the trial against Hank's fiendish brother for a prison murder. But he proves dangerously resourceful.
2 Feb. 2002
Val Cubed
V.I.P. is hired by the Environmental Protection Agency's Arthur Goodwin to help transport an experimental Red Coyote terrorist movement weapon to a marine base for destruction. But Val's evil double Joan Archer has escaped from the lunatic asylum, reassembles a gang and kidnaps Val, so she can take her place and abuse the device for revenge on V.I.P. Only Kay gets suspicious.
9 Feb. 2002
The K Files
VIP is hired to protect the Rubicon trade summit after anonymous terrorist threat letter. The FBI suspects include The Dark hand, which Johnny knows from Hong Kong, so they check on its LA member Miss Ying. Its de facto host and keynote speaker Charles Broder declares on TV to be among a recent wave of 'alian spaceship abductees'. Val insists Kay's bite/branding larks and memory loss 'prove' she is too. New incidents like both story lines, but what part does Broder's corporate deputy James Gilroy play?
16 Feb. 2002
48 1/2 Hours
LAPD detective Grispy has another job for VIP, this time formally deputized. They must baby-sit jail-bird Lucy Stanton, who is remitted provided she helps track her British ex-boss, international super-crook Nero, who escaped Interpol with a $20,000,000 diamond. Alas Lucy toys around to enjoy her freedom at tax payer's expense before actually pointing out Nero's right-hand Mase. Worse, Nero gets wind of the quest and starts killing off anyone connected however vaguely with a potential trace to him.
23 Feb. 2002
Dude, Where's My Party?
FBI agent McDonough recruits Val for a patriotic service: testing a new facility's security under Dutch aliases, after 'shopping' for illegal arms and disguises. His secret agenda is to lure the real Red Coyote anarchists. Val picks as infiltration attempt sidekick Maxine, already scheduled as partner to 'work' at an Eric Estrada party. They are indeed abducted, to be recruited as 'civilian experts', but for a surprising job.
13 Apr. 2002
Kiss the Val
Pseudo-anarchist techno-master criminal Merrick is released from jail. VIP goes after him because Niki hates her dad's killer unconditionally. However they soon discover he reassembled a gang. Next that his target is space technology. In fact he kidnapped a scientist's wife for the access codes to control the space shuttle.
20 Apr. 2000
Miss Con-Jeannie-Ality
After crew captain Luke McCain makes a fatal fall at the Miss All OLrganic rehearsals, VIP is hired to prevent another 'accident' disturbing the beauty pageant. Next manager Frank Meecham also goes missing until he turns up in the morgue. The team goes undercover. Kay discovers both victims were too: FBI agent aliases.
27 Apr. 2002
Sunshine Girls
VIP was hired to protect teacher Jane Percival until her testimony, which should put mob killer William Sikes away for good. His team captures Val and Tasha, but instead of classical torture and truth serum make them believe to have aged decades to make them betray the witness's hide-out. Sikes gets so impatience he even kills one of his own scientists. The rest of VIP tries the mob connection.
4 May 2002
True Val Story
Val is proud as a peacock and happy as a clam now producer Betsy's TV series plans a profile of VIP focusing on her, the professionals are jealous having serve as extras among crooks and menials singing her praise. That and security at a Ducati motorbike model launch show on the beach seem not exciting enough, so 'reenactments' are planned so Val can star. Recently paroled contract thief Ryan Hill wants to dig up his loot, bonds about to expire, on that very beach.
11 May 2002
Val Who Cried Wolf
Val's Hollywood idol, stand-up comedian Scott Thayler, famous for the Jimbo character movies, hires VIP after receiving death threats. Randall Waring is indeed hell-bent on extorting him, but Scott, who constantly jokes and lies about everything, keeps their common past even from VIP. Kay meanwhile has various dealings with a fellow Jimbo super-fan.
18 May 2002
Valley Wonka
The heiress of Granny Groshen's cookie business posthumously hired VIP for security at her funeral, reading of her will and its execution. She left half of the priceless recipe to son Bernard and daughter Rhonda each. She wants to keep the family business as it is, he to cash a German multinational's $700,000,0000 bid. 'Bernie' is being blackmails by Yablosnki mob enforcer Rudolph M. Slavin. Williams has the hots for Rhonda, but is in for a nasty surprise, like her and VIP.

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