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Season 2

24 Dec. 1986
Supergran and the World's Worst Circus
It's five days to Christmas and the Scunner only has half a mince pie. So he has to take a job as a department store Santa. Meanwhile Supergran is trying to get down on his luck circus owner Sid Scouse back into the limelight.
8 Mar. 1987
Supergran and the Racing Cert
Poly Roofless, Rollie's younger brother, tells the Scunner to look after Newcastle Brown's prize winning racing pigeon, Fast Flo, in preparation of the great Chisleton pigeon race.
15 Mar. 1987
Supergran and the Treasure Trovers
On the day of the annual Chistleton treasure hunt, Insp. Muggins has decided that it is Unlucky Luciano's loot that is to be troved. But the Scunner is after a different treasure: the eggs of the all but extinct flying Diplodocus.
22 Mar. 1987
Supergran and the Birthday Dambuster
Dreaming of a life as a RAF hero, the Scunner and his palls sign up for 25 years in the Highland Laddies Regiment. But at the training ground there is not a single airplane in sight. Back in Chisleton, life just isn't the same for Supergran without the Scunner.
29 Mar. 1987
Supergran and the Yankee Doodle's Boodle
The 4th of July means the start of American week in Chisleton. Scunner tries to take advantage of all the rich American tourist by posing as Livington Campbell, explorer to the stars.
5 Apr. 1987
Supergran and the Rookie Recruit
The Chistleton Games are about to take place and the Scunner is trying his luck as an accountant. Only clumsy P.C. Derek Dumpling can stop him on his first day on the job.
12 Apr. 1987
Supergran and the State Visit
The Dutches of Claridge is visiting Chisleton on PC Rupert Leekie's birthday. The Scunner forces himself into the job of 'General'. Unfortunately there is a bit of a mix-up. The Scunner and the police give a royal reception to compulsive kleptomaniac Hatty the Hat at Chisleton Metro, while the actual Dutches gets no reception at all at Chisleton station. So Supergran travels to Royalton in the Skimmer to find out for sure.
19 Apr. 1987
Chisleton Street Blues
The Scunner is so heavily in debt that he decides to end it all. Or at least make the world think he's gone to a better place. In reality he's swam to Bird Island, just off the Chisleton coast.
26 Apr. 1987
Supergran and the School for Scoundrels
When Sid Scoundrel opens a Chisleton branch of his School for Scoundrels, The Scunner, his gang and all the other local crooks quickly enroll.
3 May 1987
Supergran and the Media Star
TV sets have been exploding all over Chisleton and for once the Scunner isn't to blame, for he's desperate to become a media star himself.
10 May 1987
Supergran Snookered
When the Scunner finds out unsuccessful cat burglar Catharine Burgler is a natural snooker player, he becomes her sponsor.
17 May 1987
Supergran and the Fancy Dress Fanciers
Supergran is invited to Empress Rita von Chisleton's annual fancy dress party, but the Scunner isn't. But when a lot of stolen dresses ends up at the party by mistake, the Scunner and his boys get to dress up after all.
24 May 1987
Supergran and the Chronic Crooner
Most of Chisleton has been deserted on account of Country & Western Week. Too late to leave town, the Scunner sets his mind on managing young hopeful Hank G. Plucker and win the big cash prize.
31 May 1987
Supergran and the Heir Apparent
The Scunner Campbell comes into money when he claims to be the rightful heir to Roderick of Roderick, Great Sporran of the Isles. But to prove his worth, he has to spend the night in the haunted wing of Roderick's castle - on Halloween.

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