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Season 1

31 Aug. 1984
Something Private
The unusually caring reporter goes to a village where a 10-year old boy has been murdered, but the locals are not very sociable - even with each other.
7 Sep. 1984
Sleeping Dogs
Mitch gets in too deep with MI6 business, and the suspicious death of a homosexual. Meanwhile, his wife is trying to get him fit by making him able to run.
14 Sep. 1984
Business as Usual
A police inspector is shot after pursuing a burglar along the street, and everyone Mitch talks to describes him as a saint.
21 Sep. 1984
Who Must Remain Anonymous
A series of muggings of old people are taking place, but as they are being committed by black people the police have to tread very carefully so as not to be accused of racism.
28 Sep. 1984
When a petty criminal is spared a prison sentence, the two cops who sorted it for him want more than he bargained for. Can Mitch expose bent cops, or is that in too deep even for him?
12 Oct. 1984
Postman's Knock
A postman is shot while apparently being a have-a-go hero and stopping some armed robbers, but Mitch finds out everything is not as clear cut as it seems.
19 Oct. 1984
Saturday Night
Mitch begins drinking again and attends a few parties, where he and his friends make a series of cringe-worthy jokes.
26 Oct. 1984
A Family Matter
Some Asians in he area are attacked by yobbos, and Mitch's son gets a burst appendix, which brings the wife from whom he has separated back into his life.
2 Nov. 1984
Nature of the Beast
Mitch goes undercover in a dangerous white supremacist group, and he doesn't fair much better in his private life.

 Season 1 

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