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MPAA Rated R for strong horror violence and language

Sex & Nudity

  • A women is in the shower. (No nudity is seen)
  • Several instances of sexual innuendo, such as "Virgins always die first."
  • A few kisses.
  • A woman wearing a towel.
  • A woman wearing a slip.
  • Several women in cleavage and midriff-revealing tops.

Violence & Gore

  • More comedic and cheesier than the first 2 films, meaning the violence explained here is a lot less graphic than it may sound. Some of the stabbings are offscreen, unlike those in the first two films. As such, the death scenes are short and do not show any gory details. With that being said, there are violent images, such as shots of a bloodied dead corpse.
  • Many people are stabbed and sliced; sometimes we hear squishy or slashing noises, sometimes we see the knife sticking out of the body and most of the time we see blood on the victim's clothing or body. It should be noted that this is the least violent film in the Scream series, much less of the actual violence is onscreen.
  • During struggles people are hit with various objects (lamps, chair, shelves, etc.) They're also punched, kicked, and thrown around. This often results in blood, and it is intense.
  • In the middle of the film while everyone is really freaked, one very rare scene occurs where the killer taunts people in & out of a house (power out). One character remains inside the house, receives a message, & lights a match to reads the message ("the killer will give mercy to whomever smells gas"), almost immediately the character screams for a couple seconds as he's engulfed in flame. Next shot, characters outside watch in horror as the house explodes.


  • About 20 F-words, a profane finger gesture, some anatomical references, lots of scatological references, lots of mild obscenities and some insults.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Several characters drink alcoholic beverages and/or smoke cigarettes in various scenes throughout the film.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Many intense and suspenseful scenes.
  • Many "jump" scenes.
  • Still violent, but Scream 3 is goofier than the first two movies.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Sex & Nudity

  • A person remarks to Sidney how one man and his friends raped her mother in the 70's.
  • It is revealed Angelina won the part of Sidney by sleeping with John Milton.

Violence & Gore

  • Cotton's girlfriend is attacked by the killer. The killer grabs her, she kicks the killer in the face. She hides from the killer. The killer tries to get through the door using the knife. His girlfriend attacks him because she think he is the killer. The killer sounded like him using the voice garbler in the previous scene.
  • Cotton's girlfriend hits him in the head with a golf club. Cotton falls on the floor, he warns her to turn around then the killer runs up, stabs her in the back and throws her backwards on to the floor.
  • At the mansion scene Tyson is stabbed in the stomach bynthe killer. The killer chases him pulls out the rug from under him, he flips and lands on his neck and back. The killer throws him into a glass and metal shelf, then the killer throws Tyson on the walkway around the pool.
  • After the house explodes, Jennifer hits Dewey in the face and Gale hits Jennifer in the face. She falls on the road, after she has a bloody lower lip.
  • Detective Kincaid gets stabbed in the shoulder by the killer. Kincaid headbutts the killer on to the floor after they struggle. Then the killer kicks him in the face and he hits his head on the mantel of the fireplace falling to the floor.
  • Sara Darling is attacked by the killer at the stab studio. The killer punches her through the window of a door, then stabs her in the back. Her head falls down towards the camera and stops, she is shown with a bloody face.
  • Roman slits John Milton's throat, his throat is shown bloody then Roman throws him on the ground.
  • Roman shoots Sidney 2 times, first from a distance then point blank in the chest.
  • The killer punches Sidney in the face at the mansion and she slides across the floor. Then Sidney shoots the killer with a revolver 6 times and the killer falls on the floor.
  • Ghostface runs after Sidney and tries to stab her but she dodges the killer and the killer falls through a glass door. Then the killer falls on the walkway by the pool. The killer starts chasing her again. Sidney runs into a room and locks the doors fast. Then the killer runs into the doors to open them. The killer keeps ramming the doors but they won't open.
  • The killer grabs Gale from behind in the mansion and tries to stab her. Gale throws herself and the killer against a wall, the killer hits the wall. Gale steps on the killer's foot. Then Gale throws herself and the killer down the basement stairs. The killer hits their head on the side and is knocked unconscious. Gale rolls off the stairs and hits a guillotine device, she almost gets her head lopped off.
  • Sidney stabs the killer in the back with an ice pick twice, shortly after she stabs him in the heart with the same ice pick.
  • The killer slashes Cotton's arm and the bloody wound is shown.
  • Cotton drops a bookcase on to the killer.
  • Ghostface stabs Cotton in the chest and blood runs left, right, up and down, this scene is very bloody.
  • Sidney breaks a bottle over Roman's head, then he falls on the floor.
  • Roman jumps on Sidney, then they both fall on the floor.
  • Roman kicks Sidney in the face.
  • Ghostface punches Dewey in the face and he falls into a wall.
  • Angelina is stabbed in the shoulder by Ghostface.
  • The killer lunges through a window, grabs Sidney then they both fall on to a table breaking it.
  • After the house explosion, the survivors roll down a hill really fast.
  • Roman strangles Sidney in an attempt to kill her.
  • Sidney punches Roman in the face.
  • Roman punches Sidney in the face.
  • Roman slams Sidney's head down on the bar counter, he stabs the knife but misses her and hits the wood.
  • Dewey shoots Roman in the head, then he flies backward on to the floor.
  • Blood is shown dripping from Roman's mouth.
  • Dewey shoots Roman mulitple times but Dewey doesn't know he has a bulletproof vest on.
  • Ghostface slashes Dewey's left arm with their knife.
  • Ghostface puches Dewey in the face.
  • Ghostface chases Jennifer up a winding staircase.
  • Ghostface stabs Jennifer in the back.
  • Ghostface stabs Jennifer in the stomach.
  • Jennifer falls through a mirror after Dewey shoots the mirror.
  • Jennifer's corpse is shown bloody and covered with mirror pieces.
  • Angelina's corpse is creepily dragged away by Ghostface.

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