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Kewl_Me3 August 1999
As a big fan of the Nickelodeon television show, "The Rugrats", I was really itching to see this when I first heard they were making a movie, and I am a teenager, too. I was there opening weekend, and lemme tell ya, you don't have to be a toddler to love animated movies. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. There was very good animation, a good little story, upbeat and catchy songs as well as lyrics, and the action will keep the little ones entertained. ***** out of *****.
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A solid, colourful and enjoyable film
TheLittleSongbird29 October 2009
The Rugrats Movie was enjoyable, not quite as good as Rugrats In Paris, but it is solid and colourful. Of course the film isn't without its flaws. The second half was rather loud for my liking, and while the story is simple, which is fine by me, there are bits where the film drags and it doesn't quite have the sense of fun that makes the show so enjoyable. That said though, the film is very, VERY cute and means well. While it is by all means a kids movie, there are a handful of laughs and references to other films for adults. I particularly loved Phil's "I didn't know she could fly"(in reference to Angelica) and Lil replies "I think it's because she's a witch." The animation is colourful and true to that of the show, and the soundtrack is great. The voice cast is especially strong, with Tara Strong, EG Daily and Christine Cavanaugh as standouts. Though as much as it pains me to say this, great actors like Whoopi Goldberg and Tim Curry have very little to do, and did disappoint. Overall, it's a decent movie, it is colourful cute and fun, but does have a tendency to drag and a bit loud in places. 7/10 Bethany Cox
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Has Fun Moments But Is Too LOUD!!!
ccthemovieman-19 May 2007
This is a loud movie which was fun for about 40 minutes but then it just gets to be too much, too abrasive with the yelling. Do they think kids are hard-of-hearing? Are they trying to make kids deaf?

Whatever. . I guess this is geared a lot more for young kids who are used to the TV blasting away at them. For me, that loudness is okay for awhile, but it gets tiresome. In fact, the simple storyline in here goes on for too long, too. This is an 81- minute film, which is not long, but would have been far better at no m ore than 70 minutes. An hour would have been just right.

Still, on the plus side, there are plenty of interesting scenes, the colors are bright and visually attractive, the sound is very good and there are some decent subtleties as well as slapstick humor. There are things in here adults would enjoy.
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Great fun for kids of all ages
Ace-3821 November 1998
Rugrats: A name I had never even heard until my daughter started watching it. My son soon followed and joined sis on the couch when the familiar theme song kicked in. They are 6 and 4 now and were thrilled when they announced the movie version of their favorite show. Mom and I promised to take them. As we arrived in the theatre, there were families all over just like ours. Once the film started, however, I was 6 years old again, watching my favorite cartoons. Rugrats movie is a joy for parents and kids alike. There is adult humor (referring to the sex of the new pickles baby, one parent says "if born under venus, look for a" ...before being cut off. There is kid humor too, multiple diaper jokes, and just plain FUN! Parents, and non-parents alike owe it to themselves to see this fun movie. If you have kids, it is a joy to see their faces light up when the theme song kicks in, and Tommy squirts the screen with his bottle (just as the SDDS sound kicks in, and the title breaks on-screen)

This is a great way to spend 85 minutes, and while my 4 year old got a little restless during the forest scenes (about 1/3 of the movie), my 6-year old sat through it with nary a word. A great time for kids of all ages, and a good way for parents and kids to spend some time together.
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A disappointing feature-length adaptation of the enjoyable TV show.
danmaskell2 December 1998
Why do filmmakers find it necessary to try to turn cartoons into musicals? I found the many star-studded music numbers irritating, and a poor attempt to appear "cool" to the adult viewers. The entire plot element of the train-wrecked monkeys added nothing to the film, and seemed senseless. My 7 year old son enjoyed it except for the singing. The TV show is better.
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An adorable movie that is endeared by fans and by little to nobody else
prestonwardcondra7 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The first thing that should be clarified here in this movie is that "The Rugrats Movie" is by far the darkiest, slimiest and moodiest point of anything pertaining to Rugrats that was ever made.

Seriously. At one point, Drew Pickles puts his brother Stu Pickles in a choke-hold at one point or another in the movie, blaming him for losing his daughter Angelica.

There's definitely not that much humor to be have here in this movie. If you watch the cartoon, you'll know what I mean and that is definitely a turn off point for some and why "The Rugrats Movie" as a whole, received a polarizing response by critics.

There are definitely some parts of the movie that drag on and on. The part where the babies get lost and stuck in the forest and wonder around aimlessly in hopes of getting back home, drag on WAY too long and Dil's overall presence in the movie is more irritating than it is pleasing to the typical viewer.

Then again if you are someone who isn't a fan of Rugrats, you shouldn't even be watching this in the first place.

I give the movie credit for taking a different direction and doing something it's not but, in 20/20 hindsight, it's not all perfect.

The songs that the cast of the characters sing throughout the course of the movie are hit and miss. The best one was probably Angelica's take on Blondie's "One Way Or Another" hit song from the 80's.

In all, I only recommend checking this movie out if you are a part of the Rugrats fan base. For everyone else, it's nothing special and you can safely skip it as there's better family movies out there.
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A decent film, but it has flaws.
Cartoon King4 June 2011
Taking place immediately after the "Rugrats" episode "The Family Tree" where Didi finds out she's pregnant. "The Rugrats Movie" is when Tommy's new sibling is finally born. The Rugrats are very excited about Tommy's new sister, but when the baby is finally born, it's a boy. Baby Dil practically does nothing, but cry, scream, and poop. Tommy thinks he can take him back to the hospital in exchange for a new baby brother, but soon they all get lost in the woods. This is their first time in actual danger, not just their imaginations.

This is certainly not the best story for a movie, but it is okay. Baby Dil, however is very annoying. More-so in the later episodes of the show than this movie, because he constantly interrupts their adventures and makes every episode about baby-sitting Dil.

While "The Rugrats Movie" is a decent film, it has flaws.

  • It's starts the downfall of a once great cartoon show.

  • Like in "Pokémon: The First Movie" this film tries a little bit too hard to be darker and more dramatic than the TV show it's based on.

  • There are WAY too many jokes about poop, pee and other such gross things. I'm fine with crude humor when it's in small doses (like on "Rocko's Modern Life"), or when it's actually made funny (like on "The Ren & Stimpy Show"). But this movie (and the later episodes of the show) just over-do it.

There are good things too though.

  • I loved the opening sequence of the film.

  • The animation is great, and perfect for the big screen.

  • The voice acting is top-notch.

  • Some parts were really funny. Like when they spoofed "Indiana Jones".

Overall this is a decent and mildly entertaining film. But it's certainly not one of the greatest animated movies ever. There are better movies of animated TV shows ("The Simpsons Movie"; "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie"; "Batman: Mask of the Phantasm"), but there are also worse ones ("Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Colon Film for Theaters"; "Pokémon: The First Movie"). Funny, nicely animated, good voice acting, but a little bit too much potty jokes, and it added a horrible character to a great TV show.

Rating: 6/10 "Decent"
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A solid film that will please kid fans of the series but offers little for the adult audience that comes with a cinema release
bob the moo22 December 2006
Tommy and his friends are excited and looking forward to the arrival of his new baby sister. However when young Dil arrives he turns out to be a boy as well as not being as much fun as had been expected. With Dill taking all his parent's attention away from Tommy, the other babies find themselves all marginalised by this screaming and pooping creature. Trying to return Dil to the hospital turns into a much bigger adventure than they planned when they wind out lost deep in the woods.

Some cartoons are aimed at kids but have plenty for adults to enjoy; some cartoons are so completely for kids that adults struggle to get anything from them. The Rugrats Movie falls somewhere in the middle, being engaging enough for adults without really having that much specifically for them. Of course for kids the simple plot will provide enough adventure to hold the attention while the baby jokes come fast enough to amuse. Adults will not be turned off by the film because it is professional enough to distract, but the adult references are few and far between and certainly not as clever as the Pixar films that adults will be used to.

The voice cast deliver the characters from the TV show well enough and will please fans by delivering more of the same but just over a longer running time. Guest turns from Curry, Goldberg, Spade, Clinton, Cho and Rhymes don't add a great deal but in their defence I suppose it was easy work for money. Overall then a professional and enjoyable film for child fans of the series which fills the running time well. However there isn't much for adults other than the promise that at least it won't grate the way some kids films do.
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A Cute Film
Ginger871 January 2005
I remember seeing this movie when I was eleven years old in theaters. I saw it the opening weekend and then again two weeks later. I have always been a fan of the Rugrats ever since it started back in 1991 when I was four years old.

The plot of the movie evolves around the addition of Tommy's new baby brother Dil. The part when Tommy and Dil were alone in the woods together was so sad and cute. I also liked how there were many different parts occurring at the same time. Plus the songs on the movie were very catchy especially the one Angelica sang while looking for Cynthia.

Overall this movie was really good. However this movie led to the downfall of the "Rugrats". I give this movie 10/10 stars.
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A fun-tastic enhancement of the TV cartoon series.
emm19 April 1999
This animated film feature of the RUGRATS is a thrill of an adventurous joyride for its fans, and has a cutest sense of humor more unique than some in this type (like the "poopie" jokes). The familiar artwork is breathtaking and fares far better than the recent DOUG in movie form. Angelica gets to steal the show like she always does, and sings a sample of Blondie's "One Way Or Another". Simply put, a great way for kids to escape the horrors of network television. As all that can be best explained, you know exactly what to predict here. The songs are nice, but they're nothing to brag about except for when the end credits scroll by.
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todd2u15 May 2000
RUGRATS RULE! I love this movie. It's like one of my favorite cartoon movies ever. If you don't like Rugrats you are crazy. Everything about it is cool. The plot was good. The music is very cool. I recommend this movie to anyone who loves rugrats and likes cartoon movies.
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A daily comment from Midget Emma: The Rugrats Movie (1998)
I think almost everyone grew up watching Rugrats. Now they have finished there run, have two movies and have that unnecessary show All Grown Up.

This movie started off great with a classic Rugrats feel to it. Then about half way through it turned into a dark depressing film. I was thinking isn't this a bit to dark and scary for a kids movie?

I loved the references to great movies like Indiana Jones. Also the animation was top notch. Like the animation from the Simpsons movie and Futurama.

I recommend it if you like Rugrats. It started off good but then got depressing so i think its going to even out at.......

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The Rugrats Movie
Jackson Booth-Millard19 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Based on the second longest running cartoon on TV, (longest running is obviously The Simpsons) this is a good movie for the kids, and a bit for the adults. Basically best talking baby friends Tommy (Elizabeth Daily), Chuckie (Christine Cavanaugh), and the twins Phil and Lil celebrate the birth of a new baby, Tommy's new predicted sister. When the baby comes out it is a baby, but it doesn't matter, they name it Dil, he is a troublesome baby at first, but when the babies are thrown into the wilderness they must learn to like him. Basically they want to take Dil back to the hospital, but instead the head towards the "lizard" (Wizard) to have one wish. Also going their way is the mean Angelica (Cheryl Chase) after her Stacey doll. Also starring The Emporer's New Groove's David Spade as Ranger Frank, Whoopi Goldberg as Ranger Margaret and Tim Curry as Rex Pester. Good for kids, and adults will like some of it too. Worth watching!
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Pretty good...
rooboy8416 March 2002
This movie was ok. I liked the series also. The toddlers have a bit of an accident and end up in the forest, where a big bad wolf is. So...their parents go to rescue the tots. It's ok for a kids movie but the plot is really weak. Still, it's an entertaining movie to watch but I wouldn't go and rent it. And despite going for just 79 minutes it's an animated movie so maybe thats an excuse for it and movies like it in the genre.

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"...let me tell you, Klasy-Cuspo did not let me down. A fun, up beat movie that kids and "growned-ups" will enjoy from start to finish."
Quentin-220 November 1998
"The Rugrats Movie" -*** out of 4.

After months of waiting, I finally got the chance to see my favorite cartoon, the Rugrats on the silver screen. Ever since I was ten (and since the show began back in 1991), I have always loved the show. And let me tell you, Klasy-Cuspo did not let me down. A fun, up-beat movie that kids and "growned-ups" will enjoy from start to finish. I attended a 7:05pm showing of the film, the majority of the sold-out crowd were mainly tykes. Due to the fact that I'm 17-years old, it really set me down that I didn't see any other people close to my age other than Adults. At least I'm a kid at heart, and I can see whatever I please.

The story picks off where "The Family Tree" left us. It begins with a sharp-looking Indiana Jones spoof, putting our main man Tommy Pickles in his shoes ready to snatch a prized possesion. Funny how imagination goes with these kids, as the huge rolling ball that chases them happens to be a very Pregnant Didi-Tommy's mom.

Shortly after, Didi gives birth to Dil Pickles, which becomes a total bane to all the main Rugrats-Even Phil and Lil. Dil seems to be somewhat a very fussy little babe. During most of the film, Dil loves to take batting practice on Tommy's head (hitting), be it from a rattle or a bottle.

After some discussion from twins Phil and Lil, they decide to take Dil "back to the hopsickle". They do attempt to return him via a new Stu Invention-"The Reptar Wagon". However, they get lost along the way, ending up in a forest, scary with monkeys and more troubles. This ain't the playpen folks.

And what does that little imp Angelica (My favorite Rugrat) has to do with all of this? Since Dil loves to grab items, yelling "mine"!, her doll Cynthia is grabbed from the hands of the feisty younging. Angelica goes out under "Shirley-Lock Holmes"-donning roller-blades and all in order to retain her dolly. However I was disappointed with what they did to her. Angelica does not get a lot of screen time compared to her other counterparts. And Unlike the T.V. show, Angelica is much less of a brat, but she is more like it in the early moments of the film.

Of course, the adults in the film are just as entertaining as the Rugrats. The reporter Rex Pester is really a pest. And Grandpa, Stu and Drew bring it on.

The animation is really on another level. Really cool use during the birth scene. They really made some scenes 3-D like in appearance. And to be real with you, it looks like the animators took a shot of speed, as most of the movie speeds on by. It's not slow like most Disney films. It really has a small amount of sugar-sweet moments. Also the songs aren't at all chessy for an animated film.

This being the first G-rated movie I attended in a thearte in almost 8 years, I wonder how did Nick and K-C get away with some of the potty jokes. They must've been borderline on PG. There are a good amount of them in the movie, especially during the newborn song number in which involves a shower of peeing, creating a rainbow. Now that's something that Disney will NEVER touch. Dil also uses his fire hose as well. And Tommy's buttocks are exposed.

The botton line: kids, parents, those in between, and diehard Rugrats fans like me will love this film. Animation knacks may get a kick out of it also.But those that don't like cute cartoons and those older kids may wanna stay out of this. Of course it's up to you.

Although the animation is NOT "A Bug's Life" level, it is 1,000 times better than the T.V. show. And it doesn't play like an episode either as many "mislead souls" have said before the movie even came out. The action is mostly non-stop. Certainly on a faster pace than any episode. Nickelodeon and Klasky-Cuspo has made one exciting film. This film will really give "Babe: A Pig in the City" and "A Bug's Life" a real run for their money. Bring on the Sequel!!!
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What a let-down!!
Minahzur Rahman23 October 2014
The Rugrats movie was a disappointment. With such a successful show till that point, you would've expected the first Rugrats film to be a major hit but instead it was a major disappointment. The story is that a new member of the Pickles family was recently born called Dil and Tommy and his friends do not like him and decided to somehow send him back to the hospital by going out on a wild crazy adventure. Problem is that on the way to their journey, they get lost and are faced with a very difficult situation and want to return home but they are unsure how.

Like I've said, the film was a let-down. The plot was very cheesy and the film was not really about the Rugrats but more about Tommy and his new 'annoying' brother. I was seven at the time when I watched this but even then you can instantly tell just how poor this film is and the Rugrats movie is nothing like we see in the Rugrats TV series prior to this film. Sure the film has some good parts but mostly it was pretty ordinary and dull which is a shame considering how successful its TV show is and this movie basically put a massive dent on its show. Fortunately, the following Rugrats films is somewhat better but even those films did not even live up to expectations.

So if you asked me "Is it necessary and worth watching"? I will say NO! Like I've said, there are some parts that are good but overall the film is average or below. The sequels in my view are much better than this film. Ever since this film was made, the Rugrats as a whole has gone downhill and eventually everything was ended in 04.
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It Looks Like Nick was Just Trying Something New...
StephenBurg2 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The Rugrats Movie was the first theatrical film based on a Nicktoon and the first of three based on Rugrats. This movie seems very experimental. The test worked box-office wise and won admiration of some audience members, but not most critics. This movie is about Tommy's brother, Dil, getting born and the other babies don't like him, so they go on a musical adventure in the forest to find the hospital. Possibly the best scenes in the whole movie are when the idiotic news reporter (I read on IMDb that he's played Tim Curry)getting their names wrong, the Indiana Jones parody at the beginning, (though I think the Godfather parody was great and less obvious), Angelica singing a parody of "One Way or Another".There are several references to bathroom jokes and a few sexual innuendos. (It fits in with experimental: will adults like it with those innuendos?)If you like Rugrats, and you're given a choice of the three movies, think about it before pick this one. I would suggest you watch the second one. But if there's no choice, just pop this one in and watch.

My rating: 6/10 Rated G
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Babies lost in the woods!
koromori504 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Rugrats, created by Europeon born cartoonists Arlene Klasky, Gabor Csupo and Paul Germain, was Nickelodeon's second Nicktoon (name brand as an original cartoon for that channel)and one of the most successful, debuting in 1991 and ending in 2004 spawning 172 episodes and spin-offs.

Centerd around Tommy (the brave ringleader), Chuckie (the voice of caution without a mother), twins Phil and Lil (identical twins same in every way but will randomly clash) Angelica (Tommy's evil cousin), Susie (another toddler and a voice of reason to Angelica's tactics toward babies and adults alike),Timmy McNulty (Angelica's sexist rival and cousin), Harold (a slob toddler and friends with the others) Kimi, (a younger baby who -SPOILER- become Chuckie's stepsister later on) and Dil (Tomm'y little brother, who is so young cant even speak BABY).

The film The Rugrats Movie debuted in holiday 1998 and was a surprise hit. It was about Tommy's little brother being born and he, Dil, Chukie,the twins, Angelica and the family dog Spike (Kimi and Harold was not introduced yet,Susie made a cameo and Timmy did not appear at all) getting lost in their fathers invention, the Reptar wagon (Reptar is their Godzilla) and become lost in the wilderness, avoiding countless numbers of near-death situations ( in contrast to the show's warm and secure feel as its usually set in a living room) while donging a group of runway circus monkeys and a sinister wolf. The parents learn quickly of their disappearance (which is rare) and begin a state wide search with the press on their tails, with a climactic chase sequence with the babies trying to find their way to the rangers station only to be halted by a wolf and Spike sacrificing himself to save them.

In my opinion it was a great film, but at times felt overworked (countless numbers of guest stars,Dil's birth sequence and a strange twist by adding a much darker and serious tone) but i viewed it as a great thing, (that was probably the first time fans saw the babies dodging freeway cars and savage animals). For those unfamiliar to the show, it would be average to a mere annoyance, especially being introduced to Angelica.The sound quality is wonderful, a huge orchestra score by The London Metropolitan fitting the more serious tone compared to the simple xylophone in the show. The graphic aren't mind boggling but a great jump from the series and added CGI effects, while the sky for the whole film is just real life footage (but not bad).

Personally id advise this film to fans and families, with many innuendos and dramatic action scenes and heart for the older audiences to enjoy.
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Good movie, but not the best they could do.
RunningFromSatan24 November 1998
This movie wasn't really bad, but it wasn't really good, either. Many parents who take their children to see this movie will be bored out of their minds! I mean I'm not saying this is the worst movie of all time, but I think whoever the writers were could do A LOT better because the series is fantastic. There was some LOL humor (i.e. the babies in the newborn room singing that song) and when Charlotte says "If born under Venus, look for a--" and gets cut off by her cellular phone. On a scale of 1-10, I rated it a 7. I will still watch the series, but I wouldn't go to see it again.
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Some elements were bad, but it's a cute movie.
thousandisland12 November 2000
Warning: Spoilers
Warning: May contain SPOILERS.. I will confess.. I cried while watching this movie. TWICE! The scene where Tommy disowns Dill, and when he asks the "Wizard" to bring back Spike, were just heartbreaking! This film has a zany plot involving escaped circus monkeys and the kids getting lost in the woods. One thing that bothered me was the villain "Wolf".. For a show as unique and groundbreaking as "Rugrats," this unrealistic, completely fabricated and stereotypical villain was disappointing. Still, I enjoyed this movie and got caught up in it. At times the pace and content are a little TOO wild, but there's some really powerful scenes, drama and symbolism that are incredible for an animated film. There's action and humor, too, although the commode "comedy" was a bit much. (If there were ever a movie to detail why NOT to have babies, this is it. Between the screaming and the defecation, any viewer will think twice.) Overall, this was a cute movie. It delves into the characters of Tommy and Chuckie and is surprisingly deep. Rugrats fans should love it, and it's good for the whole family, too.
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Great animation and characters
zack208512 August 1999
"The Rugrats Movie" is a really fun, enjoyable movie for more than just kids. If you like and/or follow the tv show.. you'll like this movie. Angelica (being my fave character), Tommy, Chuckie, Phil and Lil have gotten into another wacky situation and it's fun watching them say words wrong and stuff.

Watch this movie for a fun ride with GREAT animation (especially on the clouds in the end!)

My rating: 7 out of 10
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Not for children
walnut-425 May 1999
I agree along with many other people worldwide that this a fantastic and hilarious movie..............but, I believe that in some scenes they are going for cheap laughs that just turn out unsuitable for young children who watch the T.V show. It should be rated PG atleast. I give it 7 out of 10.
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JaeAngel12 May 1999
I'm a big fan of the TV show (my younger sister never misses it; I can't help but see a few minutes of it nearly every day), and I knew eventually a big-screen version would be made. I rented it and watched it on my own one Sunday morning. Okay, so it wasn't as good as I expected, but it was still worth renting. I didn't think that the musical scenes fit well with the rest of the movie, and Angelica really didn't have enough screen time. Chuckie was, as always, an adorable coward. Tommy was the cute little leader, and Phil and Lil were as charming as ever as bickering twins. A nice new addition to the cast was Baby Dil. Seeming to be a brat, you eventually warm up to him. Many a play on words were used, which always cracked me up. Computer animation was cool. And I must admit, as pathetic as it seems, there were a few scenes where I actually cried! Rent it if you're into cartoons, but otherwise, you might want to stay away from it. 8 out of 10.
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Y2K Bug23 April 1999
I have watched some episodes of Rugrats, and I thought it was a cute show, which is why I saw the movie. It was really disappointing and I found it really dragged on. I didn't think it was all that great. My advice to you is stick with the television show.
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Enjoyable jump from TV series but not good enough
=neil=13 April 1999
I really enjoy the Rugrats on TV. I'm into most animated cartoons but the Rugrats is something special because of its gentle yet biting take on the world.

The Rugrats Movie feels more than just an episode stretched for the screen. The addition of a new character, baby Dil, into the mix gives rise to a whole new set of interactions between Chucky, Phil and Lil, Angelica and Tommy.

However, I didn't get the same sense of awe I got from The Lion King or Antz, or the sense of humour and emotion found in Toy Story or A Bugs Life.

Those are truly great pieces of animation, The Rugrats Movie is only good.
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