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Tony Shalhoub: Frank Haddad



  • [Elise and Samir are having sex as Frank and Hub watch through a thermal imager] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : Beats the shit out of cable.

  • [Col. Hardwick and a corporal are observing Elise as she and Samir begin to leave] 

    Colonel Hardwick, Army Intelligence : [after hearing their planned route and their attempts to evade the soldiers]  They're getting ready to move. Units 1 and 2, on my signal -

    [Three unmarked FBI cars come barreling around the corner. One rams the surveillance van head-on. Another car goes around the van, the agent attaches a cable to the rear doors, and the car then pulls forward, ripping them off. All of the agents draw their SIG-Sauers on the army officers] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : FBI!

    [Hardwick puts his hands up, and Frank sighs as he notices the microwave technology] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : Ah... microwave.

  • Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : You will go to prison...

    Agent Frank Haddad : You know what happens to women in prison?

    Elise Kraft : Mmmmm... yummm!

  • [the team is listening in on the three suspected bus 87 bombers] 

    Elise Kraft : They're discussing how hard it is to find a decent cup of coffee over here.

    [hands headset to Frank] 

    Elise Kraft : I make out three voices. What do you have on the infrared?

    FBI Agent Mike Johanssen : Sounds like three.

    Agent Frank Haddad : If we had microwave we'd know for sure. The CIA's got microwave. How come we don't have microwave?

    [Hubbard is talking to the landlord] 

    Landlord : ...There are three of them. All day long they watch TV, and eat pizza. Nothing but pizza. Pizza, pizza, pizza...

    [cuts to Agent Danny Sussman, disguised as a pizza deliveryman, carrying a pizza box that contains a bomb up the stairs, followed by the FBI's HRT team members, who advance with their weapons ready. Danny knocks on the door] 

    Danny Sussman : Pizza!

    [knocks again, this time more urgently] 

    Danny Sussman : Pizza!

    [a young Arab opens the door and hands him a small wad of money] 

    Danny Sussman : You want change or not?

    Arab : No. Put it on the floor.

    [Danny complies] 

    Danny Sussman : [sighs]  Have you heard? Crime is down 7% in this city.

  • [Hubbard and Haddad are conversing as they are walking] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : He says, "If you're on the State Department Terrorist Watch List, you cannot get into the country." So I tell him, "Ali Waziri was on the watch list, and he got in!"

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : What did State Department tell you to do?

    Agent Frank Haddad : Told me to call INS.

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : All right, what did INS say?

    Agent Frank Haddad : Told me to call State.

    [as they are crossing in front of an idling bus, the bus's engine backfires, emitting a noise similar to that of a gunshot. Everyone in the area takes cover, but upon hearing the bus's engine rev, get back up and continue about their business. In frustration, Hubbard throws his coffee cup at the bus's windshield] 

  • [Hubbard is looking at photos of Elise when Frank comes in] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : You sleep here?

    [Hubbard looks up] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : Immigration called.

    [Cuts to Frank and Hubbard interviewing an INS official who is showing them a false-bottomed suitcase full of money, while Hubbard chews on an orange] 

    INS Official : Underneath the false bottom we found this, all in small bills, so we figure it's smurf, right?

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : Mmmm-hmmm.

    INS Official : And considering yesterday's terrorist alert and where he's been recently, we better call Frank.

    Agent Frank Haddad : Who's trying to score points with his boss, bigtime.

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : Has he broken any laws?

    INS Official : No sir. He is $20 under the $10,000 limit.

    Agent Frank Haddad : [immediately pulls a $20 bill out of his wallet and sets it on top of the money in the suitcase]  Not anymore.

  • [the agents discuss the bus that was paint bombed] 

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : See if any was sold in quantity the last month. Danny, find out what stop these guys got on the bus, maybe there's a witness.

    Agent Frank Haddad : Hub, I think we're all eager to give our weekends up on this, I know I am... but it just occurs to me, has any one committed a crime here? I mean, assault with a deadly color...?

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : Here's what I don't like: they know explosives. They know our response time. They put in a call and walk.

  • [Floyd Rose hops into the backseat of a car where Tina and Hubbard are sitting, observing a suspected CIA safehouse] 

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : How's she living, Floyd?

    FBI Agent Floyd Rose : She's got two in the Plymouth, at least three inside, and see that guy walking his dog?

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : Mmmm-hmmm.

    FBI Agent Floyd Rose : Well he did his business about an hour ago and they're still walking.

    [Cuts to Frank and Danny observing from another car] 

    Danny Sussman : I had a dog like that once.

    Agent Frank Haddad : It's not his dog, numbnuts. They're spies.

    Danny Sussman : [incredulously]  The dog works for the CIA?

  • [Hub and Haddad are being summoned to the Bus 99 incident] 

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : [getting in the car]  How soon can we get there?

    Agent Frank Haddad : This time of day, maybe tomorrow.

  • [the agents observe and capture Samir] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : His name's Samir Nazhde. Teaches Arab Studies at Brooklyn College. He sponsored Ail Waziri's student visa. And dig this - his brother blew up a movie theatre in Tel Aviv.

    Elise Kraft : You might consider leaving him alone.

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : Why would I consider doing that?

    Elise Kraft : Play him like a cop and haul him in now and get your arrest, or tag him and let him lead you to the really big fish.

    Agent Frank Haddad : [curses in Arabic]  You're fishing and he's getting visas for bombers.

    Elise Kraft : You ever heard of catch and release?

    Agent Frank Haddad : Yes, and he's on the next plane for Tunis.

    [Samir is now leaving a cafe] 

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : Take him down.

    Agent Frank Haddad : [keys his radio]  Go.

    [Three agents take Samir, and lead them to Hub's car] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : Samir Nazhde, my name is Frank Haddad, I'm a Federal Agent. We have reason to believe you are an accessory to the bombing of Bus 87.

    Samir Nazhde : Are you crazy?

    Agent Frank Haddad : You are an associate of Ali Waziri.

    Samir Nazhde : Who? I know no one by that name.

    Agent Frank Haddad : You got him a student visa.

    Samir Nazhde : I sign these applications as a matter of course, hundreds of them. Everyone wants to come to the land of opportunity and Baywatch.

    Agent Frank Haddad : You spent two years in Israeli jails during the Intifada.

    Samir Nazhde : The only ones who didn't were women like you.

    [Frank backhands Samir across the mouth] 

    Anthony 'Hub' Hubbard : Frank...

    Agent Frank Haddad : Sorry, personal matter.

    [to Samir] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : You're going downtown, my friend.

    Samir Nazhde : You cannot hold me. I know my rights! I watch American television!

    Agent Frank Haddad : Defrauding the INS is a federal offense.

    [hands him off to the agents] 

    Agent Frank Haddad : Reservation for one, please.

  • Agent Frank Haddad : [to Hub about Elise & Samir]  The three of you really do make a lovely couple.

  • Agent Frank Haddad : [tosses his badge to Hubbard]  Tell them I'm not their sand nigger anymore.

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