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The complicated relationship between Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and President Donald Trump; John McCain's life and politics, from his experience in Vietnam to his vote against the Republican health care bill.

Season 34

5 Jan. 2016
Netanyahu at War
The inside story of the bitter clash between President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Amid violence in the Middle East, the film traces Netanyahu's rise to power and his high-stakes fight with the president over Iran's nuclear program.
19 Jan. 2016
Supplements and Safety
An investigation into the hidden dangers of vitamins and supplements, a multibillion-dollar industry with limited FDA oversight. The film examines the marketing and regulating of supplements, and cases of contamination and serious health problems.
9 Feb. 2016
The Fantasy Sports Gamble
An investigation with the New York Times into fantasy sports and online sports betting. With law enforcement cracking down, the film traces the growth of these booming businesses and goes inside their operations at home and abroad.
23 Feb. 2016
Chasing Heroin
Facing a heroin epidemic, America is experimenting with radical new approaches to the drug problem. Following four addicts in Seattle, the film examines U.S. drug policy and what happens when heroin is treated like a public health crisis, not a crime.
29 Mar. 2016
Saudi Arabia Uncovered
With undercover footage and on-the-ground reporting, FRONTLINE reveals a side of Saudi Arabia that's rarely seen, and traces the efforts of men and women who are working to bring about change.
19 Apr. 2016
Children of Syria
The story of four children from families who survived war-torn Aleppo and try to start a new life in Germany.
3 May 2016
Benghazi in Crisis/Yemen Under Siege
From war-torn Benghazi, the location of the Libyan uprising is now home to ISIS warring Militias.
17 May 2016
The Secret History of ISIS.
The inside story of the the radicals who became the leaders of ISIS, the many missed warning signs and the U.S. failures to stop the terror group's brutal rise.
24 May 2016
Business of Disaster
When disaster strikes, who profits? FRONTLINE and NPR investigate the Business of Disaster in a major, multiplatform collaboration focused on the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy: the thousands still not home, the agencies that were supposed to help, and the companies that made millions.
28 Jun. 2016
Policing the Police
Step inside the Newark Police Department - one of many troubled forces ordered to reform. Writer and historian Jelani Cobb examines allegations of police abuses and the challenge of fixing a broken relationship with the community.
13 Sep. 2016
A Subprime Education/The Education of Omarina
A Subprime Education examines reports of predatory behavior and fraud in the troubled for-profit college industry and the implosion of Corinthian Colleges. The Education of Omarina details how an innovative program to stem the high school drop-out crisis has affected one girl's journey, from a public middle school in The Bronx to an elite New England private school, and now onto college.
27 Sep. 2016
The Choice 2016
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are two of the most polarizing presidential candidates in modern history. FRONTLINE's acclaimed election-year series, "The Choice," returns - going behind the headlines to investigate what has shaped these two candidates, where they came from, how they lead and why they want one of the most difficult jobs imaginable. From veteran FRONTLINE filmmaker Michael Kirk, "The Choice 2016" will investigate formative moments in Clinton and Trump's lives through interviews with those who know them best, providing in-depth, trustworthy reporting ...
11 Oct. 2016
Confronting Isis
Investigating the U.S.-led efforts to degrade and destroy ISIS. Reporting from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey, the film examines the successes, failures, and challenges of the fight, as ISIS loses ground in the region but strikes out abroad.
18 Oct. 2016
Terror in Europe
Inside Europe's fight against the rise of Islamist terrorism. As Europe reels from a terror onslaught, top counter-terror officials describe their struggle to contain the unprecedented threat revealed by attacks in France and Belgium.
27 Dec. 2016
Hear first-person stories of refugees and migrants fleeing war and persecution for Europe, told through camera-phone footage filmed by the families themselves as they leave their homes on dangerous journeys to seek safety and refuge.

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