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Season 6

26 Sep. 1994
Do Me a Favour
After Tony leaves, Desmond hires a new stylist named Ricky. However, he's not as qualified as everyone else had hoped.
3 Oct. 1994
Hatchet Job
There are lots of arguments as Porkpie loses a few pages of his memoirs. They are insulting to a man named Desmond but is it the same Desmond who has been his friend for years?
10 Oct. 1994
Georgetown Dreaming
Shirley and Desmond look at the good and bad points of what life would have been like if they had moved back to Guyana.
17 Oct. 1994
Demon Barber II: Turbo
Burnie must destroy Demon Barber II: Turbo before it is too late.
24 Oct. 1994
Love Letters
Beverley find a pile of love letters, written by Cuthbert, which span over 30 years. She fears the worst.
31 Oct. 1994
Planning Permission
Desmond announces over dinner the plans for the house when he and Shirley move back to Guyana. However, Shirley wants to stay in England. When Desmond doesn't discuss it with her, she stops speaking to him.
7 Nov. 1994
The Speech
Desmond has to make a speech for a hairdressing conference but he leaves it behind at the shop. Gloria has posted it with some letters so it's down to the others to write a new speech.
14 Nov. 1994
Judgement Day
An American preacher sues Desmond for a bad haircut that happened around 20 years ago. Lee tries to change the mind of his lawyer niece by taking her out on dates.
21 Nov. 1994
The Return of Hyacinth Green
The same old love flame of Porkpie which ruined his first marriage returns and they're at it again. Shirley warns Porkpie and Hyacinth that if they hurt Susu, they will pay. Has Hyacinth ruined Porkpie's future again?
28 Nov. 1994
Heavy Traffic
Lee falls in love with a sexy aromatherapist who fails to tell him that she is also a part-time traffic warden.
5 Dec. 1994
When the Cat's Away
While Desmond is away, the shop starts struggling. Shirley has to call in an enemy of Desmond's but he makes a pass at Shirley. She plots a way to get him out of the shop by telling him he could be under threat from another client.
12 Dec. 1994
Sign of the Times
Desmond is suffering from executive stress and he gets a new neon sign but since Lee is setting up the sign, Desmond isn't going to get much rest. Lee causes a mild electrocution to anyone holding metal at the time.
19 Dec. 1994
O Little Town of Peckham
It's Christmas and Gloria is spending it with Alex. Desmond and Shirley visit the sick children at the hospital with Porkpie as Santa and Lee as Boom Boom Sally.

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