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Season 2

19 Oct. 1982
Kraftprotz Herrmann
Kraftprotz Herrmann.
9 Nov. 1982
Der geheimnisvolle Käsedieb
Der geheimnisvolle Käsedieb.
16 Nov. 1982
Hans und Heinz aus Mainz
Hans und Heinz aus Mainz.
23 Nov. 1982
Erntedankfest mit Hindernissen
Erntedankfest mit Hindernissen.
30 Nov. 1982
Spuk auf der Waldwiese
Spuk auf der Waldwiese.
7 Dec. 1982
Königin Maja und Prinzessin Thekla
Königin Maja und Prinzessin Thekla.
28 Dec. 1982
Willie der Nachtwächter
Willie der Nachtwächter.
4 Jan. 1983
Das Wesen vom anderen Stern
Das Wesen vom anderen Stern.
18 Jan. 1983
Alexander geht in die Luft
Alexander geht in die Luft.
1 Feb. 1983
Unerwünschter Besuch
Unerwünschter Besuch.
22 Mar. 1983
Auf einem anderen Stern
Auf einem anderen Stern.
26 Apr. 1983
Willi in Gefangenschaft
Returning from a picnic MAYA, Flip and Alexander meet a very frightened Mrs Ladybird. A human has been in the meadow and scared everyone. When they return to the meadow they discover that the human has picked all the roses, including the one in which Willie had been asleep. As Willie is nowhere to be found, MAYA, Flip and Alexander go to search for him.
3 May 1983
Das Alexandrophon
One day after heavy rainfalls the meadow is flooded and the inhabitants just manage to save themselves because Puck provides them with a timely warning. This gives Alexander an idea. He organizes the laying of reeds across the whole meadow so that whoever speaks at one end can be heard a long way away at the other end. Alexander proudly calls his invention the Alexandrophone.
31 May 1983
Prinzessin Beatrice
Maya's friend Beatrice is to be crowned queen. Maya flies to the castle for the coronation ceremony together with Cassandra. Beatrice shows Maya around the castle and complains about her many duties and the monotonous life of a princess. Maya suggests she should fly and visit the poppy meadow and although it's not really allowed, she does fly off there.
7 Jun. 1983
Herr Besserwisser
Maya meets a rather weak looking beetle by the brook. She helps him over the bridge and although he emphasizes that he can manage alone, he thanks her. Maya feels sorry for him and takes him with her to the meadow to make him acquainted with the other inhabitants. However Grandfather soon makes himself unpleasantly conspicuous with his know-all attitude and he sets everyone right.
16 Aug. 1983
Eine Seefahrt, die ist lustig
Eine Seefahrt, die ist lustig.
30 Aug. 1983
Die Sache mit dem Fernrohr
The thing with the telescope.
27 Sep. 1983
Jakob aus dem Paradies
Winter is coming and the food is getting scarce, when a bee called Jacob appears on the meadow. Jacob and his family live at a place where there is honey in abundance. But since he prefers to stay in the open air, he decides to change his place of residence. The inhabitants of the meadow have become curious and want to see the paradise Jacob comes from.
4 Oct. 1983
Das Blumenfest
The flower festival.

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