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Worth more than the credit everyone gives it...
blueraptor7719 September 2005
Upfront, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie beyond what I thought I would take from it. Being an animation major I can thoroughly pick apart most movies, especially what Disney puts out now-a-days. Unfortunately for their movie Treasure Planet, either it was ahead of itself ambitiously, or it was rumors that spread like wildfire (when it was being released) that killed it. Actually, that's why I didn't see this film until very recently, because of everyone's (and mine at the time) prejudice against Disney features springing up amongst way too many viewers, and especially for this film. I believed them that this film was terrible, and subsequently never got to see it until a week ago. Man, everyone was wrong.

I'll be honest, and give it its weak points: The main character (Jim) is quite blank and not very well developed. Which is bad because an audience cannot connect to a flat, central character. Secondly, the CG (although very well stylized) I think didn't mesh as well with the 2D animation as it should have. Other than might pick apart a few other things about the movie (and no, the dialouge isn't that bad. it's a G rated's not supposed to be incredibly complex).

Treasure Planet keeps pretty tight in line with the original classic, "Treasure Island", even when softening it down for a younger audience. I grew up with that story, and had no problem with the adaptation in Planet. Also, this film contains two masterfully animated characters, John Silver and Dr. Dilbert Doppler (animated by two masters, Glen Keane and Sergio Pablos, respectively). If you're an animation enthusiast, these two are gold to watch (especially the pencil tests in the special features on the DVD).

This whole review is a little long-winded, but in closing, this movie is more than what was said of it. If anything dealt the killing blow in this movie failing at the box office, it was everyone's bad word for it. Not true. Please see for yourself!
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Supremely rippin ride!
gkbowood3 February 2007
Cast yer sails matey...we be blastin outta these worlds! It was all good: cast,script, music, and the effects animation was the BEST! So why the rate of 8 then, well I really didn't like B.E.N.'s personality, but I'm sure others out there will love him. There are plenty of funny moments, endearing moments (without being sappy), and just the right touch of suspense to keep you hanging on. I was so glad the romance was played down for once, along with those endless Disney love songs. The one scene in the movie that is accompanied by song is such a score! Completes the scene of who Jim is and how he feels with just that one song. Bravo Johnny Rzeznik! I plan to go out and buy this DVD. I only wish I could have a Morphy on my computer to play with; Disney missed the boat big time on that gold.
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Incredible Visuals Compensate for an Overly Familiar Story
kalel68683 December 2002
Robert Louis Stephenson's `Treasure Island' has always been one of my favorite classic stories. The tale of a teenage boy thrust into the adventure of a lifetime features pirates, swordfights, an ocean voyage, betrayals, and buried treasure among many other classic adventure-story ingredients – what's not to love?

It's been filmed countless times before, in many various incarnations, including one with the Muppets and an animated version starring the Monkees' Davy Jones; so what new way can be thought up to retell this hundred-year-old story for twenty-first century audiences?

Set it in space, of course; a brilliant idea that pays off handsomely.

To be fair, TREASURE PLANET is not the first film to set the story among the stars; that distinction belongs to the 1987 Italian live-action TV Mini-series TREASURE ISLAND IN OUTER SPACE. But that version has scarcely been seen outside of Europe, and I seriously doubt that it could hold a candle to the stunning visuals seen here.

And the key word here is VISUALS. This is arguably the most visually stunning animated film to come out of the powerhouse Disney animation factory, EVER. The canvas on which they paint here is wide and broad, and full of breathtaking color and beauty. Pirate ships with solar sails soar across a canopy of stars, and behemoths that look like whales trumpet along beside them. Alien beings both friendly and fierce populate the universe, and futuristic machinery stands side-by-side with nineteenth century technology. I've never seen anything quite like it.

Oh, and there is a story here as well; amazingly, it is quite faithful to the source material in both outline and details, only deviating from the text where necessary to transplant the action from the oceans of nineteenth century Earth to the planets and solar systems of the future.

It centers around Jim Hawkins, a fatherless boy constantly getting into trouble with the law for his rambunctious, extreme-sports ways, who gets the chance to prove himself when a dying pirate leaves him a treasure map with his dying breath. In short order he finds himself cabin boy on a stargoing vessel bound for the legendary Treasure of a Thousand Worlds; along the way path is blocked by pirates and collapsing stars and other perils of interstellar travel.

If I have any complaint at all with the film it would be that it sticks a little TOO close to the novel, some of the nineteenth century ideals just don't ring true in the futuristic setting; but that's easily forgivable compared to the wondrous images this magic film offers.
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For Roy
jonricco-11 February 2006
Everyone show watch and buy this movie if for no other reason than to support Roy Disney against Michael Eisner!!

This poor movie suffered from political mudslinging between these two. As "Treasure Island" was one of the Disney company's first and most successful live-action pictures, Roy had always been passionate about making an animated version. Eisner, ever Roy's opponent, was in charge of the advertising budget. So, when Treasure planet was released, without any typically "Disney" fanfare, it met with unsurprisingly small attendance.

The day after it was released, Eisner held a press conference, declaring "Treasure Planet" a flop, and blaming it for Disney's poor 3rd quarter performance. Roy promptly quit the company his uncle and father had built.

As far as the movie itself goes, the controversy robbed what I think is the finest example of a "Disney" movie since Mulan. The animation is spectacular, the vocal talents are superb, and Brian Murray is one of the greatest Long John Silvers I've ever heard.

But beyond the technical qualities, "Treasure Planet" captures the spirit of Disney much better than recent Disney debacles (see Valiant, Chicken Little, Home on the Range). I think the end product came out very nicely, and, larger than that, I think Walt would have been proud to put his name on this one.
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Swashbuckling Science Fiction
Company_of_Wolves16 January 2006
Treasure Planet is the adaptation of the classic swashbuckling children's tale of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson. R.L.S originally wrote Treasure Island chapter by chapter for his son, as a bed time story for each night. When the story was first published it was actually condemned by some! Claiming that such violent tales encouraged boys to become ner-do-well's such as the pirates it glorifies! Suffice to say, Disney's futuristic adaptation fails to capture the rebellious nature of the original Treasure Island. Fans and fanatics can gripe all they want if a scene is missing from the book, or if a character's been changed, but as long as the core meaning of the story remains, it's essence. Then adaptation has been successful. Treasure Planet does not capture the essence of the book entirely, in fact it lacks a lot of it's power due mainly to the protagonist. Jim Hawkins of Treasure Planet does not suffer as much as his archaic counterpart, therefore his character does not under go the same heroic journey and does not emerge as profoundly changed as R.L.S original did.

Aside from that, Treasure Planet makes for a fine adventure film for the whole family. There are moments of joy and pathos to be found throughout. And it is interesting to see a science fiction twist on a pirating classic.
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Wonderful!! Highly underrated
arrohed102523 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When this film first came out, I was quite a bit skeptical, given what I thought was another lame Disney storyline like Atlantis, Emperor's New Groove and Mulan, and opted out of seeing it in theaters. Now 3 years later I was curious to see what it was all about, so I gave it a chance and rented it. To my surprise, I was blown away by the brilliant animation and complex storyline (going beyond the book), and wondered how this film could have been so overlooked. The coming of age story about a teenage boy deals with real issues in today's world, and how each of us has our own potential to reach. I also loved the score and the music by John Rzeznik. The only complaints I have is that Jim looks much older than his supposed age (15), perhaps 17 or so, and that the robot was obnoxious and shouldn't have been added in at the end. All in all, I'd have to put this on my list of favorite Disney films since The Lion King and Pocahontas.
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horsey33012 February 2006
I loved T.P from the first time I saw the preview. I went to see it with my friends and we were just dazzled by the brilliance of the story. (sorry about my cruddy spelling)I instantly took a liking to young Jim Hawkins and the charming John Silver, and fell in love with the wonderful animation. It's been three years since the movie came out, and I'm still crazy about it. I've watched it over 300 times. It is truly wonderful and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes real honest to god animated movies.

About the Disney's biggest flop thing, chill out people. That's no reason not to watch the movie. It's simply a mater of opinion. If you don't like the outer space theme, or whatever, then don't watch it. Just don't go around discrediting it....There are fans of the movie out there, lots of them, so just CHILL!

Hope I was at least a little helpful! -Blackbird
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Another score for Disney.
greatmumu621 March 2006
Let's put it this way, with no fan-girlish outbursts (Which is pretty hard). This movie has pretty much everything required of a superb movie.

As is the case of most Disney movies, there is a light-hearted side and a serious side, but this movie is slightly more serious (my preference). This movie has so much heart and a lovable cast of characters. I don't think it was completely for teenage boys, it just centered around one with a situation that is sadly familiar with many of us.

The atmosphere is such an imaginative one, who cares if you can't breathe in the vacuum of space? (The book from Disney explains that this is a kind of parallel universe.)Nebulae, galaxies, comets...they all are stunning with these 18th century ships. I personally think that most spaceships look rather alienating.

The soundtrack may be drowned out at moments, but the times you hear it, it fits well. The song by The Goo Goo dolls' lead singer is perfect for Jim, and the sequence in the movie is more worth watching than the music video! And the story! I think the depth, connections and growth of the characters are certainly levels above Treasure Island, thanks to the Disney touch. (I really don't want to spoil anything.)Just buy it, if you haven't over the last three years.
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Amazing Movie
darklord27779 May 2006
This movie, even though given a bad rap by the critics, happens to be one of the best movies in the world. If you have not seen it, step away from your computer and rush out to get it. I don't wanna see you till you have that movie. Got it? Good now watch it. This movie's amazing graphics, twisting and riveting storyline, although based on the book Treasure Island it has many changes, including story changes, characters, and its planets not islands. Its amazing even though made by Disney anyone from age 10-100 can love this movie! The final sense with Silver and Hawkins is amazing and yet, in a way a bit sad. (That might have been a spoiler thats why I checked Spoiler) I also Loved the Music, it was amazing. The greatness in the whole film was flawless. The song "I'm still here" by the goo goo dolls was spectacular. I could not find anything about this whole film that did not make me smile, with the voices fitting the characters perfectly, and the amzaing graphics! This was a amazing film by Disney. It would make Robert Louis Stevenson proud, especially for the name of the ship the RLS Legicy; or the Robert Louis Stevenson Legicy. You could really feel Jims struggle, and Silver's emotions. I could not find one flaw with this movie! I gave it a 11 out of 10.
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It was cool for a Sci-Fi version of Treasure Island
emasterslake15 March 2006
I saw this in theaters back in Late 2002.

Treasure Planet is inspired by the famous book, Treasure Island. Only this version is taken place in another universe where ships sail in space and Aliens and Human live in the same community.

Jim Hawkin a guy who's about 17, lives with his mom who works at their Inn which is their home. Jim never got to spend much time with his dad since his dad came and go due to whatever job he's in. Jim hasn't made his mom proud for him, specially when he keeps trespassing factories on his Sail Board and getting caught by the police. His mom doesn't want to see her own son sent away to a juvenile hall.

Life seems bad for Jim, till one day a pirate came out of nowhere telling Jim to take an object that a crew of pirates are after. The orb Jim got is a map that shows you the location of Treasure Planet. A tale Jim heard from as a kid is no longer a bedtime story to him. It actual exists and he's determine to go there and be sure he'll make his mom proud for him.

I don't care if many people disliked this movie. But I really enjoyed it. Even if it's one of the PG rated Animated Disney movies.

The CGI and 2-D animation combined together makes it very visual. It's rated PG only for Action violence, and a few non important characters die. It also has a would be villain and an actual villain in it too.

I recommend it to those who like sci-Fi animated films or those who are into the unique Disney movies. It's something the whole family can enjoy together.
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The True Critics
smeade196828 November 2002
Does it really matter what the "professional" critics think? My 5-year old's opinion is the only one that counts to me. He loved it and wants to go back again. He thought it was wonderful that ships could fly and never doubted that it was possible. Even though I took him to a late viewing he stayed awake and that is the best rating of all.....
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Disneys greatest film yet? could be....
tama_otaku31 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
What a film!, action, drama, suspense, adventure, not to mention many other qualities any good film should have and qualities lacking in all but one other Disney film, namely the hunchback of Notre dame. the story focuses on young Jim Hawkins who through the greatest adventure of his life undergoes an incredibly emotional character transformation, from thug to respected spacer(sailer, but in space, get it?). and along the way is morally guided by a rather gruff and cynical cyborg, john silver, who happens to see in Jim "the makings of greatness", and so his heart is melted by Jim's situation(namely the loss of his father at a very young age) leading silver to disregard the ribbing's of his crew and lead young Hawkins to greatness. the film has its heart breakers to as at the end of the adventure, silver being found out as a pirate, must leave Hawkins side for what is quite possibly forever, don't forget the Kleenex, but leaves with him his beloved pet morph, an adorable little... eh... thing that can take on the shape of whatever it wants, and so if you want to see what i believe to be the greatest Disney film of all time, see treasure planet, you will not be disappointed!
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Getting closer...
smashattack14 January 2003
Disney has been attempting their latest genre, "action/adventure", and Treasure Planet is yet another of these more adult films. So far Disney hasn't done too bad in this genre, since we are now free of sitting through annoying songs and have more time to see the actual movie.

Treasure Planet is loosely based on Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. However, this one takes place in a futuristic setting; the robots are replaced with small hover-craft, the large clippers and ships with unusual opened spaceships (which makes one wonder how the characters breath in space), parrots with morphing creatures, and one-legged pirates with cyborgs.

It's really quite entertaining to see how Disney "linked" Treasure Planet to Treasure Island. Billy Bones goes into the Admiral Benbow and gruffly states, "Beware the cyborg!" which gives it kind of a humorous twist. I was pleased with the changes.

Some parts are a little out of place. Such as the colonial clothing during this futuristic galaxy. It's strange to see a boy with a ponytail and wearing colonial clothing while gazing at a marvelous 3-D holographic map.

The plot is the same as Treasure Island, which never really appealed to me until now. It's more exciting if they are no longer seafaring men, but stargazing astronomers. I was impressed with some newer additions to the story line in order to make the movie a little more thrilling, such as the black hole scene.

Treasure Planet has great graphics, excellent animation, superb actors, and an innovated plot that is astounding. While not the best animation of the year (that goes to Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron), it surely is worthwhile. I enjoyed it from beginning to end, even the rather amusing and unexpected love that grows within the movie.

One of the better characters is Morph, Long John's pet morph. He has a quirky attitude to everything and provides the comic relief much better than B.E.N. The robot was a little annoying, and I feel that he didn't do much to help the plot.

All in all, Treasure Planet is definitely worthwhile. It's a great sci-fi movie from Disney, based on one of the more popular classics of our time.
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A Treasure!
fort_linkin_minor_park14 January 2007
Treasure Planet is a Gem. Period.

I keep hearing how this movie will never be part of Disneys "Classics" Well I like this movie more than some of Disney's so called "Classics" A great story, amazing animation, believable characters and relationships, great music that actually fits the movies atmosphere. This movie has so many amazing elements, that its flaws look so small compared to all the good this movie has to offer.

The only reason Im not giving it a perfect score is, even though I adore this movie, I don't adore it as much as The Iron Giant, The Secret of NIMH, and The Little Mermaid, but this movie is still a Disney Gem that needs to be given much more credit that it has been given.

I highly recommend it! I give you one warning though...there is a robot...that you will either love or hate.
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Grab your space boards, and fly away with: Treasure Planet!
bound-to-sanzo29 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers

Amazing! This has to be the best animated film I have ever seen! Based on the beautifully composed classic, Treasure Island, Treasure Planet comes soaring in, as a futuristic version of the tale.

The animation is magnificent, with the 2D and CGI animation techniques cleverly merged to give such a professional and real-to-life finish. The characters are fantastic, and the voice talents bring them to life in every case.

The story is about a fifteen year old boy, Jim Hawins, who has been scared emotionally when he was very young, when his father left. Jim has a stroke of luck and finds a small, golden sphere and unlocks its power. To his amazement, he finds out it is a map to a treasure planet, where the evil pirate, Captin Nathaniel Flint, has stored his bounty. He is immediately whisked off into a wild adventure, meeting John Silver, the friendly galley worker, who he starts to look up too as a substitute father, and many other wacky characters too.

People who say that this film is a disappointment, what on earth is wrong with it? Anyway, I loved it - make your own decision...
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Wonderful movie
Creeperbones3 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
* - This review contains spoilers - *

Okay. So we have our movie here, "Treasure Planet". Yes the name may sound a bit cheesy, and yes it is another adaptation of Treasure Island. A lot of people just can't get past those things and thus end up watching it with a far more criticizing eye then it should be viewed with. It's its own movie, even if it was created out of Robert Louis Stevenson's book. If you rent or buy the movie, just keep that in mind. Don't get caught up with scenes being played out incorrectly to the book or new characters added that shouldn't be there.

I found the movie very enjoyable for many different reasons, but it's the characters that stood out most to me. They were each animated with, in my opinion, practically as much life as real people.

There were no token villains like in the majority of Disney movies. The "bad" characters in this one were just people (and aliens) who had different motivation, namely greed for treasure. Though perhaps the spider creature Mr. Scroop might be an exception, but his story is pretty vague.

Also one thing that was absent was the typical "guy-and-girl" relationship, where the main male and female characters fall in love over the course of the movie. Instead this happens to supporting characters.

On the subject of relationships, I must definitely mention that the one between the main character Jim Hawkins and the cyborg John Silver was perhaps the most original one I've ever seen in an animated movie (or maybe also live action). Since Jim's father left he and his mother early in his life, he didn't grow up having much of a male mentor. On the journey that he eventually ends up in, Silver then came into the picture and accidentally became a type of unofficial surrogate father. Teaching Jim about the ships and keeping an eye out for him among the crew members. And yet at the same time Silver was also a sort of main villain, planning a mutiny on the ship and aiming to steal the riches from Flint's Trove. But still, he really did have a friendship with Jim, no matter how much he denied it to the crew. The mutiny did come about and Jim heavily interfered with his lifelong plans...but even when he had several opportunities to get rid of him and save the plans, he chose to let Jim live instead.

I've never been a very articulate person in describing things, but anyone who's watched the film would understand what I'm trying to say about the originality of the characters. Words never do many things justice.

Perhaps I'll recreate a better review if I end up with a way to explain myself more elegantly
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A great movie!
m-anny27 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I am a teenager and go to a grammar school in Germany and when I want to watch a movie I am always very careful in choosing. But I know, that usually Disney films are very good and have a good to high standard. I first saw Treasure Planet in cinema and when I got out of the building I just thought something like "That was fantastic!". Well, I know that I sometimes behave a bit childish, but it is important for me, that the movie I'm watching has got a message and has a standard and Treasure Planet is a film like that. So everyone who likes pirates, space, adventure, speed, a young rebel and treasure hunt is right with this movie. I think that some people know the story Treasure Island from R.L.Stevenson. (A ship in the movie is named after him - R.L.S. Legacy) Traesure Planet is based on this story but it's much more exciting in the film. I would say, everyone can watch that movie, because it's funny, full of speed and adventures and not too cruel - but: You should not hate strange characters!
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I loved It!!!
blueleo6511 December 2002
I just watched Treasure Island, and I loved it!!!

I think it's a serious attempt on Disney's part to offer an animated feature that adults can apreciate.

The animation is spectacular, the action is great, but the reason I liked it so much is the relationship between Hawkins and Silver. It's a deeper and more complex relationship than I've seen in any other Disney animated movie. I loved the fact that they showed Silver"s human side. Even though Silver is a shady character, somehow him and Hawkins connect. I also respect the fact that Disney didn't change Silver into an Angel so that we accept his positive connection with Hawkins, he stayed just as crooked at the end as the begining.

What is disapointing me about Disney is the fact that they are doing a terrible job of marketing this movie. There is no reason why this movie can't be the blockbuster that it should be. The fact that I didn't even know this movie existed until a few weeks ago, or that I haven't heard any buzz about it, makes me think something is just not right. Someone at Disney doesn't want this to be a hit. Heck, I haven't even seen it advertised anywhere (even though, I think it's a gorgeous movie poster).

Shame on you Disney marketing!!!
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a moving heartfelt work of beauty and wonder
chrono198428 November 2002
For me there has always been one absolute way of knowing a classic when I see it, i almost cried. Now the macho face I pretend to be my own is hard to crack, but by the final scenes of Treasure Planet i felt it begin to crumble. This film has moved me to laughter, joy, and tears. A classic if ever there was one, this is one of Disney's best in a long time. A must see for people of all ages.
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One of the best animated films
gerhajdu22 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Simply stunning. Treasure PLanet is an adaptation of Treasure Island and I didn't know that movie but I think it's very good as a pirate story, so I didn't care how faithful adaptation it is. The first score for the film is the visuals and atmosphere, it is the most fascinating animated film I've ever seen. Combination of old-fashioned technology and hi-tech is a great idea that makes the film look really unique.

The second score is characters, because they are so lifelike and lovable. The connection between Jim Hawkins and the cyborg John Silver is touching and memorable, it's absolutely the best part of the film. I loved the major characters too, especially because of humour, like Dr. Doppler, Morph and B.E.N. (who can be usually too annoying). In fact, my favourite is Captain Amelia who is a hard, refine and brave captain and her half-cat appearance very suit her. I loved.

The story after all is enjoyable and it is serious enough to adults enjoy it. The end is great and (at leas for me) surprising. I have found some plot holes but eventually main storyline is beaten.

I can recommend Treasure Planet for anyone who likes good traditional animation and fairy-tale-like science fiction. Just take a look at Disney's new masterpiece and you will surely have a good time.
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A emotional ride, much more then your average Disney Film
IDanceWithFishes22 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This film really got me where it hurt. The animation was wonderful, and I loved the way that they combined computer graphics and animation while creating John Silver, who was one of the best, and complex characters I have ever seen in Disney. The growing relationship with Jim and Silver was the highlight of the film and wasn't too sappy. The hug scene to me was a bit pulling at the old heart strings. I personally loved it and it has wiggled its way into my top 5 favourite Disney films. The humour was well done, but Captain Amelia stole the show along with Silver, with her sparkling vocab and Emma Thompson's lovely British accent! Jim is my favourite Disney hero seeing as he is portrayed in a very realistic fashion, as the rebel who is really, just a lost little boy.

The Robot is....annoying, yet he does have his moments. Morph is sweet, never being too cutesy. However, Silver is the real highlight.He is first introduced to us as a charming, if slightly swarmy cook who cracks somewhat bad jokes. Later on, we really start to see his dark side...and it scared me. Really. The Jim/Silver moments were the best along with the top notch soundtrack, and Bill Murry as Silver!
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Beautiful animation and great story telling
danreynolds12 December 2002
A typically fine Disney animated classic. The animation is beautiful and the Disney adaptation of the Stevenson classic is every bit as good as I expected.

Older boys (8-13) will probably enjoy this film more than younger children or girls.
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Stunning Visuals Timely Themes
johncarmean-210 December 2002
Treasure Planet is a visual feast. It's blend of hi tech and low tech worlds is innovative and refreshing.

I appreciated the theme of a fatherless boy coming of age. Many young people will be able to relate to the central character and his struggle to find himself.

Hats off to Disney for creating a hero for the many boys whose fathers are not taking an active part in their upbringing.
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Finally they achieved greatness again
elroy_geronimo9 December 2002
After seeing this movie I'm convinced Disney's back on track again. I liked Lilo & Stitch but that was more because of the Elvis filled soundtrack than because of the story or the characters. I had become a Disney-hater because all their flicks were rehashing the same old samo. Take a great story totally demolish it let the characters sing some boooooooooring songs (blerk) and add a funny side-kick with a famous voice and because they are the only worldwide distributed animation-producers numb the mind of millions of children and empty their parents pockets with all the merchandise. Well they will be still doing that I guess. Old habits, especially bad ones, die hard.......... But back to the movie. For starters there's only one song in Treasure Planet and it isn't even sung by the characters. The adaptation of Treasure Island is a great one. Not only have they finally used their imagination, the animation is fantastic. Best of all are all the wacky extras, which reminded me a bit of "Sen To Chihiro Yo Kamikakushi" (aka Spirited away), still the most amazing animation-flick I've ever seen, so that's no small compliment. I heard they bought the GHIBLI-studio's and I hope Disney will be GHIBLI-ed instead of GHIBLI getting Disney-ed, as I feared when I heard the news. Treasure Planet restored my faith in Disney and finally old Walt will be proud of this movie instead of turning around in his coffin in shame(It's a roughly translated Dutch saying). Keep up the good work and if anyone at Disney reads this.........

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Shows just how timeless Robert Louis Stevenson's book is.
SonOfTheDesert28 November 2002
When I saw the preview for this movie I hesitated to see it. Taking Robert Louis Stevenson's classic story about pirates and putting it into space seemed like an unnecessary gimmick.

I saw the movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. It captured the spirit of Stevenson's story well. You felt for Jim Hawkins and his struggles. You felt the bond between Jim and Long John Silver. The special effects and space setting may help to introduce a generation raised on Star Wars to Stevenson's work.
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