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What's the Big Deal?
lost4wurds3 August 2003
I've heard so many critics and average joes ripping into this flick like it was the first sign hailing the antichrist. The movie is simple, yes, but damn funny. Maybe I'm just not caught up in my own pretense to enjoy a simple movie. Yes, there are times when I crave something more sophisticated, but this movie still has my friends and I rolling in the aisles. Give it a chance and you just might like it. 7/10
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Genuinely funny movie
Mr. Gore3 August 1998
David Zucker has directed one of the most enjoyable comedies of the year with this goofy farce. Yes, it's a matter of acquired taste and depends upon a wealth of sophomoric gags, but it is consistently funny throughout unlike some recent comedic efforts. The film is loaded with all kinds of jokes ranging from the blatantly obvious to the more subtler kind that you must pay attention to everything in the frame or you'll likely miss them. Like his previous efforts which include "Airplane!", "Top Secret!", and "Naked Gun," the humor flies out almost every second. There are so many moments that work, it's easy to overlook the few that fall flat. What sets this movie apart from other pale imitations in the spoof genre is that it has an actual story line. While others have depended upon making fun of too many famous scenes in almost random movies (take "Mafia!", please), this film tells a new story with likable characters. It touches upon sports films in general as well as satirizing the real sports industry instead of lampooning any specific movies. Even for people who don't care for "South Park," its creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, make a good pair of leading actors with natural chemistry. The film also makes extremely effective use of cameos of athletes, sports announcers, and other celebrities, especially a hilarious bit with Robert Stack of "Unsolved Mysteries." By the way, stay through the credits for a final joke with Bob Costas and Al Michaels. All in all, Zucker has achieved, in words perhaps applying to the movie's mix of sports, a home dunk.
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Indecently hilarious!
filmfreak-51 June 2004
I once watched Baseketball, got hooked and since then I watched it like 50 times. It is one of the films I cannot ever seem to grow tried of. I don't know what it is about it, but it is somehow so complete in its rough form.

Obviously, it doesn't hurt that there is plenty of nude (and amazingly gorgeous) women in the film (Victoria Silvstedt; WOW! is the only word that springs to mind!!!), but also because it is so delightedly respect-less towards just about anyone or anything.

All I can say to this flick is, if you like South Park, you'll LOVE this one! In fact, anyone with a sense of humour should enjoy this one!

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Effing brilliant!!!!
duntrune10 February 2004
Just sickly and twistedly funny as hell. Parker and Stone are OBVIOUSLY demented, and hooking up with Zucker was a brilliant move. I laughed until I cried. I had to stop the tape several times because I was incoherent from laughing so hard. The Robert Stack bit was just sooooooooooo funny, as were pretty much all of the jokes. Now the DVD version on the other hand has some serioous problems, like missing scenes, no extras to speak of and horrible picture quality. Pick it up on VHS instead, no extras, but you get the entire movie.
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Does it just suck being you?
salasticamor7 September 2006
There are so many words I want to use to describe this movie, but can't really do that can I? This movie is a movie to watch if you just want to sit, laugh, cry and then pee. I'm serious. Don't watch this movie if you're easily offended by profanity, sex, nudity, homosexuality...and everything else associated with nature. Being a woman, and that might not even be a factor, I can watch this movie over and over again. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are absolutely brilliant. Along with all their other debuts, I think Baseketball is the prize winner. I'm laughing now just thinking about some of the stupid things they do in the movie. Watch the movie!! That's all I'm going to say. It's sort of hard for me to leave this comment because I'm one of those people, like Ozzy Osbourne, who has a curse word in almost every line that blurts out of their mouth when they speak. So I'm keeping it professional. Best movie. Heck yeah!!
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and i laughed, and i laughed...
Mickey Knox25 January 2001
BASEketball is indeed a really funny movie. David Zucker manages to make us all laugh our heads off again, in a really silly, but many times smart, comedy.

The 2 creators of South Park, the main actors in this film, play very good, surprisingly good actually, but this is the first time i see them as actors. The movie oftenly reminded me of South Park - one of my fav shows.

It's a really good and funny film, so don't miss it.

Vote: 7.5 out of 10.
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This should be a sport.
neon4715 May 2005
Why the crap is this movie rated so low?! I've seen this movie over 25 times, I know EVERY line to this movie. It's obvious that I love this movie. Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of South Park and the new puppet masterpiece Team America) star as the main characters Joe Cooper, or Coop "Airman" Cooper, and Doug Remer, or "Sir Swish." Mainly they're just referred to as Coop and Remer throughout the movie. Right as the movie starts it reminds us of the money hungry corrupt world of overpaid sports starts, they even go as far as to make one up called "Townsell." I must quote this portion of the movie since it is true with some sports starts: "And after playing for New England, San Diego, Huston, Saint Louis, a year for the Toronto Arganauts, plus one season as a greater at the Desert Inn I'm happy to finally play here in the fine city of Miami." His agent leans over: "Minnesota." Let us not forget this important piece of the movie. So it starts that Coop and Remer are at a high school reunion party and realize they are still nothing as they talk to their old classmates. Outside they create the sport BASEketball after being challenged by what probably was high school basketball heroes. After shaming them the sport goes pro in about a year. During this time they manage to recruit their third team mate Squeak, which is actually a day after they invent the game. As the movie follows we find out that Coop, Remer, and Squeak are the only virtuous sports heroes left. The story follows with zany blackmail, the Milwaukee Beers cheerleaders, and humor so absurd it'll leave you crying for more. Watch it dude, it's hilarious.
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I LOVED this movie!
gargangel5 May 2004
The sick minds of the creators of South Park, Matt Stone and Trey Parker, bring you BASEketball. Yes, if you are expecting a respectful and tactful movie, don't watch it. If not, sit back and laugh until you want to cry. There are so many things that actually made me laugh out loud, which very few movies do. I loved the part when Coop is driving in the car, and that funny song comes on the radio. Robert Stack and the entire cast was hilarious in this also. I really liked the fact that they have a character named Kenny in the movie. Don't forget to watch the outtakes on this as well! Please watch this movie if there is any Sophmoric humor inside of you at all!!
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Great, Crude fun
blackwolf1401617 January 2004
There really isn't much to say about this's crude, but fun.

Plot outline (From IMDB)


Two losers from Milwaukee, Coop & Remer (Parker & Stone), invent a new game playing basketball, using baseball rules. When the game becomes a huge success, they, along with a billionaire's help, form the Professional Baseketball League where everyone gets the same pay and no team can change cities. Coop & Remer's team, the Milwaukee Beers is the only team standing in the way of major rule changes that the owner of the Dallas Felons (Vaughn) wants to institute.


The Acting is pretty good, since there arn't many big stars in this movie. Although I am not a big fan of 'Southpark', Parker and Stone do a pretty good job in their first real movie.

There are so many funny moments in this movie I can't come close to naming them all. It never really lets up, and they don't try to put some cruddy drama in to make it more serious.

And my favorite aspect of this movie: The Soundtrack. It's GREAT. I especially like "Take me on" and "Beer" by Reel Big Fish. Very underrated.

Overall, a crude, but extremely funny, movie. 10/10

James "Black Wolf" Johnston
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Live action 'South Park'
bowmanblue15 June 2015
Okay, so 'Baseketball' hasn't really got anything to do with the adult cult animated TV show, but it stars both its writers/creators and is basically the same sense of humour, i.e. adult. In short… if you like South Park, you should like 'Baseketball.' It's about two losers (Trey and Matt – the men behind South Park) who invent a new game which is basically a cross between basketball and baseball in their driveway.

Before long it becomes a national pastime. As with South Park, a lot of the humour is vulgar, crude, disgusting and totally 'adult' in nature. You could be forgiven for thinking that Baseketball is nothing more than a low-brow gross-out comedy (and you may have a point!), but, also like South Park, it has its moments of satire and social commentary that raise it to more than just Trey and Matt's version of 'American Pie.'

The jokes come thick and fast and, if you've seen Trey and Matt in action, you'll realise that they're basically playing themselves. Yes, there is some character development (believe it or not!), but the film is geared towards laughs over story and plot. And, because of this, it totally succeeds. As soon as you sit down to watch it, you'll be able to predict where exactly it's going, but don't let that put you off. So I'll end where I basically began by saying that if you like South Park (and I do!), you'll enjoy this.
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just funny
SuperstarDaniel10 July 2005
This movie is just funny. mindless, but funny. to enjoy this movie completely you can't have a perception of how a film like this goes and just enjoy all the side jokes and puns which are involved with the film. I still find the bit at the start funny when he says "want a beer........cock". funny stuff. but what makes the film decent is the fact that it doesn't try to hard to create a serious spin on the film, too many comedies try to have serious aspects which you just don't believe. But this is different and just focuses on being funny. I must say though, Yasmin bleeth is terrible in the film and adds nothing but the 3 main guys, coop, remer and squeak are very funny to watch and make the film great to watch
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A fun flick
mermatt31 July 1998
This is another Zucker film in the grand style of AIRPLANE.

The story is generally fast-paced. The jokes just keep coming -- and most of them work. Plus, we get the most passionate screen kiss between men since IN & OUT. What more could you want?
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Better than Dodgeball
saadoon25 February 2006
This movie is really underrated, one of the the best comedy movies ever, it's about two below average American guys (Joe Cooper and Doug Remer) who are good at nothing except scoring basketball points from the standstill position, so as a they were challenged by two rivals in a party to play a two-on-two game, knowing their limited capabilities they convinced the other team to play it in a new way , the BASEketball way, and from here a new game is invented and spread across the nation. the film is really funny, the acting is bad but it makes the movie even better, the jokes are new and you can't stop laughing for the whole movie, I was astonished to find this rating for a movie that has a lot in common with the overrated dodge-ball, only it's funnier.
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A Good Adult Comedy About A Made Up Sport
jeremycrimsonfox6 November 2019
When two losers, Coop and Doug make up a new basketball game that adds in the rules of baseball, they become overnight sensations. Soon, the two make a deal with a businessman to start a National BASEketball League, becoming part of the Milwaukee Beers. After Coop becomes the new owner, the greedy owner of the Dallas Felons plans to get rid of a rule preventing team monetization, andwill do anything, even destroy the two's friendship, to get his way.

It's a good example of an adult comedy done right. Coop and Doug, who are played by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, both doing a good job portraying their roles. The sport created in this movie sounds good, as it's basketball mixed with baseball, with added rules like psyching people out with vulgar lies (some which, depending on your tastes, may cross the line). Then again, this movie is not for kids. As this is rated R, expect lots of foul language, sexual content, and crude humor. This is a nice adult comedy, and makes me wish BASEketball was a real sport.
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A fun comedy about a couple of losers who invent a new sport
Tweekums25 March 2019
As children friends Joe "Coop" Cooper and Doug Remer dream of growing up to be sports stars... when they grow up they are just a couple of losers. Then one day they crash a party and a challenged to a game of basketball... when they realise their opponents are much better they tell them that they play a new game... BASEketball. They quickly make up the rules and soon its popularity spreads. After a while they are approached by wealthy businessman Ted Denslow, he is keen to set up a National BASEketball League. He wants to create a pure sport without corporate sponsorship, teams moving cities and trading of players. The boys agree and soon the game is a national sensation. Then Denslow dies, leaving the team to Coop. It isn't long before the Dallas Felons' team owner Baxter Cain starts scheming to take over the game and introduce ways to make money. While this is going on both Coop and Doug fall for the same woman, Jenna Reed, who runs a charity of dying children.

Given to plot it is not surprising that this film is fairly silly; that doesn't matter too much though as it provides more than enough laughs. Some of the humour is fairly crude but nothing is really offensive. The rules of the game are fairly well thought out and the fact that distracting the opposition is part of the game it is also funny. Trey Parker and Matt Stone are solid as Coop and Doug; I can only imagine they have acted in so few films is because they are busy with 'South Park'. Dian Bachar also impresses as their friend Squeak Scolari, who they treat fairly badly. There are also some well-known faces, including Ernest Borgnine as Ted Denslow and Robert Vaughn as the delightfully unpleasant Baxter Cain. My only mild problem with the film was that it got a little mawkish towards the end. Overall though I'd recommend this; it might not be a classic but it provides plenty of laughs.
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Top, Top film
gman21097728 November 2018
Now I know it's not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but BASEketball is a funny film. You definitely need a weird sense of humour. If you enjoy South Park then you will enjoy this. For me, everything just works here. The jokes, the acting, the story. If I could score it 11/10 then I would.
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ah-andy1 January 2011
Finally, a comedy that actually makes you laugh THROUGHOUT the whole movie! These days, it seems like most of the comedies are boring and lame, and don't really have jokes that make you laugh; it's all forced. But I actually laughed while watching BASEketball.

The story is about two best friends who take a game that they created and and played in their backyard, to an official national sport. They then face problems along the way and try to solve them.

The primary characters are Joe Cooper - played by Trey Parker - and Doug Remer - by Matt Stone. They are both portrayed splendidly and humourisly. The acting didn't lack anything and it was near perfect! Joe Cooper is the serious, responsible one that has his principles and goals. Whereas Doug Remer is the loose, spoiled one. In a way, they're a perfect match.

The secondary characters are Jenna Reed - played by Yasmine Bleeth - and Squeak Scolari - by Dian Bachar. They add a lot to the story, and make it all the more better. Jenna works for a foundation that helps sick kids, and both Joe and Doug are attracted to her. Squeak is hilarious, and is Joe and Doug's teammate and friend.

The story is unique, like the sport, and funny. It was really well written and produced. Certainly one to talk about for decades, and one of a kind.

You should definitely watch this movie! It would be a waste if you don't, since it's one of the funniest movies ever.
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A Game Worth Playing
StevePulaski13 August 2010
BASEketball is a satisfying Comedy film by two creators of a certain animated show thats currently in it's fourteenth season. Why of course, Im speaking of Trey Parker and Matt Stone and their creation of the controversial television series, South Park. They star in one of the few actually acting films they did that is pretty much forgotten about. Its a very good Comedy and from the kind of humor in this Im upset they didn't do more acting Comedy films. Seeing them come back nowadays would be a miracle since if one looked at their filmography the only thing they've been doing for a while now is strictly South Park. Anything else is minor cameos.

Buddy movies are what I love. Two or three friends, hanging out, getting into fights, antics, and anything that involves them somehow finding humor is what I love. Half of the movies on my list of favorites are dynamic duo, buddy movies. Clerks, Black Sheep, Tremors, License to Drive, Joy Ride, etc. They're enjoyable movies. Especially when the characters are close to home. Thats what tops it off.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone plays Remer and Cooper, underachieving slackers whom shoot for nothing that involves work. After being challenged at a party to a Basketball game, they come up with a game on the spot called "Baseketball", an obvious pun on Basketball and Baseball. The movie then cuts five years later where Remer, Cooper, their friend nicknamed "Squeak" (Dian Bachar) for his notably short size, and numerous other guys have formed a Baseketball team called the "Milwaukee Beers", parody of the Brewers. After the manager dies choking, the team is now in the hands of Cooper who is shy and scared to do anything to change it causing much dismay Remer, Squeak, and the remaining teams. The team's quest is to win the "Denslow Cup", the biggest title in Baseketball.

I always loved the work of Parker and Stone. They prove to be a witty and clever duo in this forgotten movie. The movie throws in various counts of humor assuring audiences never come close to boredom. Definitely one to check out. Only wish DVD included all the deleted scenes from the VHS release.

Not too much to say about this then it's just a great Comedy movie. This is the kind of Comedy the 90s were all about. Two slackers sums up the plot who amount to something much greater than themselves. You can basically name "Two slackers" under every Comedy in the 90s. Clerks, Black Sheep and so on. Very good Comedy right here, very well done humor, some jokes overdone, but well done at the same time. Decent cameo made by Jenny McCarthny as well.

Starring: Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Dian Bachar, and Jenny McCarthny. Directed by: David Zucker.
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Why is this only rated a 6?
xsgerry1 October 2006
This film is excellently paced, you never have to wait for a belly laugh to come up for more than about a minute and there's much more going on than the initial premise of the film. Throughout it there are mockeries of the traditional schmaltzy local-boys-done-good-overcoming-adversity genre of which this parodies. Don't let anyone tell you that they're trying to get cheap laughs just by using obscenities;- sure, there's plenty of that but it's all contextual, not gratuitous. I loved this film and it only cost me £2.99 on DVD , so in terms of entertainment value for money, it has been the best film I've seen this year.
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I'd take this over all the Scary Movie films put together.
jaysilentbob3716 July 2006
David Zucker + Trey Parker/Matt Stone = Hysterically funny Airplane-style comedy from the master of the genre. BASEketball is easily one of David Zucker's most underrated films. I've seen this movie many MANY times, and I still can't figure out what there isn't to like about it. My friends all loved it, and I showed it to my parents who hated it. Ironically, the adults I've watched this with all LOVE Airplane and The Naked Gun, and I have no idea what's so different. This film has the exact same kind of humor as the previously mentioned films. So why is it that they love the other films and all have the same reaction to this film: STUPID. So what if it isn't as deadpan as the others, I can't really find anything to dislike about the film.

The film's "plot" revolves around two best friends Joseph "Coop" Cooper (Trey Parker), and Doug Remer (Matt Stone), who had big dreams as kids, but for some unspecified reason, became loser , time-wasting slackers who are always late at paying bills. Anyway, when the two guys are challenged to a basketball game by a couple of jocks, they make up a game called BASEketball, which obviously is a hybrid of basketball and baseball. The game soon becomes a national pastime, and recruiting their friend/perpetual victim, Kenny "Squeak" Scolari (Dian Bachar) also known as "Little Bitch," the trio become big sports stars, and face the temptation and corruption that occurs behind the game, putting the friendships to the test.

The "plot" is merely a setup for a constant stream of jokes and gags. Almost, not all, but almost every frame in the movie has a sight gag of some kind, and any plot or logic is simply lost among them, as we spend most of our time watching the background for something randomly hilarious, which almost always shows up. Some of the best gags involve people such as news reporters, and Robert Stack on Unsolved Mysteries, saying words on TV that can't be said on TV. There is a gratuitous, and joyously offensive subplot about a terminally ill kid, who is a fan of the character's BASEketball team. When he comes into play, many brutal slapstick jokes ensue at his expense. The "psyche- out" rule (players can do whatever they want to make the opposing player miss their shot) was a genius addition to the script, as they allowed endless gag possibilities, which while hit- and-miss, were usually very funny. Of course, my personal favorite gags were at the expense of Squeak "Little Bitch," who was the butt of nearly a third of the jokes in the movie. These are all hits. You both feel sorry for Squeak, and yet you want to join in in endlessly ridiculing him. I nearly laughed myself into asthma attacks on more than one occasion, as did my friends who all want to buy the movie on DVD now. The film should be required viewing for (younger) fans of the earlier spoof films. I'm coming to a conclusion that this movie was made for the new generation of silly gag-a-minute comedies, and adults who were alive during the release of the older films of the genre will ultimately dislike it.

One good thing about the film, is that unlike most films of the genre, the film isn't really a spoof, and the little plot there is, is actually quite original (I'm referring to the idea of the game of course). The fact that they don't have to set up the gags around the setting from another movie gives it a fresh and free feeling. The film has no target of parody, and instead of mooching off the plot for another movie for jokes, it uses a simple, ridiculous premise for that kind of humor. And it works well.

South Park fans will be pleased to see Trey Parker and Matt Stone in starring roles, which they actually do really good in. I truly think that they should do more movies of this genre when they aren't busy with the hilarious South Park. Their line delivery is as good as I've seen it (Trey Parker gives one of the best-delivered s-words I've ever heard), and their slapstick humor is totally brilliant. The way they react to much of the situations, and their treatment of many of the best lines with dead seriousness (sometimes) is absolutely priceless. These two should really get more acting jobs. Nobody could have played their characters better than they did.

Being a fan of South Park and David Zucker, I was thoroughly satisfied with this film. I can only guess the reason why adults hate it so much is the fact that the movie practically wallows in bad taste, and features some of the most offensive (hilarious) jokes ever put to film, many of which involve young kids who are crippled and/or terminally ill. But I don't care. I highly enjoy this film, and am always sad when the end credits roll, knowing that due to the box-office failure of it, there will never be a sequel. I had a great time with the characters in the film. I recommend the film to those who are open minded or who have a sense of humor and just want something silly. In the words of a talking pineapple (don't ask) towards the end of the movie, "Isn't this game just about getting together with your friends and having a good time?" That applies to the movie perfectly. BASEketball is one of the most flat-out enjoyable comedies I've ever seen. 8/10.

BASEketball is happily rated R for Strong Language and Crude Sex-Related Humor. Sex: 6/10 Violence: 5/10 Swearing: 8/10 Drugs: 5/10
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A silly, juvenile, but funny sports comedy
Beta_Gallinger7 July 2009
Since this David Zucker comedy is rated R, I would have been too young for it back when it was released in 1998. I was around twelve years old at the time. The first time I saw "BASEketball" was in 2005. At the time, I was just getting into "South Park", and I knew that Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of that long-running adult cartoon series, starred in this sports film. Seeing it for the first time, I really liked it a lot, despite how polarizing it is. Nearly four years later, I've finally seen it again, and this time, I certainly didn't find it as entertaining as I once did. I used to think it was an excellent comedy, but now I still think it's a reasonable one. It still made me laugh the second time, so I still have to give it some credit.

Joe "Coop" Cooper and Doug Remer are two idiots from Milwaukee, Wisconsin who have been friends since childhood. While competing with two basketball experts, they change the rules to try and win, which leads to the invention of a new sport, BASEketball! This eventually becomes a popular driveway sport, and catches to attention of Ted Denslow, who approaches Coop and Remer, suggesting the creation of a National BASEketball League (NBL). Five years later, this league has become a huge success, with teams all over the country. Coop and Remer play for the Milwaukee Beers, owned by Denslow himself. During the BASEketball championship, the Denslow Cup, Ted Denslow chokes on a hot dog, which unfortunately kills him. His will says that Coop will be the new owner of the team if he wins the next season, or else it will go to his widow, Yvette. Baxter Cain, the owner of the Dallas Felons, wants to make significant changes in the rules of the game, but the Milwaukee Beers are the only ones stopping him, so has a scheme to try and prevent the team from winning!

This is a silly, juvenile, crude film, like many other modern comedies, not that I have a problem with that (as long as it's funny), but some people obviously do. Unlike some of these films (e.g. "Dude, Where's My Car?"), I think this one is actually funny overall. During my second viewing, I found that in some parts, they might go just a little too far with the juvenile humour or overdo the slapstick. For a while, it wasn't making me laugh very hard, but that eventually changed. There were still several comic highlights for me, including a number of the scenes involving teammate Squeak Scolari (played by Dian Bachar, who has collaborated with Parker and Stone on several other projects) taking abuse from Coop and Remer, some of the psych-outs during the games, team members trying to treat a kid in the hospital, and the song Coop hears in the car when things have gone wrong for him. For a rather simple sports comedy, the plot isn't bad, either. There may be some fairly poignant moments.

In the 2004 "South Park" episode, "The Passion of the Jew", when Stan and Kenny want their money back after they see "The Passion of the Christ", Stan says that it's just like the time they got their money back for "BASEketball". In an interview in 2005, Trey Parker said one of the two meanest things people say to the controversial comedy duo is, "Oh my G*d, it's those guys from BASEketball." I don't know if the two SP creators hate this film and now regret ever doing it, or they just don't like being known just as the guys from this movie (that would definitely be understandable, since they just starred in this film, and were not involved in the writing, directing, or producing, so it certainly doesn't show the full extent of their abilities), but whatever the reason is for their comments on this 1998 comedy years after it was made, it can still make me laugh. Is it David Zucker's best work? No. Is it Trey Parker and Matt Stone's best work? No. Is it an atrocious film that should be avoided at all costs? Well, some people would obviously think so, but not me. While it's no masterpiece, it can still make many people laugh (mostly guys, I think). I still think it's superior to "Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story", just not as far superior as I used to think it was.
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I can't remember laughing this much in years.
h794239 September 2005
I saw Orgazmo a few years back and I was talking about it with a friend of mine. He told me that I had seen nothing yet and then he recommended BASEketball. Sort of... he couldn't remember the name. He only remembered that it was a combination of two sports. Well, obviously finding the correct movie name wasn't very hard, but finding the movie in Finland wasn't as easy...

... but it was well worth it.

The movie is pretty much what you would expect from a cooperation between Parker & Stone and David Zucker, which basically means politically incorrect humor with a lot more happening than you can absorb with a single viewing... and a classic DVDA song in there somewhere. To me that is a perfect recipe for humour. The only thing missing (in my mind) is the underlying message I've grown to expect from Parker & Stone. Maybe there is one, but since I'm admittedly not a "big sports guy", I might just be missing the point. I do like the intro to the movie though.

In the end, this is the kind of movie I can watch time and time again. It might not be a classic movie, which will be remembered through the decades, but the pure entertainment value is pretty much unrivaled. I guess some people can't handle the humor and should therefore probably stay away from this movie, but otherwise, you probably should go through the trouble of seeing this movie.
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Laughed so much it hurts!!
nmk2002uk25 March 2004
If you love The Naked Gun movies, the Airplane movies, Top Secret! and South Park, you will LOVE this. I laughed so much, my ears popped! Two guys invent a brand new sport that sweeps the nation. 'Nuff said! The film is directed by the king of these kind of movies: David Zucker. It even has eye candy in the form of Jenny McCarthy and Yasmeen Bleeth. Its as crazy as Airplane! As insane as The Naked Gun! As Stupid mashed potato with your bum! Even though its only on for 90-minutes, the constant ribbing of Squeak Scholari by Trey Parker and Matt Stone is funny on its own. Yes, its rude. And yes, its crude. But...its only a bit of fun and not meant to be taken seriously!!
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"He's 8 years old and he smells like Robert Downey Jr."
kirk-24628 August 2009
Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the creators of the show 'South Park' , return with something entirely different.They create a new sport that combines baseball and basketball.This sport is known as baseketball.It's like basketball except that the rules of baseball are involved and there's another letter e in the title.Here's how you play: you just shoot the ball while these two guys try to distract you from making the shot.Sounds simple.In fact, I might try it one day.After the game hits the streets, it soon becomes a huge success.Who would've known that 2 immature friends could invent a sport that became so successful?

My opinion

'Baseketball' is a very crude and silly spoof filled with lots of slapstick violence, yet it actually delivers some laughs and plenty of entertainment.A definite recommendation for those of you who like slapstick and rude humor.
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brienstevenson27 May 2005
This movie is a standard side-splitter, with little storyline to back it up, but outstanding comedy. This is the first film for Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park creators) as actors, and although that shows, they do a pretty good job. Voices from their hit show are lent to the dialog every now and then, which just adds to the humour. A great underdog story (reminicent of 'Dodgeball')- where a team/group of friends has to overcome a challenge to rise above as a victorious group of friends once again - but with much less of the story to go on. Nevertheless, the movie will have you laughing more than enough. Where the story may fall short, this is the point of the movie; viewers will notice this after a few minutes's just that type of comedy. The characters, cast, writing and directing of BaseketBALL make it rise among the late 90's top funny movies.
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