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Tries really hard, but ultimately fails
Wizard-84 April 2020
I will give this feature length take on the popular old animated television series this: The makers of the movie do deserve an "A" for effort. You can really sense the director pumping in the energy and the screenwriter rapidly writing one joke after another. Sometimes all this energy does work for the movie's benefit, being that there are some amusing gags and the cast gives it their all. But all the same, the movie doesn't work in the end. The reason why the movie fails is its inadequate script. While I said there were some jokes that worked, there are also a lot of jokes that feel really lazy and unfunny. But bigger problems can be found with the characters and the narrative. ALL the characters in the movie are really thin, and seem to assume that you'll already be familiar with them. People who have not watched the show may be kind of lost. Just as big of a problem is with the story. The story is quite thin, frequently content to just move from one vignette to another with little to no advancement in the story. This is clearly padding, though at the same time there are some really big leaps in the narrative that suggest that some key plot turns got cut out before being released. Maybe kids who are familiar with the old TV show may get more out of it than I did, though I sense even they will get a feeling that the movie doesn't get anywhere near its full potential.
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daryder-648091 May 2020
Underwhelming attempt to capture the fun of the original cartoons. On the other hand, it features some of De Niro's best work ever.
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Rocky struggles to get out of the shadows
flyingyellowrascal30 December 2019
Exactly six decades ago, a grey flying tree rodent debut in a TV series. For a while, he was on top of the world. But so far, this was the only time he actually shined. Later in 2000, whoever owns Rocky tried to revive him. Unfortunately, a feature film that bombed and a lackluster television reboot did nothing to help Rocky's star shine again. As sad it is to say, it seems any attempt to resurrect him has been futile. I wonder why?

As to what I can say about this movie, Rocky was sort of making a comeback in the 1990s, and this movie was suppose to boost his return. Instead, it pretty much buried him.

Although I play a Rocky video game once in a while, I can't say that I'm a fan of that flying squirrel. However, I do thought restoring his popularity a bit. As to what suggestion I would give to whoever owns that moose and squirrel, perhaps it's to pick a kid actor to be that buck-toothed flyer. Maybe that'll help.
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panicmose3 December 2019
CORNY, CHEESY, HORRID ACTING! (Although the cast is full of great actors) Obviously this has been out for a long time but I was bored and it was on at the time so.... ugh! I cannot believe I was able to sit through this annoyingly absurd nonsense! Normally I don't leave feedback but I felt compelled to warn others of this utter waste of time. I think I may have laughed once at some obvious joke but the entire thing was cringeworthy!
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Two iconic TV characters flop on the silver screen
yeyeandzook5 January 2020
Rocky the Flying Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose were such a hit in a TV show that lasted 5 seasons. The even have toys, video games, a pinball machine, and even a restaurant. They also have this film which could have catapult them to a new level of stardom, but instead made them pretty much forgotten. I guess this shows audiences were starting to be less interested in tomboys usurping boys' jobs.
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I should have hit stop
Brad_Dharma24 February 2001
I rented this movie because Robert De Niro is my favorite actor (he and Al Pacino) I swear, i almost threw up this movie was so horrible. First of all people bug me because I am biased since it is a kid's movie. I disagree, i have taken my nephews to kids movies ten times better than this mind-numbing escapade. I used to love the Rocky and Bullwinkle show (especially Fractured Fairy Tales) but this was insult to the show I remember. I also hated the cornball acting from Piper Perabo (could we expect anything less). I hope large numbers of people at Universal were fired after this movie got released. For other bad movies, I also recommend Dude, Where's My Car, and The 10th Kingdom.
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An utter disaster
blackcircles27 June 2000
This is easily the worst film Robert De Niro has ever been involved in. What is he doing here? Rocky, Bullwinkle and the narrator are kind of fun, but unfortunately there is always a flesh and blood human being around and each one of them is absolutely horrible. The absurd dialogue spoken by Jay Ward's characters just does not work when spoken by an actual human being, in which case it just comes off as stupid. Maybe instead of matching up Rocky and Bullwinkle with human beings, they should be pulled out of reruns and be given new animated shorts to appear in. In fact I would welcome a general return of animated shorts to run before feature presentations. I don't know why it doesn't happen anymore.
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Every Robert De Niro fans worst nightmare
CharltonBoy23 December 2001
Normally i would not go anywhere near a film like this but as i am One of Robert De Niro's biggest fans a had to check this out. The first thing that springs to mind after watching this crap is What was De Niro thinking when he accepted a part in this kids film? This is without a doubt the worst film he has ever been in and it would be extremely difficult to make another film as bad as this. Ok this is a childrens film but is there a child out there who actually likes this? i dont know but i expect the answer is no. This also stars Pipa Pirabo who for me is a highly over rated actress that is more famous for her stupid grin than her acting. So if you are Man,woman , girl or boy i urge you to something more interesting than watch this , maybe sit in your garden and watch your grass grow or stick pins under your finger nails. I promise it wont be as painfull as watching The Adventures or Rocky and Bullwinkle. 1 out of 10.
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I want to cry
Jerry_Stuckle24 December 2004
Peeee Uewwww, what smells so bad? It's this modern version of Jay Ward's classic TV comedy. Jay must be turning over in his grave, I hope his widow got a lot of money. Single worst piece of casting: Jason Alexander as Boris Baddinoff. This guy is acting poison in any character other than playing himself on Seinfeld. The moose and squirrel are now only props supporting a brain-dead FBI girl. If you are lucky enough to be familiar with the original TV show avoid this disgusting movie. I think I'm going to burn my copy before it stinks up the house. Even the animation is worse. If you like this crap watch 'Listen Up', if you want good new animation watch the Simpsons.
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the pain, the screaming pain
polkadotlegwarmers10 June 2004
my little sister dragged me off to see this film

i can quiet honestly say it is the biggest load of rubbish i have ever seen and it pains me to admit i actually paid money to see this trash.

save yourself the money and the pain and don't see this film. i fell asleep in the cinema for the first time during this film, the storyline was rubbish, it wasn't remotely funny or interesting.

please please please do yourself a favour and keep as far away from this trash as possible, i doubt even your children will like it.
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Where were the Oscar Nominations???? That's what I'd like to know
harrietta_moonriver8 February 2005
Rocky and Bullwinkle. That a film could be that good...its the stuff myths are formed from. It's as though God were executive producer. When I was forced, back in my innocence, to watch this with my brother, I shook my fist in an angry fist and said "WhyIOughta..." but my complaints were silenced when the majesty of this beautiful motion picture washed over me, and rendered me speechless. The fact that I feel asleep is not a condemnation- oh no! I was simply captivated and put under its simple, facrical, ridiculous, but oh so charming spell. humour! So wonderfully silly! It's acting? Clearly deliberately poor, to reflect the nature of the acting of comic films of that generation! Costumes, scenery, breathtaking! The Academy failed the film going world by not presenting Rocky And Bullwinkle (or, as I have dubbed it, The Most Wonderful and Beautiful and Spiritually Magnificent film, Ever, in the history of the world, Ever" the MWABASMFEITHOTWE for short) the accolades it deserved. This will always be a best picture winner, in my heart.
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Is It Me, Or Is It Mighty Chilly On This Board?
eebyo21 February 2004
I loved this movie to pieces each of the 4 times I saw it in the theater! Apparently not everybody was privileged to be born in 1955 and spend a childhood marinating in the Cold War puns and snarky anti-corporate digs of the original TV show. This movie brought it all back; if you had nothing to be brought back to . . . well, it's your loss. Renee Russo is fabulously snakey as Natasha, and tho' Rocket J. Squirrel couldn't improve on the original, that's because he was voiced by the original, the unsinkable June Foray. The only people who need to apologize for this movie are its promoters, who never figured out how to hook its natural audience of 40-somethings.

I can't wait for the remake of Fractured Fairy Tales.
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Sincere effort sincerely fails
MartianOctocretr519 July 2006
First of all, it should be noted that the film makers here had respect and affection for the source material, and it shows. Rather than just enticing audiences with known characters and titles, then assaulting you with a worthless script (as happens all too often in TV show "adaptations"), this movie pays due homage to the irreverent satire that was the original Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon, by staying close to its theme.

Much of the original schtick is here: the frantic narrator, the inside jokes, the brutal political satire, the cluelessness of "our heroes," and of course, the wonderfully awful puns. The oaf super spies from Potsalvania, Boris and Natasha are here, as is their "Fearless Leader."

On top of that, several celebs drop by for some clever cameos, in a "Muppet Movie" style way. There are some good one-liners, and everybody seems to be having fun doing the movie.

But it just doesn't click. Jokes seem to be presented in an "in your face" manner, slapstick routines are overdone, and end up just looking like pale impressions of the original. The story and script seem contrived just to set up situations for the "comedy." The animation of Rocky, and even more so of Bullwinkle, look awkward, almost eerie. I almost felt like asking Moose and Squirrel: "Wassamatta U?"

Sincere but misguided. Gets lost somewhere between Pottsalvania and Frostbite Falls, and just isn't worth the time to find it again. Rent compilations of the original cartoon series instead.
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Moose and Squirrel Still Have the Magic
briansteven3 July 2000
I was really surprised at how much I liked this movie. R&B are brought magically to life in the real world, and still have the same magic in their camraderie. People complained that the puns were stupid and that the humor was aimed at adults. Hello? That's exactly what made the original cartoon so great.

R&B's observations on contemporary society are hilarious. The film also pokes fun at politicians, the legal system, and our addiction to TV, with a riotous sendup of "Cops".

The film is quite satisfying whenever R&B are onscreen. When it's just the human actors, things get a little dull. DeNiro, Alexander and Russo all are decent, but these performances would be criticized no matter who was playing them, with the possible exception of Jim Carrey. The best human performer is Piper Pirabo, a total hottie. She has been criticized for a bad performance, but I thought she did a great job.

It's not Oscar material, it won't gross $100 million, and it's not deep social commentary, but it sure is fun. Anybody with a sense of humor would be hard-pressed not to smile and feel good on the inside after seeing this. I just hope they make a sequel. Rocky & Bullwinkle forever!!!!
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A pathetic shell
sngbrd3917 August 2000
I saw this one with a couple of my friends. They walked out of the theater totally hating the movie and me for suggesting it. I couldn't have hated it as much as they did, but it was really disappointing. The characters were left as shells of their former selves. The movie seemed to suck out the heart and soul that was put into the TV show to make the movie nothing but a series of pathetically bad jokes. Granted, it was really funny to see a live action Boris, Natasha, and Fearless Leader. Jason Alexander, Rene Russo, and Robert DeNiro were the only reason I didn't pull my hair out in sadness and disappointment at seeing some of my favorite TV characters in a piece-of-junk movie.
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blackxmas2 December 2000
Why is this movie so bad? Why am I reading that people enjoyed this? It's embarrassing, the acting is awful, the script is even worse. This is a slap in the face to all of those who love Rocky and Bullwinkle. People are defending it, saying that it carries the same type of humor over from the TV show, and I'll have to agree, but it's not funny. It just doesn't work. So sad.
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Jon Monsarrat review: sub-intellectual, just for kids, and bad
johnnymonsarrat3 August 2002
Having enjoyed the original cartoon series, I went into this film with a good attitude. I enjoyed "Airplane!" and am hardly one of those film school arty types who can't take a joke. If Rocky & Bullwinkle had been campy, dumb, but fun, I think I would have enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, the only good thing I can say is that I was hoping to hear a lot of bad puns, and I did. But there the similarity ended.

Taking Rocky & Bullwinkle out of its cartoon format into a 3D realm didn't work for me. The plot stuttered and didn't make any sense. Even starting from the attitude that this is a cartoon, so things will be wacky and nonsensical, it still didn't make any sense.

Worst of all were the syrupy and melodramatic interactions with Karen Sympathy, the FBI agent. The emotions and decisions of the characters didn't make sense.

Finally, there's something about comedy that involves timing. I don't know what it is. But the build-ups and physical pranks didn't work for me. Something was really askew in the presentation.

Who should see this film:

-- nobody, even kids, and especially if you've seen the original series, it will just make you sad

I'm forced to give The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle a 3 out of 10.
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At Least Bullwinkle And Rocky Remain Animated
bigverybadtom3 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Another relic from the "let's make a live-action movie from an old cartoon" fad from decades ago. Better than most of the others, but it still doesn't work, even with the decision to keep Rocky and Bullwinkle as toons rather than use, say, people in animal costumes.

A full-fledged cartoon version would have been far better. The human actors don't fit in with their cartoon counterparts. Robert DeNiro certainly didn't fit the part of Fearless Leader (they should have given that role to Nicholas Cage, who had a more suitable physique). We could have done without "Nothing But A Dreamer" by Supertramp either (the cartoon didn't have music, other than the theme and some "dramatic effect" chords at times) This effectively spoiled the old cartoon atmosphere, and the story itself was meandering and ultimately boring and pointless. For the running time, they could have done so much more.

Intended for fans of the old cartoon, but probably won't satisfy most of them.
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Surprisingly really good!
maxreality200027 December 2007
As somebody who hasn't any recollection of watching any Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoons, I stumbled across this film on TV, I had no expectations of what it was. If anything I thought it would be rubbish. As most kids films take themselves really serious, and they are just plain lame - The Mummy springs to mind, good guys get chased by bad guys but the good guys just escape in time... yeah yeah yeah... boring. back to the film, it really doesn't take itself serious, and if you watch it in the frame of mind of watching a normal cartoon, it sticks to that formula really well, even using real characters - using the best actors in the industry certainly helped, to make it not be cheesy. The film is also littered with references to other films. The moose is nearly the same as Homer Simpson, so if you like him, you'll love the stupidity of the moose. I never watch stuff like this but was mightily impressed that it was spot on in what it was trying to be. Voice-over man was entertaining too, like in Wacky Races or Terry Wogan with the Eurovision TV show! Recommended!
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It's the same old bull.
vip_ebriega12 October 2007
My Take: Yet another lame attempt to put animation into flesh-and-blood reality.

"This is not a cartoon, this is the real world!", claims rookie FBI agent Karen Sympathy, played by Piper Perabo, and I wish I can say the same thing about THE ADVENTURES OF ROCKY AND BULWINKLE. It has a big budget, which it spends on fancy cartoonish sets and other bizarre gimmicks, for what? To make it look like a cartoon! This results into a lot of things that we could prefer seeing in a Saturday morning cartoon. But as a movie, it's pretty hard to see why this was such a favorite cartoon during the early '60's. This is one of the most ineffective and unfunny movies I've seen in a while. And if your not convinced, lets move to to the casting. Lets see, Robert De Niro as Fearless Leader and Jason Alexander and Rene Russo as his bumbling minions. Okay, now your convinced.

The film uses the technique of putting animated characters in real-live settings and real actors. This was done many times since films in the 80's like WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT and, recently SPACE JAM. And like SPACE JAM, although not quite as bad, ROCKY AND BULWINKLE enjoys too much with the playfulness of its cartoon characters that they forget that they're making a feature film here. So, it has not much to tell and can't even afford to make jokes that really work.

The film is basically a cartoon on a live action movie (which is made just as cartoonish as the animated world). Animated evil mastermind Fearless Leader (De Niro) and his henchmen have crossed the boundaries of an animated world and arrive in our 4-dimensional world and start a TV company called RBTV, meaning "Really Bad Television" (how prophetic), and turn people to mindless drones with their horrible cable shows. The FBI sends a rookie agent (Perabo) to protect still-animated Rocky and Bulwinkle from being zapped, allowing the megalomaniac from ruling the world.

And as the story goes, the laughs and silliness get even worse. The film hardly made me laugh, and no head-hitting, car-crashing and any other mishap to change my mind about that. They should know they're making a motion picture here, not a an episode of Bugs and Daffy (which, at least, is better than this). Despite its budget, director Des McAnuff instead spends it on silly cartoonish gimmicks that, joined in with the corny laughs (if you'd call it laughs) and embarrassed leads, it can all be summed up in a 30 minute animated feature for TV, not an 88 minute film.

Still, I did find one thing that was quite bearable in this walking disaster waiting to happen, and that is the entertaining cameos. How many movies can you see well-known (and then well-known) talents like Whoppi Goldberg, John Goodman, Kenan (Thompson) and Kel (Mitchell) and Billy Crystal just to name a few. Their cameos thankfully lightens up my high criticism for the film, but that doesn't stop me from giving it a big thumbs down.

Still, I won't discourage you from letting the kids see it, for it's mainly made for them and they might be the only ones who'll enjoy it.

Rating: * out of 5.
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Captures the Fun
tgillen-47 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
If you remember Rocky and Bullwinkle? If you watched, and loved them as a kid don't listen, ah, read, the 4 point whatever out of ten review of this movie. It is perfect! It does what few movies trying to capture a cult series in a single movies does - - - it does it! It is a movie written by smart people for smart people. The verbal puns are as witty, and as groan producing as ever. The visual gags are better. ("Hey, Rocky, haven't we passed through this town before?") (OK, that isn't a direct quote.) There are perfect touches throughout, like Russo's walk, DeNiro riffing on "Taxi Driver", Alexander nailing Boris, and Super tramp's song "Dreamer" when Rocky flies. Have a bad day? Have a rough week? Pop in the movie, relax, and enjoy! This movie captures the fun.
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Unserious movie, perhaps too unserious to be entertaining.
starkobert23 May 2014
Movies that aren't serious can be really fun, this one however is an exception from that statement. I know it's supposed to be silly, to be wacky and hilarious but it just doesn't do it for me. The green/blue screen effects are extremely bad and throughout the movie I never felt that the animated characters were "real". The puns in this movie was over-used as well along with the bad script and I think that's what destroyed it the most for me. Now don't get me wrong: an unserious storyline can still make the watcher believe it by using the right tools. But a script that bad made the storyline completely unbelievable and breaking the fourth wall is something you should not over-use even if you want the comedic effect to become stronger. Why is that? Because breaking the fourth wall is a great way to make the audience get shocked since the actors are breaking a rule there, which catches their attention immediately. If you over-use this, however, the effect gets worn off to the point where it just gets annoying.

In some shots there's some filming-errors as well such as too much headroom, unnecessary space where it's not needed since it doesn't provide any information, lack of contrast balance between the green/blue screen shots and the objects/people and etc. Perhaps something you don't think about too much, but can be extremely annoying if it constantly occurs. This is also the reason why it looks like a really really bad B- movie from the 80's personally. The acting overall was pretty okay, even though there were in some places in the movie where it was noticeable that the actors didn't really did their roles seriously which made it harder to believe the story.

All in all, a bad movie.
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IMDb users declare Moose and Squirrel Season; Counter-Vote!
Jeff M.-313 June 2001
As I write this, the weighted rating is 4.4. Ouch. That said, my reasons for the counter-vote:

Although the original show was past my time, the CBS affiliate used to carry it at 6:30 AM, and I would get up specifically to watch it. So I have seen the show. I think that the movie does a good job in being faithful to itself and its "brand" of humor. Unfortunately, not everyone sees it that way.

The movie is supposed to be irreverent! It's supposed to make fun of everything! Generals Store, Foods, and Admission are exactly the gags the original had in mind. If it (as some say) lost the "road trip" part of the movie, there wouldn't be much to have fun with now, would there? It's not exactly biting social commentary, but the idea of television turning people to zombies, well, it's not a new concept, but R&B takes it to a different level. The only part that I thought was a bit of a stretch was how Bullwinkle got to New York, but it was still funny.

I especially enjoyed the self-referential bit in the courtroom, which I think does its part in quelling (some of) the critics. It's the rules of pulling cartoon characters into real life, only in this case, the movie makes its own rules.

It may not be the best movie ever, and it may make De Niro a mockery of himself, but 4.4? Come on, people. It's not THAT low. Maybe those who liked it in their comments didn't vote, I don't know. Ordinarily, I'd give it my standard 7, but it's just screaming for me to help in any way that I can.
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What a kick!
mary14889-231-1380025 December 2011
I had to "up" the ratings and say a word about this movie. It was a real surprise and a treat for me- I just got satellite and it was one of the selections, so I tuned in out of curiosity. Never did I think that Rocky and Bullwinkle could be recreated so well, bad puns and all. It took me back to my childhood when Rocky and Bullwinkle were my favs, along with Crusader Rabbit, Mr. Peabody and Sherman, Fractured Fairy tales, Dudley Do Right and Gerald McBoingBoing (I don't remember much about him except the funny name!). Anyway, it was great fun to watch this movie, especially with all the cameos as an extra bonus: Robert DeNiro as Fearless Leader (he seemed to be enjoying himself) and Carl Reiner, Johnathan Winters and John Goodman to name a few. If you are an aging baby boomer, this movie will be a trip down memory lane.
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The humour of Rocky has sailed right over the heads of many IMDb members
kw44721 February 2011
One of the gags in this film involves a Hollywood script screener rejecting movie scripts because they are "too intelligent" :-) Well, apparently this movie is too intelligent for most voters are IMDb, as they have (incorrectly) given this movie a 4.1 rating out of ten! Obviously, they are not "getting" the Hollywood "inside jokes' and humour, (Zoom! Right over their heads!) and I suspect that this is also is a generation thing; most of you didn't grow-up with Rocky and Bullwinkle. The cartoon, like many from that era, took swipes at Government, Politics, Hollywood, etc. They were made for adults too, not just kids. I suggest you read Roger Ebert's review of this movie and gain a basic understanding and an education from someone who has been the best movie critic for a long time. There is a reason why so many recognized and talented actors signed-on for this movie. It was smart and funny at the same time, and these experienced actors recognized that. You should educate yourself and you will "get it" too!
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