The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000) Poster

Piper Perabo: Karen Sympathy



  • Karen : Boris Badenov. I've seen you on TV. You're a crooked, creepy, no-good rotten worm.

    Boris : Oh, thank you.

    Karen : You're slimy, sneaky, sleazy...

    Boris : Please. You'll turn my pretty head.

    Karen : You're a sadistic spy and a really bad person

    Boris : Stop. You're embarrassing me.

  • Bullwinkle : Rocky's right, Karen, and two rights don't make a wrong!

    Rocky : Bullwinkle, that's not what you mean!

    Bullwinkle : You mean two rights do make a wrong?

    Rocky : No!

    Bullwinkle : I always thought two rights made a U-turn.

    Karen : I don't know how much more of this I can take.

    Bullwinkle : Well, let's find out. Two U-turns make a circle, two circles make a figure-8, two figure-8's make a butterfly...

    Karen : Look, all I want from you guys are results, okay?

  • Karen : Bullwinkle, can you rappel?

    Bullwinkle : Sure. I've been repelling viewers for years.

  • Karen : It's Rocky... and Bull... Bull...

    Bullwinkle : I believe the word you're looking for is "winkle".

  • Bullwinkle : What kind of music is this?

    Karen : Hip-hop.

    Bullwinkle : [begins "hip-hopping"]  Ok, but I still want to know what kind of music this is.

  • [Karen has escaped from prison and has stolen a truck leaving Oleg stranded at a movie theater] 

    Narrator : [to Karen; about her recent actions]  Now THAT wasn't very nice.

    Karen : [scoffs]  Shut up.

    [Karen puts on a set of sunglasses] 

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