Rogue Trader (1999) Poster


Tom Wu: George Seow


  • Nick Leeson : [voiceover]  My team were young, they were hungry, and they didn't have a clue.

    [in a cafe with his newly hired team] 

    Nick Leeson : A futures contract is an agreement to buy or sell a specified amount of a commodity at a specified price at a future date.

    [no one responds] 

    Nick Leeson : All right, um... it's like if I agree to sell you this cup of cappuccino, which I don't yet own, at 45 cents a month from now, if I can buy the cappuccino at say, 43 cents, I make a profit. If the price goes the other way, I have to pay more and I lose. It's timing, it's buying and selling at the right moment. Sometimes expresso might be the best deal, or salt or pepper.

    George Seow : So, we're running a supermarket, huh?

    [they laugh] 

  • George Seow : [pulls up in a new red Porsche 911 convertible]  Get in, you bastard!

    Nick Leeson : [laughing]  What the fuck is that?

    George Seow : Sex on wheels. It's a Porsche, moron! Get in!

    Nick Leeson : [getting in]  I'll tell you what it is, it's disgusting.

    George Seow : I'll tell you what it is, it's a great big hard-on.

    [he speeds off] 

    George Seow : Gotta think of something to do with my bonus!

    Nick Leeson : Well, you keep your eyes on the road, you flash git!

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