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4 Jul. 1985
Surprise Attack
When the Pigs uncover a possible plot by the Raccoons to take care of Cyril Sneer, Cyril tries to uncover their plan before it's too late.
18 Nov. 1985
Going It Alone!
There's a huge legendary creature lurking on top of Evergreen Mountain and Bert Raccoon, that daring mountaineer, is about to meet it. Face to face. Trying to prove to his Raccoon friends, Ralph and Melissa, that he can make it on his own, Bert struggles to the top. But Cyril Sneer is hiding a deep secret on Evergreen Mountain and uses all his dirty tricks to stop Bert's solo climb. Ralph, Melissa and Schaeffer the Dog, set out to rescue Bert but not before he confronts the elusive mountain "monster". Happily, Bert does make it on his own, he learns it's more fun to ...
28 Oct. 1985
A Night to Remember
That intrepid trailblazer, Bert Raccoon, is on an expedition with his friends, Cedric and Ralph to a secret hideaway deep in the Evergreen Forest, but things are not going as planned. Trapped in a huge old haunted house with skeletons and ghosts,The Raccoon friends are not quite as brave as they thought they were. Luckily, Melissa Raccoon and Sophia arrive with a secret "anti-ghost" device and save their big, brave men from the sights and sounds of the night. But where did those suspiciously short ghosts come from and what do they have to do with Cyril Sneer? Everyone...
18 Nov. 1985
The Evergreen Grand Prix
Cyril scoffs at Cedric's plans to make a solar-powered car, and chooses to make a gas-guzzling model in order to please his co-financier Mr Mammoth. However, the Raccoons and the rest of the gang pitch in to help bring Cedric's car come to life, and show Cyril the practical implications of solar-power.
25 Nov. 1985
The Runaways!
Ralph,Melissa,and Bert Raccoon have a new guest in the Raccoondominium.The loveable Cedric Sneer has come to stay with The Raccoon Gang in their forest home, but things are not going exactly as planned. Cedric has left Sneer Mansion and now his Pop, the infamous Cyril Sneer, is trying to run his financial empire without his "accounting genius" son. Can Cedric be replaced? Could this be the end of the Sneer Dynasty forever? Meanwhile, Schaeffer the dog is on a search-and-rescue mission which leads him deeper and deeper into the heart of the Evergreen Forest. It seems ...
6 Jan. 1986
Buried Treasure!
Bert Raccoon snares a fishing catch that leads him on the adventure of a lifetime! Along with his good friends Cedric and Broo, Bert journeys up the mysterious winding river that ends in a maze of secret tunnels and spooky caves. Together the friends overcome their fears, and by following an ancient map make their way deep into the maze. Just when it looks as if they have made an incredible discovery the brave little trio run into that nasty gold digging millionaire - Cyril Sneer. From then on it's a hair raising race through wild rapids and tunnels, but wait! Man (or...
1 Feb. 1986
The Intruders!
The alarms are ringing at Sneer Mansion! Cyril Sneer, that nefarious millionaire has installed the most incredible securitysystem to protect his fabulous fortune. But something has gone terribly wrong. The alligator pits and nasty defence devices have been foiled. Someone has infiltrated Cyril Sneer's Secret Vault. The terrible time-lock is set for next Groundhog Day and that's a long way off! Cyril is furious until he discovers that it is his one and only son, Cedric, trapped in his vault. United in their concern,The Raccoon Gang join Cyril Sneer in an expedition to ...
3 Nov. 1986
Opportunity Knocks!
Bert Raccoon is terribly ill, and only one thing will cure him. According to his personal physician, Â"Doctor CedricÂ", Bert will survive only if he and Melissa change their plans to leave The Evergreen Forest. Ralph has been offered a job in the city and he is all set to go, until he hears Cyril SneerÂ's latest scheme. It seems that this devious developer has plans to change The Evergreen Forest forever. Ralph and his friends come up with an ingenious solution to save their forest home. Bert makes a miraculous recovery and leaps into action as Ace Reporter for The ...
24 Nov. 1986
Cry Wolf!
The Evergreen Forest is full of fascinating stories, especially if you are an Ace Reporter like Bert Raccoon! Bert has been reporting some very strange happenings lately, but no-one will believe his stories. Schaeffer the Dog has begun speaking in a strange code, and The Raccoons' friend Cedric seems to have disappeared in a tornado! Long black limousines and cement trucks are thundering down the road to Sneer Mansion. Gangster Bears carrying violin cases have been seen running through the Evergreen Forest. Worst of all, very strange tuneless singing has been heard ...
17 Nov. 1986
The peace and quiet of the Evergreen Forest is suddenly shattered by the clang of armour and the shouts of medieval knights! Who is that dashing swordsman with the raccoon tail? Is that really a descendant of Excalibur Sneer under that shining armour? The word is out that something big and exciting is about to happen at the Forest Bowl tonight but only Ralph and Melissa know for sure. Rumours are rife and no secret is safe when The Raccoons meet Cyril Sneer in this hilarious mixed up story. Everyone learns a valuable lesson about the difference between fact and ...
6 Oct. 1986
Gold Rush!
In a plot to close down The Raccoons Newspaper, that nasty millionaire Cyril Sneer is gathering together all of his fabulous fortune... but he needs more gold to succeed. Meanwhile Ralph, Melissa, and Sophia are working day and night to keep their newspaper open, but time and supplies are quickly running out and Cyril's greedy grasp is closing in. But all is not lost because that Master Magician, Bert Raccoon, is on the job and along with his loveable assistant Broo, he is about to attempt the greatest trick of all time. High atop Evergreen Mountain on a dark and ...

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