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  • Run Lola Run is based on a screenplay by German director and screenwriter Tom Tykwer. Edit

  • Lola (Franka Potente) had a moped, but it was stolen. 20 minutes was not enough time to get hold of a car and reach the bank. Edit

  • Not on foot or even by running, since locations used in Lola Rennt are scattered all over the center of Berlin. The shop which Manni (Moritz Bleibtreu) holds up in the first episode and where much of the subsequent action takes place is at the junction of Tauroggener Strasse and Osnabrucker Strasse (close to U-bahnof Mierendorffplatz - U-bahn line 7). Manni leaves the bag of money on the subway at Deutsche Oper station on U-bahn line 2. Lola runs through the arches of the Oberbaumbrucke covered bridge between U-bahn stations Schlesisches Tor and Warschauer Strasse on U-bahn line 1. We see Lola running across Gendarmenmarkt in all three episodes (the first two from above, the third from ground level), and the casino where she wins the money is really the Deutsches Historiches Museum in the Zeughaus, Unter den Linden 2. Lola's father's bank is at 39 Behrenstrasse, on the south side of Bebelplatz, just off Unter den Linden, and is part of Humboldt University. Lola's aprtment is at 13-14 Albrechtstrasse, just across the river from Freidrichstrasse station. Edit

  • When Lola gets into the ambulance, there is a man being treated who many people mistakenly think is Herr Meyer. The man is in fact the security guard, who is earlier seen clutching his chest indicating that he's having a heart attack. Edit

  • It changes each time Lola does a "do over". The first time, the lady has a row with her husband. They split up. She loses the right of custody (possibly because she is only the step mother). The police and social services come to take the baby away from her. Then she kidnaps the baby. The next time Lola runs into her, the future is altered and instead she wins the lottery. The third time she becomes a Jehovah's witness. Edit

  • In 1998, it was equivalent to €51,000, US$56,000 or GB£34,000. Edit



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