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A Dinosaur Classic
Chrysanthepop23 July 2008
I am quite surprised at so many negative comments people have made. It's just a movie and one that is sheer entertainment. People seem to have a problem with the way violence is portrayed but I liked how the directors portrayed the brutally and the honest way death was portrayed. Thankfully, it's not excessively sugar-coated and there are some very sad scenes but it beautifully ends on the note of hope. I liked the way Leighton and Zondag told Enriquez's written story but I thought that some of the situations weren't developed. For example, how does Aladar adjust to the lifestyle of the dinosaurs considering that he was raised by lemurs. Most likely it may have been due to time constraint but nonetheless the current adventurous story of migration and survival is engaging and moving. Aladar's selfless attempts to save the dinosaur's are touching to watch as it reflects how the kind-hearted Plio raised him. The characters are enjoyable and the voice cast, that includes talents like Alfre Woodard, Joan Plowright and Ossie Davis do a fine job. D.B. Sweeney too does a very good job voicing Aladar. The animation is very detailed, giving the characters and setting a very authentic look. Even though the slight stop motion takes away from the realism, this is only a minor quibble. Newton Howard's score flows well with the story. 'Dinosaur' is sheer beauty and a pleasure to look at. It's a dinosaur classic and it's become one of my favourite dinosaur films.
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Boba_Fett11387 October 2005
This movie was shear pleasure to watch. The movie looks visually absolutely stunning and the animation is done nicely. It's true eye-candy and entertaining as well.

The movie has a typical adventurous story and feeling and is at times spectacular as well. Especially the beginning is impressively spectacular. There are some nicely done action sequences that are at times tense as well. My only true complaint of the movie are the characters. There isn't really any character development in the movie and we never really get to know the character or care much about them, this is probably mainly due to the short running time of the movie. Also of course the story itself is somewhat predictable but that doesn't take away any of the fun or entertainment value of the movie.

Dinosaur fans will enjoy this movie as well, unless you're one of those persons who complains about the accuracy of the movie. This movie is entertainment, not a documentary.

The musical score by James Newton Howard fits the movie like a glove and in my opinion he delivers one of his best and moving scores, in his career.

There is much hate for this movie but quite frankly I can't see why. If you simply take the movie for what it is, you'll have a good time watching it. It's beautiful, adventurous and at times truly spectacular.


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Auryn-418 November 2000
Finally Disney has created an animation that isn't sugar-sweet!

What usually bugs me about Disney's films is the constant bursting-into-song sequences that clog up the stories, and the comic side-kicks that keep making bad jokes. No such thing in Dinosaur! It's a serious movie that is very sad and partially cruel: a wonderful tale of courage and survival, told with respect for the audience, with unpresidented animations. The dionsaurs merge seemlessly into the real surroundings, and they move and look absolutely real. Finally, computer animations have reached the stage where it doesn't look animated anymore!

I was also very touched by Aladar's attempts to save the old dinos, and although I'm a grown-up, I jumped in my seat when the carnotaurs emerged. There was violence in this film: cruel battles between carnivores and herbivores. And surging through it all there is a feeling of sadness and loss, for a world that is about to fade away into the pages of history.

Thus, it's not for the smallest children, but it's a great story that treats it's audience with respect and pays homage to that great lost Earth that was buried in the dust millions of years ago.

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What is peoples problem?
felix-bergman8 April 2015
I honestly don't see why people are so upset whit this movie. Yes, there is talking dinosaurs, but how are you supposed to understand them otherwise. Mute dinosaurs walking around wouldn't be interesting at all and remember, this is a kid's movie. And yes, the animation might not be as good as in Jurassic Park, but this is a fully animated movie, JP used a mix of animatronics and CGI inside an otherwise live action movie, and in a interview I saw, Spielberg (or if it was a special effects guy, I don't remember) said that they would use the animatronics when ever possible and only cover up rigs and refine movement with the computer 'cause the CGI models looked like crap in comparison the robots. And yes, the story has been used before, but so has the story in most films we're watching today, only in varying degree and in different mixes and it's not like Disney is known for their originality story wise. As good as everyone of their Classics are based or inspired by other works.

Personally I love this movie. The CGI is still good, and at times more realistic than many rushed animations we see today, the characters are fun to follow, unlike Land before Time were they were unbearable and made me hate the movie (even as a kid the first one was never my favorite) despite a similar story to Dinosaurs', which I by the way like, and the moral of it is a really good one.
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Another Advancement In Animation
ccthemovieman-128 December 2006
This was yet another example, when it came out in 2000, of the latest strides being made in animation, computer-or-otherwise. At the time, I thought to myself, "Man, this just gets better and better all the time." Six years later, I am still saying that but with newer animated efforts.

Some of the scenes in here look so real you wouldn't know they were drawings. The colors are particularly good in the opening minutes. They are just stunning at times.

The story is pretty interesting, too. It's not great, but not boring, either, and not too kid-oriented. Adults can enjoy this. In fact, I was surprised at the amount of violence. That, and some of the jokes actually make this more for adults than kids in many spots.

I recommend the movie for its story and innovative techniques.
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Take this movie for what it is
StartingAllOver1417 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
To enjoy this movie, you have to take it for what it is. I used to wonder if Disney were going to make a movie about dinosaurs and when they did, it wasn't a bad choice to combine GGI characters with real backgrounds.

I was impressed by the trailer and when I finally saw "Dinosaur" first time, I liked some parts, but overall I found the movie a little mediocre. Seeing it for the second time, I appreciated and liked it more, so, once again: you've got to take it for what it is to really enjoy it.

The visuals is absolutely the big highlight of the film, especially combined with the beautiful and (in my opinion) quirky score of James Newton Howard. The characters are quite all right too (especially Aladar, Zini and Eema), although the film focuses more to move the plot forward. The only character I don't like is Kron. He's so straight forward and narrow-minded that he gets just uninteresting.

I was never a fan of "The Land Before Time" (in fact I hated that movie), who has many similarities to "Dinosaur". Like most of us know, the story is unoriginal and (as expected) comes with the usual Disney moral. But the real problem with this film is that it seems like the directors and screenwriters disagreed for which audience this movie would fit too (although it was rated PG). For kids it could be too scary (especially the Carnotaurs, not that I'm a coward, *laughing*) and for the older viewers some parts may be too childish.

Like other Disney films, "Dinosaur" has some tender moments (for those who like romance, there's some of that, too), but the film it self is not too sugar-coated, it's surprisingly straight-forward and serious. There are some comical lines that makes you chuckle, but without sacrificing the integrity of the film. The first act, which shows Aladar's arrival at the lemurs, is actually portrayed in a different, more detailed way than Tarzan's arrival at the apes, which is refreshing to see.

Overall, this is not a perfect movie, but it has some great moments, so I like it
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On a scale of 10, it's a 12
story31 May 2000
Some of the complaints here are nitpicky things that kept me from rating Dinosaur a 14, but most are missing the point.

This is a Disney movie. Disney plots are straightforward, to reach the very very young as well as the rest of us jaded postadolescents. Disney movies have talking animals in them. And Disney characters use contemporary language. Sometimes, they're downright hip. Remember The Jungle Book? Louis Prima in the part of the orangutan, King Louie, singing, "I'm the king of the swingers, ohhhh, the jungle V.I.P." It don't get hipper than that. And Robin Williams' Genie in Aladdin... I mean, if this is your gripe, then you just don't get Disney movies.

Despite what you read about the animation getting old after the first sequence, it never lets down. Disney's Tarzan was complex, but Dinosaur is insanely complex. Plot points depend on shots that demonstrate heretofore impossible techniques. And novel animation touches appear right up to the end. (Anyone who complains about Earl sticking his face in the lens just didn't get that, either).

This is absolutely a must-see--and must-see-again--film.
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Story's a fossil. But effects are high in the "wow" factor.
vip_ebriega14 May 2008
My Take: Terrific special effects make this film worth a million bucks.

Through their discovery of the magic of CGI, Disney has brought their own expensive big-budget CG spectacle called DINOSAUR in 2000. Although CGI has already brought to life dinosaurs before in JURASSIC PARK and its sequel THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK, sometimes DINOSAUR has certainly improved from which it started from. The special effects in DINOSAUR are truly spectacular. What's fantasy and what's reality is now indistinguishable.

In terms of plot and story, however, DINOSAUR is still not well developed. The story is nothing new and for Disney, that's quite a disappointment. Disney, a master in both animation and storytelling, is now lacking in a new story to show. Still, nonetheless, DINOSAUR is still a wonderfully good-looking fantasy that appeals to kids and adults.

The story is nothing original, as Disney simply owes from other animated movies, some of which is their own. The plot that dinosaurs, after a meteorite strike, creates a large famine leading to a search for a valley of fertility is recycled from both a segment in Disney's FANTASIA called "The Rite of Spring", as well as Don Bluth's animated THE LAND BEFORE TIME. The lead character, an Iguanadon named Aladar, is separated from his mother, who is supposedly dead, is like the character of BAMBI in Disney's own animated film of the same title. The rest of the characters aren't new with any zing.

Still, the film is an enjoyable showcase of fine special effects and excitement. It's still good as visual entertainment. A lot more fun to look at rather than to think about. I liked just looking at the very colorful effects, showing us numerous sights of dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. The opening scenes were the most colorful, where we are taken to flight in the wings of a flying Pteranodon, switching from various scenery that is a breathtaking sight. There's a lot of imagination that went to the effects, and the heart is not forgotten.

Rating: **** out of 5.
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My life story!
Patch4212 September 2001
This movie is truly an excellent example of how computer animation is supposed to be done, realistic look is unbelievable and the feeling of movie is unforget-able and need to see again like experience. extraordinarily well done expressions were so humanlike and had this thing called SOUL in them. Awesome accomplishment from animator/s! So many good things in it that if I try to write them all down I'll never leave this computer in this life.
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Lady_Targaryen16 November 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Dinosaur has great graphics: When I think of all animation movies I already watched, this one can be easily in the top5. Of course I cannot compare the dinosaurs from this movie to the ones of Jurassic Park, since they are very different from each other, but I can say that they both look very real. But this movie, in my opinion, has more points because of the animation then the story itself. It's cute, but with a very ordinary story; besides, there are some important errors here, specially in the beginning in the part of the meteor, when everything is destroyed in the Plio's island: That Impact would kill not only the lemurs,but also many of the dinos. And by the way: Lemurs and primates in general did not co-exist with dinosaurs!Even kids know that, come on. I will try to be less critic about this kind of errors,but taking them off, the story is cute.
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Fantastic awe-inspiring family entertainment! ****1/2 out of 5
pumpkinhead_lance8 July 2005
This is a film that will delight viewers time and time again.

It's terrific family entertainment that isn't afraid to venture into darker territory. There are carnivorous dinosaurs chasing herbivores and a giant asteroid that crashes towards earth. As tense as these scenes can be, it's okay. This is a Disney film that shows us in the end we can get through things by sticking together. Ultimately I feel that is the moral of this film and it's a good one.

The music by James Newton Howard happens to be one of his best. It's beautiful and adventurous with themes that evoke a sense of wonder.

The look of the film is fantastic. The dinosaurs look quite real and the scenery is nothing short of breathtaking.

It's a film that contains all the right elements for a family masterpiece. Perhaps, my only wish is that it was a bit longer, but it is what it is and I am more than happy with it. It's a film that earns it's place along the great Disney classics such as The Lion King, Toy Story, Mary Poppins, and all the other classics.

Bravo Disney!
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An under-appreciated childhood movie that I still love today!
I mean, I don't understand why lots of people hated this movie. Sure, it isn't a masterpiece due to it's flaws that I will point out in a moment, but before I can get to those flaws, I would like to point out the redeeming qualities. I like the premise: An iguanadon named Aladar and his adopted family of monkeys walk to find a new home after their's was destroyed by a meteorite to find themselves in a conflict by joining the other dinosaurs led by Kron and Neera while being chased by Carnotaurs and velociraptors. It was very interesting, but Disney, being a master of storytelling, didn't bring anything new to the story and it's character development was lacking.

The characters, while undeveloped, are at least likable and the voice acting suited them really well. The script has some nice moments including the romance between Aladar and Neera which makes them a very cute couple to watch. The music from James Newton Howard is amazing and has been stuck to my head since I was a little child when I watched this a few more times. The strongest aspect goes to the computer animation. The prehistoric environments are amazing and are some of the best visuals I've ever seen in an animated film from my childhood.

Overall, Dinosaur may not be a masterpiece, but I still love it today and I think this would always be recommended to those who like computer animation and traditional animation.
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A film that looks beautiful, but has some very frightening scenes.
TheLittleSongbird8 May 2009
I thought Dinosaur was a lovely film. The computer animation is beautiful, and I thought the music score was wonderfully dynamic. The vocal ensemble, lending their voices to a very likable bunch of characters, do a very commendable job, especially Samuel E.Wright, DB Sweeney, Joan Plowright and Haydn Pannettiere. My complaints with the movie are that the carnotaurs were very frightening, and some parts do drag in the story particularly in the middle. Still, it is redeemed by some beautiful animation, likable characters and very interesting parts in the script. In conclusion, compared to what it could have been, not that bad at all, though it never was supposed to surpass Pixar delights like Toy Story. 8/10 Bethany Cox.
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I would have preferred some things to be changed, but overall I love this beautiful spectacle!
Mightyzebra15 July 2007
Genre: CGI and real-life-backgrounds film with dinosaurs.

My thoughts: All right, I have to admit some things. This could be better. I have to say that the CGI is perfect, beautiful, stunning real life backgrounds. THAT doesn't need to be changed. It's the characters. Well, not all of them. Most of them are fine as they are. Url, Kron and Bruton are not all that good. Oh and this film didn't need a herbivore baddie, they just needed the Carnotaurs, they could have just snipped out Kronk with a pair of scissors. Bruton and Url I am happy to stay, but for me to enjoy the film up to its highest level, it would have been better for Url to be less silly (this film DOES NOT need a silly character) and Bruton should have been in much longer, he shouldn't have played such a minor role. All of the other characters are fine. The other thing that could be changed in the film for me to make it top entertainment, is that SO FEW lemurs are in most of the film. There should be more travelling with Aladar across the desert.

Otherwise, I love this film very much. It doesn't have much excitement (PHEW) and it doesn't need it! All these films nowadays have unnecessary excitement. Also, the characters (apart from Kron and partly Bruton) are warm, loving and likable. They also use good dinosaurs for the film and stick to the right era (unlike in the "Land Before Time" films, although they're good as well). I think this film is underrated and if people do not like this first time, or rate my comment not useful, then I think that they're DEFINITELY missing an important detail of this lovely film!

Recommended to: People who like dinosaurs, the best CGI around (along with "Finding Nemo" 's and "The Polar Express 's), beautiful real backgrounds, lovely characters and a good storyline, which isn't all too exciting yet it doesn't make the film boring! Enjoy! :-)

What happens: A mother Iguanadon has some beautiful eggs in her nest. Unfortunately, trouble is ahead for most of them, when a Carnotaur attacks, leaving most of the eggs more like raw omelettes…
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Could have been the best. As it is, its the prettiest.
SevenStitches16 May 2006
When i heard that the original screenplay o this film planned no dialogue at all for the characters, i became even more disappointed at the end result. While a very good film Dinosaur certainly is, it could have been incredible. The visual effects alone are a sight to behold, never more so than in the opening sequence. This is probably the best stretch in the whole film for me; it's unsanitised by talking animals and genuinely feels like a prehistoric world (ignoring the multitude of historical inaccuracies like grass in the Mesozoic era, particular dinosaurs living side by side). Once the animals start to talk the film is bogged down by the shortcomings of the script, which is idealistic and morally exposition heavy, for the sake of the target audience. It also detracts from the illusion the film so effortlessly produces on the screen at the start; it all just becomes so standard an routine when it seemed to be so much more. With a weak script, the visuals no longer arrest like they did before and would have done had nobody talked. Without the amazing cgi, this could have almost been straight to video.

I say almost because despite the shortcomings Dinosaur is a good movie; it's at times thrilling, exhilarating, touching and surprisingly intense, for a movie with a such a routine story. Had it had a better script it could have been great. Had it had no dialogue at all it could have been a classic and perhaps one of Disney's finest. The era of risk taking and inventiveness for the company seems to be at an end, or at least under suppression. Damn you Eisner! They were onto something this time.
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A Great film and also a hard to resist film too some and editing could be useful
WaterBlue_Ranger2 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
this film is hard to resist, I watch it like 24/7 it's an amazing even though the plot is thin, the animation and the cast were the best part of the film, this film is like greatest film ever because of how realistic it looks real including the meteor crash, even though if a remake was being made they had to thicken the plot a bit but still keep the magic this film holds and also add a bit more cast members because their were like only 10 real characters that actually spoke words when the rest were just roars and grunts, so adding more characters would be great, also when i watch this i forget the fact it's a Disney film because of the little amount violence and the fact there is no songs because that would make it quite a silly film so i'am glad that they put any songs on.
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Holds up suprisingly well
irishboy14123 November 2018
I first saw this movie when I was a kid in 2000 and loved it. Then for some reason all these years later, I began to think about it and wonder if I would still like it today. So I bought it and was pleasantly surprised.

The animation / CG still holds up surprisingly well, mostly because of the backgrounds, the backraounds used were pictures taken from real life locations. The plot is okay, a little generic, aside from that everything in this movie is of high quality.

I'd recommend checking it out if you're curious, it still holds up after 18 years, and that's not common among these kind of animated films.
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Oh my childhood...
matheusdrl20 November 2015
IMDb's suggestions brought me back to my life in the early 2000's. The plot, the effects of this movie... I used to watch it almost everyday. I hope someday my kids are able to watch this. This movie kinda changed my life. It improved, side by side to Jurassic franchise, my reading skills as a kid, because I wanted to know more, and more and more about dinosaurs, and consequently, nowadays, I read for living. I'm feeling nostalgic to remember the right amount of violent, romantic, friendly moments of this movie. I can totally suggest this animation to parents. To let their kids watch this. When Disney makes a good animation, it is unforgettable. The Aladar's journey is inspiring, bringing a message of hope and bravery. To see the beauty in the most difficult times.
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Great Movie
erins111320 October 2012
I have seen this movie many times over the years with my older children and they all have loved it. I have just introduced it to my 2 yr old. He loves it too!! After only a few days he knows almost all the words. Its an entertaining movie, that has a great story line of friendship, love, and acceptance for children. It shows how being a friend to all no matter what species, and age wins in the end. It shows how being mean and tough doesn't get friends. And to those that are complaining about the accuracy for the time period, I am pretty sure that the dinosaurs didn't talk either. I do like this movie better then the Land Of Times movies for kids.

if you are looking for accuracy try a documentary
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Was a very interesting movie!
maryk-410 June 2000
I took my grandkids all under the age of seven and they loved it. They can't wait for it to come out in video. Want to go see it again! I also enjoyed the movie, the movie was great for all ages. I will buy this movie as soon as it comes available in video.
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Amazing Visuals, Average Story...
startrek20008 January 2001
As the title says, this movie has amazing visuals and is worth going to see or buy on DVD or VHS just for that reason. But the plot although interesting and immersive does seem quite weak and overall degrades the rating for this movie.

Some of the characters vocals will make you sick and seem very inappropriate for this kind of movie but if the graphics were not so amazing then I would tell you to forget this movie. BUT WAIT!

There is some sort of feeling you get while watching this movie either for the first time or for the fourth time. Maybe it's the amazing musical score provided by James Newton Howard, or the drop-dead gorgeous visuals or maybe the story isn't too bad after all. It is hard to explain but I would say that this movie is a MUST buy on DVD and maybe worth renting on VHS.

IMDb Rating: 8/10 Percentage Rating: 82%
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Extremely Underrated
BenvanKayz2 September 2005
Dinosaur is a fantastic movie with a great plot and lovable characters. Film critics all around have picked out this movie's faults and expanded on them to make them seem worse than they really are, but the truth is, this movie has so much to offer and should not be missed.

I saw this movie at the cinema when it first came out, and have watched it numerous times since then, and every time I watch it I notice something new about it. For me it is one of those rare movies that you can watch over and over again.

This film took 12 years to make and the amount of effort put into it was amazing. The animation is fantastic and it never ceases to amaze me, the dinosaurs look so real. Also the original score by James Newton Howard is brilliant, and I highly recommend the soundtrack.

The characters in the film are really easy to get attached to and you really find yourself worrying about them and hoping they will make it through. Even though one of the main qualities of this film is obviously the spectacular special effects, the storyline and characters are so entertaining that it is easy to forget that the dinosaurs are animated and the locations are not really from 65 million years ago.

People pick on this movie because its unrealistic, but they have to remember, movies are not meant to be realistic, they are meant to be unrealistic. Thats what movies are made for. If we just watched movies that were realistic we would be watching everyday life on the big screen. Don't we make movies to escape the real world?

Overall, this movie is great for people of all ages, especially dinosaur lovers. I give it 10/10 because of the effort put into it and the fantastic film that is the result of that effort.
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The 'Titanic' and / or 'Pearl Harbor' of CGI animated film
MGabbard13 September 2002
My first glimpse of this film was an extended trailer (which is essentially the first 5 minutes of the film) in front of The Phantom Menace a few years back. Everyone in the audience was stunned at the incredible visuals. And when it was over, there was a simultaneous "Whoa..." from everyone in the theater including myself.

Then there was all this hoo ha about the inappropriateness of a Kate Bush song so the movie was re-edited and when it finally did come out, it came out rather quietly so I never got around to seeing it in the theater.

I just caught the end of it tonight broadcast on the Disney Channel while doing some channel surfing. They were gracious enough to show it 2 times back-to-back so I sat there and watched it all the way through on the second run. I'm really mad at myself for forgetting to go and see it in the theater. Broadcast cable television quality is garbage and what I saw on my television tonight blew me away - I can just imagine how it must have looked in the theater.

Is this story a rehashed mix of Tarzan with a dinosaur and a pack of lemurs, and Land Before Time? Yes. Does it use the same technique of meshing CGI and live action backgrounds as Discovery Channel's Walking with Dinosaurs? Yes. But given it took 12 years to make this film, I would believe that it was Walking with Dinosaurs that copied from this film.

I am a big fan of CGI animation and I have to say that the first 20 minutes of this film that are set in mostly lush, tropical settings are some of the most impressive CGI / live action scenes I have seen yet. It looks so real that I found myself having a hard time trying to figure out which elements were CGI and which were live action.

Just as James Cameron's Titanic was a visual masterpiece, so is Dinosaur. If you'll remember Titanic won tons of awards for special effects, set decoration, and music. 'Best Background' if you will. The story was predictable and boring (and I'm not talking about the fact that everyone knew the ship was going to sink either) and the dialogue was flat. Same thing with Dinosaur.

Just as Michael Bay's Pearl Harbor's attack scenes were visually spectacular and the rest of the movie pretty much was a waste - the same could be said for Dinosaur. I really like the middle hour of Pearl Harbor (from where the Japanese fleet attacks to shortly after they withdraw). I don't bother watching the rest of the movie. With Dinosaur the first 20 minutes are incredible up until shortly after the asteroid hits and the last 10 minutes are also visually impressive. Skip the middle.

If you are looking for a perfect movie - this definately isn't it. But if you are looking to see some incredible animation, there's a good 30 minutes of jaw dropping visuals that every CGI animation fan must see.

Watch only the first 20 minutes and the last 10 minutes and this is a 9 out of 10. Watch it complete and the middle drags it down to about a 5.

The visuals were so good, I'm on my way to buy Dinosaur on DVD first thing tomorrow and have no intention of watching the middle hour of it.
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justmeepiclols15 April 2017
This movie is probably the most underrated movie of Disney.

Seriously, t's made in 2000 and animated and it looks incredible. Not to mention the breathtaking music, original story and epic landscapes. Back in those times when Disney movies actually could be scary.

This is a must watch and an epic movie.
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LebowskiT100020 May 2000
Dinosaur was a great movie! The movie is a visual feast. The acting is great, the story is great, the soundtrack is spectacular, everything about it is great. Disney has outdone themselves this time. I will, without a doubt, purchase this movie as soon as it is available to own. Dinosaur is a very happy, feel-good movie. Do yourself a favor and see the movie. I give it a 10 out of 10. Enjoy.
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