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MPAA Rated PG for intense images

Sex & Nudity

  • Some romance between a few characters, nothing explicit.
  • Although there's clearly nothing that's explicit, there's some talk about Zini practicing his "pick up" lines for female lemurs ("If you'll be my bride, I'll groom you" and that he's "the professor of love, and school's in session") and of all the young male lemurs finding mates (except for Zini).

Violence & Gore

  • At the beginning of the film, a carnotaur chases after a group of dinosaurs, steps into a dinosaur nest and crushes most of the eggs, then kills a herbivorous dinosaur on screen. We see it eating it from the distance.
  • Velociraptors are shown trying to prey upon the main characters. They only get to eat an already deceased animal instead. We later see the mess left behind.
  • Bruton and a scout encounter two carnotaurs, one of which grabs the scout (and we briefly see what looks like it pulling off some flesh in the distance) and the other that charges Bruton (and we see his point of view of it approaching him). Bloody woods later appear on Bruton.
  • The fights between Kron and Aladar, as well as the carnotaurs and our main heroes are also quite violent. There is no gore, but wounds are shown.


Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • A raptor opens it's mouth and reveals it's teeth which may scare viewers.
  • There are scenes where dinosaurs are shown to die which may scare viewers.
  • The carnotaurs can scare some viewers, and can give young viewers nightmares.
  • The meteor scene can be scary.
  • As a little bit of dramatically suspenseful music plays, the Lemurs slowly approach a dinosaur egg that's landed amongst them. Moments later and after baby Aladar has hatched, Yar prepares to toss or throw the infant dinosaur down to the ground far below him, but decides not to.
  • Kron and Aladar have a brief but violent clash, during which Kron slashes into Aladar's neck with his thumb-spike, creating a small gash.
  • A carnotaur goes after Kron, chasing him up a rocky slope until cornering him on the edge of a precipice. The two then fight (tail hitting, biting, etc.) with Aladar and Neera joining the fight with more tail hitting until the carnotaur falls off the edge (but not before briefly grabbing ahold of Aladar before losing that grip). Kron and Aladar get smacked against rocks during the fight.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • After their home island is destroyed, the only surviving juvenile lemur calls out for the rest if the clan, there is no response from across the water and the island is engulfed in flame, strongly suggesting all other lemurs are dead. The scene is very emotional and likely distressing.
  • What starts as a pretty-looking meteorite storm turns scary when a large meteorite crashes into the sea and explodes like a nuclear bomb (the resulting shockwave knocks the lemurs down). Aladar and his lemur family then try to flee the ensuing wall of flames that quickly approaches them, as well as more meteorites that crash down all around them. They must then leap from a cliff into the sea below to avoid the fire and other dangers. This scene is pretty intense.
  • Hiding in a large cave during a thunderstorm, Aladar, his lemur family, Baylene and Eema realize that two carnotaurs are just outside the cave entrance (that's partially veiled by a waterfall of sorts created by the rain). Aladar ends up just on the other side of that waterfall and freezes there, hoping the large meat eater doesn't spot him. It does, however, and then chases him back into the cave as he tries to climb up a rocky slope inside the cave. The carnotaur then grabs Aladar by the tail and tries to pull him back down the slope (where the two carnotaurs fight above him over which gets to have him for dinner). Bruton then bashes into the two carnotaurs, allowing Aladar to escape. A large amount of rocks/roofing then falls onto Aladar, Bruton and the two intruders.

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