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Send in the clones!!!!
Robin Cunningham7 August 2001
A glimpse of our possible future - a thriller, exploring some of the less than desirable possibilities of human cloning. The casting has a comfortable feel ... Kelly McGillis as the attractive intelligent researcher, similar to her Top Gun character Charlie; Larry Hagman, in JR form, as bad guy and Jason Gedrick as the clones - not a big stretch from his bad boy Neal Avedon in Murder One. All were well played, though the screenplay was somewhat lacklustre compared to Follett's superb writing. Not must see cinema - but a pleasant diversion for a couple of evenings. 7/10
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This happens when promising stories are dragged into the mud
Lars-Toralf Storstrand30 March 2001
Ken Follett is a great actor. His books are vivid. So vibrant. So descriptive. And when the movie-makers don't even bother to use his descriptions of the characters, when casting something is going down the drain. A much better choice for the part as Jeannie Ferrami would be Sandra Bullock. Kelly McGillis is way too old. Larry Hagman doesn't have the physical appearance to suit the role as Berrington Jones. Jason Gedrick is a pretty good choice for playing the clones, but there's bound to be someone out there suiting even better. I would have considered Edward Norton. He can be both nice and bad - in a great, and very descriptive way. HEY HOLLYWOOD! Try again! Make something better!!!
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A thriller pertaining to cloning
grover-625 October 1998
A rather politically motivated thriller detailing a University researcher's discovery of secret cloning experiments at a large genetics company. When her life is endangered by the evil creater of the experiments (played by Hagman), she must seek out each of the genetic clones in order to prove her claims to an unbelieving public.
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A pretty exciting cloning TV movie.
OllieSuave-00727 March 2015
This is a pretty exciting TV movie where Kelly McGillis of Top Gun fame stars as a doctor who is in danger after stumbling upon a secret cloning operation.

It's not a bad movie with its steady pacing and adequate acting, generating enough suspense to keep the movie engaging. Kelly McGillis, though, was a little mediocre in her performance and Jason Gedrick played an OK antagonist.

When I first saw the movie on TV, it was split up in three parts throughout a period of three nights, like a mini-series. So, I was always looking forward to it being shown on TV in order to find out the conclusion.

The script does have some loose plot holes, but it has some good moments. It is worth the watch.

Grade B-
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Great movie, good plot, excellent acting by Kelly Mc Gillis
ricciolo22 March 2001
Not a fervent moviegoer, but was intrigued by the name of the leading actress, could not remember at first if it was "her" I saw in Witness. I must say that she supported the part of Dr Ferrami very well and her performance was very credible. I'd give her an A plus for it. Now that there is a lot of talk about cloning a human being, this movie is very actual, it got my attention from start to finish. Francis
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