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Season 1

20 Sep. 1987
Nantucket Sleighride
A search-and-destroy probe attacks a Jupiter research station manned by Dash's mother and sister. A rescue mission is headed by Crowbar, Slim, Dash and his brother-in-law, Sgt. Victor Rivera.
27 Sep. 1987
Trojan Crowbar
A disguised Malvanna Wilde injects a cyber bug into Crowbar's body, making the Shadow Force able to see and hear through his eyes and ears. Crowbar unwittingly endangers a secret mission to transport a new computer modem to Ganymede with Dash and Slim.
4 Oct. 1987
The Long Fall
Crowbar offers to fix a malfunctioning new Automated Defence Satellite, but Slim refuses to let him bend the rules to do so. Meanwhile General Von Dar and Malvanna plan to take the satellite for themselves.
11 Oct. 1987
Caverns of Mars
Young colonists Tom and Jenny (Slim's nephew and niece) and Lt. Bob Anders get lost in a sandstorm on Mars, only to find the recently uncovered Lost City of the Ancient Builders.
18 Oct. 1987
Fire and Ice
Scientists aboard the survey ship Houston think they've discovered intelligent life on Europa. Meanwhile, General Torvek launches an attack Starcom from his station another of Jupiter's moons, Io.
25 Oct. 1987
Galactic Heartbeat
Emperor Dark has invented an EMP device that disables all machines and vehicles. When Shadow Force tests the device on Mars, it's first casualty is the new 'Razor' StarWolf being test piloted by Slim.
1 Nov. 1987
The Boys Who Cried Dark
Slim is ordered to train a group of cadets aboard the Theodore Sturgeon and is soon clashing with unruly Cadet James Hatch. Then the Sturgeon is found by Shadow Bat commanded by Major Klag.
8 Nov. 1987
Dark Harvest
The pacifist Marsian commune Verdugo is raided by Robot Drones. But their leaders are locals rather than Shadow Force.
15 Nov. 1987
A Few Bugs in the System
All sorts of equipment is going haywire on a mining ship. Starcom suspects sabotage, and sends a team to investigate.
22 Nov. 1987
Lt. Bob T. Rogers' Starmax is shot down and he has to abort. General Torvek strips it of it's main operating chip, making him able to remote control all of Starcom's vehicles and weapons.
29 Nov. 1987
Hot Enough for You?
Answering a distress call from Mercury, Crowbar and Slim pick up Shadow Force' Sgt. Ramor and Cpl. Slash, only to get stuck in the magnetic storm as well.
6 Dec. 1987
Flash Moskowitz, Space Cadet
Cadet Jonathan Moskowitz is chosen to take a trip from Luna to Mars with the Starcom Battle Commanders but the boy is just a decoy to distract enemies from the top secret cargo they're carrying.
13 Dec. 1987
The Last Star Ranger
A four man Mars convoy carrying supplies is stranded near the abandoned, heavily booby trapped Star Ranger base. Kelsey Carver asks former Star Ranger Lucas Hall to come out of retirement.

 Season 1 

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