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A great film about aging
novanna20 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I found this film one of the saddest ones which I've ever seen. Dino Risi is a brilliant director and made a great film which shows the aging. Ugo Tognazzi plays the actor who feels too young to be in an "old actor's house". He just can't stand the rules and the other old people so he escape with a young girl. The sad part comes from here because the girl wants her freedom, doesn't love the man and cheats him with other guys. In fact she never told the man that she loved him.

!!SPOILER!! In the end the man leaves and at the station he meets another man, a former actor. They ask each other where they go, they say something (to their son and to Rome) and they say goodbye. In the last scene they are going on the same road, saying hello to each other and they turn down from the the old actors house. END OF SPOILER!!

I found the film fantastically directed and very life-like. A must-see!!!
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First or Last Love?
pi-imdb11 June 2009
I would like to add a simple comment.

Italians, who are optimists, aesthetics, and see the world, and the life, as a victory of "il bello" over "il brutto" (the beautiful over the ugly), called this movie "Il Primo Amore" (The First Love).

French, who are pessimists, ethics, and see the world, and the life, as struggle between "le bien" and "le mal" (the good and the bad), called this movie "Le Dernier Amour" (The Last Love).

This was a story of a young woman and an old man: her First Love, and his Last Love.

A Must!
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it took 20 years to find this much info -- very funny film, bittersweet
ruthgree8 November 1999
I saw this film twice on my first trip to Italy (my first European trip, so it already was magical) and loved it, which was high praise, since I'd only been studying Italian for a few months, on my own. As I remember, it's the story of a man in an old actors home who wins a lottery, and runs away with a pretty worker from the home. He is taken advantage of, I remember, but exactly how...? I have looked for this film on video, and I think United Artists may offer it, but perhaps only in Europe. I would love to see it again...Ugo Tognazzi was a wonderful actor, and expressed many things simultaneously, as he did in La Cage Aux Folles. Lucky you if you can see the movie. I was in love with my Primo [Italian] Amore at the time, so perhaps memory has sweetened recollection. But I think it was lots of fun to watch.
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