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Short Life
H5O29 January 2000
Unlike Fresh (1994), New Jack City (1991), Catch Me If You Can (1989), or Scarface (1983), this short film details the life of Eddie Matos, who comes from a broken home, and becomes a drug dealer after dropping out of school at an early age. His typology of the innovator is similar to Fresh or Scarface, but his life is cut short. The quick money is there, but before the end, he ends up shot by Sergio, a rival drug dealer, and this event confines Matos to a wheelchair for life.

At the end of the short film, it's sad to see the real Eddie Matos in a wheelchair, a paraplegic, like Ron Kovic, since the quick money and lifestyle of a drug dealer is cut short. Everyone wants a six-figure income, and it's better earning a six-figure salary in the NBA rather than in the streets of New York.
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