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too bad it's gone
jenine1316 July 2002
this was a great show. the cast couldn't have been made up of better people. It's way too bad that it ended. It seems that now a days the REALLY good shows just don't make it. Yet all the teen dramas, which are just so fake, are at the top of the charts! There have been so many GREAT shows that many other people just can't understand. They have to watch simple plots like, dawson's creek, buffy, and etc. It's because of those people that all the good shows don't last long! IF ONLY THEY COULD GET THEIR MINDS TO COMPREHEND THE "COMPLEX IDEAS" THAT THESE GREAT SHOWS DEPICT!"
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"Pensacola" shot on Miramar USMC Marine Base
diraffill28 November 2010
Although another review revealed that "Pensacola, Wings of Gold" was not shot in Pensacola....... We watched them shoot the 66 episodes at Miramar Marine Air base in San Diego with the marine brass strictly guiding and assisting in the accuracy of all the series episodes. This went all the way up to Washington, D.C. where the Marine corps leader General James Jones approved the overall coordination of the show and it's accuracy with the USMC. General Jones presented the show and it's exec producer James Brolin a Marine Corps award for the show's help in recruiting and goodwill for the USMC. The Segal Studios are right outside the base fences where many the additional interiors were shot for a 3 year period. The base Hornet F-111 Jets worked most all days during the shoot, with their always active pilots assisting. While jet noise or no jet noise, so did the show go on. The show was dropped in the scramble of the Viacom stock takeover of CBS and Paramount, and replaced by a cheap reality show. At the time it was showing and representing American good will in a full 39 countries around the world.
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Better than Top Gun!
t.hawk7 June 2000
I really like Pensacola, it's a perfect mix of action, drama and war... But I like the first episodes much more than the later ones, I liked the actors more, that is...

So, if I had to recommend the series to anybody, all I'd like to say is: Watch it!!!
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Without a doubt the best show I've ever seen.
TV Gal28 June 2000
It's impossible to say how absolutely perfect this show is. When it first aired in Australia I hadn't heard much about it, but I'll be forever grateful to channel 9 for showing it. Pensacola is original & full of action, but it's not one of those shows that's just explosion after explosion. People like myself who adore this show watch because it is the best show ever on television with the best characters ever. The actors are incredible & make P:WOG very realistic. My favourite character was Colonel Rebecca Hodges & I also thought the rest of the first season cast was the best, so I was disappointed when the cast changed after season one. However, season two is still excellent.

That's just my opinion on the show. I've always had a fascination for the military & when P:WOG started here I began watching it because my favourite actress is Brynn Thayer. However, you don't need to like the actors or theme of this show to be totally swept away by it like I was. It's not just a military show for young boys who want to join the army. It's funny, dramatic, classy & timeless, with excellent writing & great storylines. I've watched a lot of television & seen a lot of excellent programs & Pensacola is right up there with E.R. & other shows of its calibre.

I realise I've used words like 'best' & 'excellent' quite a few times & Pensacola is completely deserving of such words. For those of you who have not seen this series, I feel sorry for you, because you have missed out on something truly wonderful.
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takes your breath away
cvenk27 February 1999
Outstanding series about four marines, who are the best. Great cast of young people which I really got used to them. They really take my breath away.
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Great show - would love to see it on DVD!!
codysue-124 April 2007
I would just like to point out (in addition to pleading for the series to be released on DVD) that a show does not have to be realistic to be entertaining. These days, with all the blood and gore in the news and in crime dramas, reality shows, etc. it's nice to get lost in a good, cheesy show with entertaining characters. PWOG fits the bill. Was it Emmy material? No, but it was awesome just the same.

I also have to put a vote in for the second cast - they were more charismatic than the cast of season one. I would definitely agree that the first season had a more serious vibe than the second two, but I was definitely more sucked in by the latter cast. Even though the series has been off the air for years, I'll never stop hoping that it be released for purchase.
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Unfortunate and regrettable
glentom130 April 2004
What an unfortunate and regrettable entry into TV fare. I was a Marine Corps officer. This is pure tripe. There is nothing realistic about it, and James Brolin should be both embarrassed and ashamed for his role in this show.

Although I was not a pilot, I served with many pilots both in TBS and at a MCAS. Those reviewers who simply question the inaccuracy of the Florida location are really missing the boat. This show has no accuracy at all about the Marine Corps.

The one reviewer who compared it to Baywatch was right on the button. The inaccuracies as to the relationship between the Navy and the Marine Corps are very simply explained: The Department of the Navy includes both branches, i.e. the Navy and the Marine Corps. And Pensacola is a training base both for Navy and Marine Corps pilots, but...

There is little time for romance and intrigue at Pensacola, it is a highly dynamic, stressful, and competitive training environment. The ludicrous situations that they concoct on this show are an affront to not only TV programming in general, but also to the real pilots that they pretend to depict.

I think it is interesting that there are so few reviews of this show here at IMDB, and even more interesting that not one real pilot did a review. I have to assume that is because none of them ever watched the show.
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Excellent First Season
Bev-723 March 1999
The first season was excellent with its four Marines -- the Sea Dragons. The show was about "teamwork" with its exciting story lines about how four people come together as a unit. They are intelligent and respectful of one another, their superiors, and their assignments. The first season portrayed women and male/female relationships in a very positive manner, without the degrading cheap attention-getting tricks like boobs, bodies, bikinis, and the sexual innuendo that slimed across the screen in the second season. Yes, the Sea Dragons are the best of the best, and first season took my breath away.
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Well, actually to respond to the last post
nbitters22 September 2003
there are F-18 at NAS other than the Blue Angels. And yes, the show has very little to do with P'cola, besides the name.

Here are ways that it does: 1)no mountains, but the only time the actually show the mountains is after they have taken off and have gone some distance to run flights. You don't have to go very far for mountains. Alabama has them. 2)Their beaches....not quite as nice as they really are. 3)palm trees??? if you have ever been to P'cola in the winter, you know that palm trees won't survive that well. I don't think in the 9 years that I lived there I ever saw a palm tree like the ones on the show. Even the ones there now, don't look half as good. 4)They never say that the entire base is commanded by a Marine, just the people they report to... which is the way it would actually be, Marines in charge of Marines. And obviously you have never told these thoughts to a Marine, because I know a few that would kill you for saying that they work for the Navy. They may be branched off of the Navy, but they don't work for them. You aren't military either, because none of the branches work for the other, they all try to work together.

While the show may not have been the best, there were some good aspects of it (both casts). I never got to watch it when it was on because P'cola didn't show it till 2 am on Sat. But now I am getting back into it. And every so often they show something from home. The intro usually has the "City of Five Flags" sign that is at the main way into the city. A few epis ago I saw one of the cast actually reading the Pensacola News Journal in one of the epis. And every so often you get a second or two of footage that is actually from P'cola.

You have to remember it is television. Most shows take place in NYC or LA or a major city cloe to there. P'cola isn't a major city (you're lucky if it is a city) and it is now where near NYC and LA. Most of the show was probably filmed in Cal. somewhere south of LA, probably San Diego. It is cheap to film there and it is only a few hours away. No one would actually want to go out to P'cola and spent 3 months there to film the show. It would cost a fortune. But they tried.

Just give the show a try if you want. It really isn't that bad. Just don't go to P'cola looking for what you see on TV.
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Pathetic sex act
s2ulf16 December 2000
This TV series isn't about flying fighter jets. It's all about would-be sexy chicks. Not only this, the acting is so bad sometimes I can't differ it from some porn flick. I can't see one non-sexbomb chick in it, and the more good looking they get, the more bad they act.

The stereotypes of different characters are more influential in the plot than the actual story.

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Pensacola, San Diego, what's the difference? PLENTY.
Manningmilt119 May 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Don't know if this really counts as a spoiler or not, since by now I think everyone knows this show was NOT shot in the real Pensacola in Florida, but at Mirimar Naval Air Station, San Diego, California. As a basic military series, yes,it's well crafted, character driven, morally sound, etc. But the real Achilles heel of this show was the less than sincere attempt to pass off San Diego as the Florida town in the title. If you couldn't have it in the real Pensacola, why not just call it MIRIMAR WINGS OF GOLD, or CORONADO WINGS OF GOLD, or just TOP GUN THE SERIES? No military person who went through Pensacola was fooled in the least. They know from experience that the real Pensacola has white sand beaches, no mountains, more magnolia trees than palms, a Pensacola News Journal daily paper (not the Pensacola Post) 6 major area hospitals--the largest being Sacred Heart, Channel 3 News at 10pm (not 11)and at the time of the show---Trader Jon's Bar & Grille, not a Kate's Bucket Bar. As I recall, the local news reported the producers of the show had every intention of shooting there, but at the time the city had no active film commissioner to handle the business arrangements. So to save a lot of location hassle, they shot in San Diego, and sent out a small camera crew to take only exterior location shots of real Pensacola landmarks,like the neon Pensacola Beach sign, the NAS main gate marquee, and the Escambia County Area Transit Bus Depot. Still, I believe putting the Pensacola mask on San Diego did more harm than good for both the show and its target audience. Most Pensacola citizens today are so insulted by the outcome,they don't even want to talk about the show anymore,much less remember it. So a DVD release just might lead to a local boycott of CBS-Eyemark in the City of Five Flags. Strictly IMHO: more location homework should have been done before launching this series.
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Watch the 1st Season only!
MovieBuffMarine21 July 2007
The first season told pretty much how all elements of the Marine Corps would operate (i.e. ground, air, helicopters and jets) as a team. That's the season I give the high rating to! (True, there are still a lot of "liberties" taken in season 1, but the stories were more believable.)

The subsequent seasons were a gawd-awful attempt of Melrose Place meets Top Gun!

I was a Marine stationed at Miramar at the time and I remember them shooting the show around the San Diego area. I got to talk to Rod Rowland and James Brolin.

Rowland's character was good to go.

Brolin's character was good in the first season only. For some reason he slacked off after the first ep of the second season.

If you want to see a LITTLE of how the Marine Air Ground team operates, then season one is the one to watch.

If you're into Melrose Place and soap opera like plots with an attempt to merge them into Top Gun, then see the last two seasons.
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Pretty bad
elwyn515023 August 2001
This show was pretty bad but watchable and relegated to late Saturday night with another awful American television program: "Walker: Texas Ranger".

Watch out for that nasty American moralising and cheesing happy endings where it wouldn't happen in real life.
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Drama or camp?
yenlo4 August 1999
Is this show to be taken seriously? Or is it meant to be a strange cross between TopGun and HotShots. Years ago (like the late 50's) this would have been a major TV hit but today it's almost beyond camp! Major Dad was more realistic than this Turkey. However as long as it's on "JAG" won't have to worry about being the worst military theme show on TV.
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hey i just want to know where i can buy the series to this show
kamullaney-114 November 2006
hey I'm a big fan when this show was on and i just want to know where i can buy the series from many.. i have been trying to find Pensacola: wings of gold for ages and everywhere i look that sells DVD does not have the series to it i would much appreciate it if someone could please tell me where i can get the series please. if anyone has any information on where i can get this show from please feel free to email me at any time. i like most of James Brolin shows i like this one the most cause i like army and navy show cause my family is in the defense forces many thanks Kylie. i don't know what else to write in these i have explained what i have.
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