Elizabeth (1998) Poster


Christopher Eccleston: Duke of Norfolk



  • Norfolk : So cut off my head, and make me a martyr. The people will always remember it.

    Walsingham : No... they will forget.

  • [about Elizabeth] 

    Norfolk : She is just a child and yet still you piss yourselves!

  • Sir Francis Walsingham : Your Grace is arrested. You must go with these men to the Tower.

    Norfolk : I must do nothing by your orders. I am Norfolk!

    Sir Francis Walsingham : You were Norfolk.

    Sir Francis Walsingham : [shows him his own signature on the treasonous letter from Rome] 

    Sir Francis Walsingham : The dead have no titles.

  • [regarding Elizabeth's impending reign] 

    Unseen Gentleman : Your Grace, Protestants are already returning from abroad.

    Norfolk : Yes. And have made plans to massacre every Catholic in England. There would be butchery indeed if such a plan were even conceivable.

    Norfolk's Man : They say Walsingham will return from France.

    Norfolk : Walsingham is nothing!

    [aside to Norfolk's Man as he is leaving the room] 

    Norfolk : Be sure he does not.

  • [Mary, on her deathbed, is refusing to sign a warrant for Elizabeth's execution] 

    Norfolk : Will you leave your kingdom to a heretic?

  • Norfolk : [Removes Mary's Signet Ring]  Give it to her.

  • Norfolk : To the North, I present Elizabeth, your undoubted Queen!

  • Norfolk : In the future...

  • Norfolk : The Queen!

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