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cisfusuke21 May 2006
the best transformers series i've ever watched. the best story and best war of transformers ever created by takara. this is the only series that tells what happened to captain optimus prime. one of the episodes would show how optimus prime changes to victory leo. this also shows the best war story between the autobots and decepticons. the victory series also gives a summary of what really happen to the autobots and how the war really ended. the autobot leader in this story though shows a little weakness however by the time he was able to combine with victory leo and become victory saber, he is invincible. it boasts the most powerful decepticons and autobots that have gone in battle. it also shows how decepticons can really betray their own comrades just to have personal gain.
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The greatest Transformers series.
Emphinix14 July 2003
I remember watching this show in my childhood days, me and my cousin used to watch it all the time and sometimes we recorded episodes we loved the most while watching them over and over.

My favorite Autobots were Star Saber, God Jinrai (God Bomber) and Victory Leo. But the best part was when they combined and turned into Victory Saber like in Transformers: RiD when Optimus and Ultra Magnus became Omega Prime like the Destrons Leozack, Hellbat, and others became Liokaiser or Liocaesar.

I give Transformers: Victory a 10/10
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Among the low points of the Transformers franchise
TheLittleSongbird16 October 2013
For this viewer, Victory is the only series in the franchise that is on the same level as Armada as a particular low-point and being close to being worse. Energon and Cybertron were no great shakes either but were a little better, and Beast Machines and Robots in Disguise were only mixed bags. The original Transformers series and Beast Wars were outstanding and Prime and Animated(as well as Headmasters and Masterforce from memory) were very good, Rescue Bots is unconventional but I'd take that over this and the Unicron Trilogy-Armada, Energon and Cybertron- any day. The animation is decent, more fluid than that of Robots in Disguise and the Unicron Trilogy and the characters especially Deszaras are decently designed, Leozack is interesting and quite dangerous and devious and the Dinoforce have moments where they are funny and easy to sympathise with. The music is inconsistent though, at times it is fitting but quite a lot of the time it's repetitive. The writing consists of stilted dramatic moments and ill-paced humorous/slapstick ones. The stories suffer from a lot of unoriginality, being blandly predictable, having a significantly lacking sense of drama, and feeling like the same thing over and over with a sprinkle of good ideas that were lot in the banality. The final couple of episodes were quite good but that was nowhere near enough. The characters are poorly written and there is little that Victory does to help us root properly for them. The Dinoforce have their moments, but the Autobots have no personality and can be annoying and while the Decepticons are a little more interesting they could have been more threatening, Deszaras had potential but came across as a pale imitation of Megatron. The action is the most exciting Victory gets story-wise but even that's not exceptional or well-done, the animation could have been smoother and the thrills and energy are seldom there. The voice acting is at its best okay and sloppy at worst, too often falling into the latter end. Overall, really lacking and a low point in an overall decent(excellent when at its best) franchise. 3/10 Bethany Cox
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Just plain boring
RobtimusPrime23 June 2007
As a long time fan of Transformers, I have of course bought the Japanese sets. Headmasters was good, Masterforce was excellent, and Victory is just... BORING. Seriously. I have managed to view only two of the four discs so far, just because I can't stay awake.

Yes you have read it correctly. After G1, Headmasters, Masterforce, Beast Wars, Beast Machines and RiD, this was the very first series that seriously managed to put me asleep. Not because I was tired - I fell asleep no later than after a mere 2 episodes each time I tried.

I know that the last three episodes are supposed to be just as good as the rest is bad, but the problem is, I still have to watch the remaining 10+ episodes before I get to it. Not something I think I can manage.
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Finally, Takara Forms Victory!
Oneirosophos7 January 2018
Warning: Spoilers
I've just finished a marathon of TF G1 animated and after the borefest of Headmasters and the mess called Masterforce, I had no ambitious for Victory, especially after watching the utterly ridiculous outro. But the outro, as I would later know, is the only bad thing in this great series! And the terms "Brainmaster" and "Breastforce".

Victory is the third installation of the Takara-G1 TF tv series and continues the story of Masterforce, where Optimus left Earth and appointed a brave Autobot warrior, who is a mixture of Saber Rider & Gundam, Star Saber, Brainmaster & leader of the Earth Force. His team consists mainly of the Micromasters' rescue team, the other three Brainmasters who combine to Road Caesar and the six Multiforce members that combine in two ways, by two and as a whole to form Landcross, the weakest combiner ever. On the other hand, the new leader of Decepticons is the ambitious breastforce leader, Deathsaurus, with his Breastforce team who form one of the coolest combiners, Liokaiser, and the hilarious Dinosaur Force who form Dinoking.

The episodes take inspiration of the G1 series and the battles take place all over the world (and not only) and almost every character is built very well, giving you time to learn them, with solo action time. TF Victory's main advantage is that you learn the characters well and you love them, because they are not just characters who fight each others. Especially the Breastforce team is the best Combiner team in terms of knowing each character seperately. Btw, the human companion is probably one of the coolest ever, Jan. Also, it has by far the greatest battles of Japanese G1's TF series, with a lot of great action, choreography and detail.

Just skip Headmasters & Masterforce & Zone if you want to watch a good Japanese G1 TF series. Victory will reward you with very interesting characters and stories. Personally, I would put it to the top 10 TF animated series.
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Saying it's overrated is an understatement...
Taketsuo23 November 2006
To put it short, Victory is worse than Armada. Whenever I hear people talk about how great Victory is, I'm convinced they never SAW it.

I hate to say this, but the "awful" new shows are actually better than Victory. Sure the animation is nice, but the plots are anything but. It isn't until the very last episodes when the show gets imaginative, and until then every single episode follows pretty much exactly the same plot: Decepticons attack, Autobots arrive, Star Saber goes on about he doesn't forgive the decepticons for threatening mankind/destroying nature/walking on flowers, Star Saber gives them all a major asspaddlin', decepticons run off with their tails between their legs, episode ends with autobots standing against sunset with the narrator saying how autobots' hearts burn with rage and they will fight even harder in the future.

Of course, there's no point to them fighting harder, considering they never even break a sweat (or lubricant, as Ironhide would put it) when they kick the decepticons' butts. The bad guys seem to be there just to prevent the autobots from being bored. They're about as threatening as the easter bunny...

Like I said, the last episodes are pure awesome, but what does it matter when you've grown to loathe the pompous gits that are the autobots? And the token human kid is little or no better than Daniel was. In fact, I recommend you to skip the majority of the episodes and only watch the three opening episodes, God Ginrai's recreation as Victory Leo, first appearance of Victory Saber and the last three episodes.
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Almost Great!
archadis27 September 2002
Transformers Victory is what I consider to be the best Transformer series to date (although I haven't seen Armada yet). I say this because it has the best animation, it has vibrant colours, the transformation sequences and music are faultless for their time. The central focus characters are adequately explored. When some of the characters face life or death at the end, I certainly felt moved. May I also add that the battle scenes are very impressive. In regard to negative aspects which explains why I describe the series as "Almost Great!" are the fact that the humor hasn't travelled very well from Japan to the west leaving more to be desired. The slapstick humour however is acceptable. This is mostly performed by Dinoforce. Some of the music has been carried forward from Masterforce and Headmasters the previous series'. Some of this is good and some not so good. Back to the good side again, the series flows well. At first the episodes are entertaining but really go much further. This however picks up later when their is a lot of continuity and the last three episodes are brilliant especially as some of the main characters are "knocked off", this doesn't usually happen in most other Transformers series which I think is an improvement. Some people do not prefer the series so much as there are very few familiar old characters but I certainly don't mind. I recommend this cartoon series as it is a rollercoaster of emotion ranging from joy to deep sadness (when characters die!). Masterforce I would also recommend but not as much because the series isn't so consistent and the plot contradicts occasionally.
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Worst Transformers Series Ever Made...So Far
ragingcalmu1 October 2010
RobtimusPrime and Taketsuo pretty much hit the nail on the head when it comes to this series. I'd add that just about all of the Autobot characters are interchangeable with literally no personality at all. The G1 Hasbro series was bad but at least it distinguished its characters with different ways of speaking and Victory doesn't even bother to do that.

Victory is also the only series where I truly felt bad for the bad guys. If you really want to see a Japanese G1 Transformers series, I'd recommend Masterforce. I'm sorry for all the people out there that like Victory but it truly is a terrible show and the worst Transformers series I've ever seen and that list unfortunately includes Transformers: Energon.
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Victory Superior, Masterforce Inferior
Agarak27 June 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I quite enjoyed this series; it brought back fond memories of the Robots in Disguise anime (would love to see that on DVD if Hasbro, Saban/Jetix, or whoever would be in charge of that reads these kind of reviews). I also greatly preferred it to Headmasters and Masterforce-almost no scantily clad female characters or cases of original series Autobots and Decepticons-or the Trainbots, for that matter-getting sidelined in favor of whichever toys they're trying the hardest to sell. The only episode apart from the annoying frequent clips shows I didn't watch-"A Deadly Battle Bet" according to one translation-is a stupid one where Deathsaurus disguises himself as a giant statue of an immodestly clad woman; it contributes nothing to the plot that you can't find out from the subsequent episodes' recaps. I'm also not a huge fan of the Shout! Factory dub-it's somewhat inconsistent and, while only one profanity is used, it appears fairly often and rather needlessly, particularly when they could have used the inoffensive-at least in my opinion-Transformers specific "curseword" scrap. However, those are the only factors I can really name preventing me from giving this series a rank of 9.
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Transformers Victory is a great series.... PERIOD!!!!!!
ychristopher29 March 2016
Damn all you haters!!!! YOU ALL SUCK!!!!!!! This is one of the BEST Transformers series I have every seen!! You are all nothing but a bunch of snobs with ridiculously high standards! For any of you who think that this is a bad show, than you can go stuff yourselves!!! :P

For anybody who gave a positive review about this show, you rock! I came on here hoping for some positive reviews about this show, NOT all of this negative criticism!

Transformers: Victory is STILL FAR BETTER than Disney's The Little Mermaid because that film is truly terrible!!!!!!!!! The main character of Transformers Victory, Star Saber is a legend, whereas, the main character of The Little Mermaid, Ariel is an absolute idiot and I REALLY HATE HER!!! The only reason why I am comparing this amazing series to that goofy Disney film is because they both came out the same year!(1989)
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This is bad
Gibson Rickenbacker13 March 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Craving some Transformers show with a GI feel, I really was stoked for "Victory". The first episode isn't so bad, it's actually fun and the opening song gets you pumped up for some robot on robot action. Two episodes into the series, the novelty of the show wears off and you kinda snooze off; what seems to be the problem? First, the characters: they're boring as hell; unlike in the American scripted and directed series where the personalities of the transforming mechs are distinct from each other and are well realized characterizations, in Victory, nothing seems to distinguish the cast from each other; this is especially true with the Autobots; the Cybertrons as they are called here are so dull and drab, the way they talk and act, they feel more like civilians or office workers in robot costumes than giant mecha who're out to kick some serious b--t; the villains on the other hand are more entertaining than the heroes: Leozack seems like a cross between Star Scream and Shockwave while the Dinoforce are effective comedians;

What is most annoying about the show is that it has no respect whatsoever with its target audience; while it's a children's show, the scriptwriters could've at least constructed stories that do not insult the intelligence; even kids know that robots cannot drink coffee, weep, ride escalators in a supposedly alien planet or wear blankets(!) It's alright if this is Transformers: The Looney Tunes version but this is supposed to be a show about giant robots for Pete's sake; I mean I can tolerate cheesy and absurd scenes but to a point.

On the positive side, there are some cool and awesome portions to a few episodes; the transformation of Star Saber from space jet to robot never grows old as well as the combining of the various robot teams into gestalts are undeniably the highlights of the series but the Victory Saber merging footage is downright embarrassing; the fights are so-so but in the episode "The Resurrection of the Decepticon Fortress", Deszaraz and Star Saber's fight is surprisingly good (the episode itself is good along with "The Death of Ginrai" and "Fight, Victory Leo" and the last three episodes;

In the end though, a few quality episodes cannot redeem a downright awful and terrible show.
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