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One of the most powerful romances of recent years, it is as generous as they come.
Miami Herald
It's almost startling to see a film that believes in itself and its characters so deeply.
L.A. Weekly
Catches the volatile beauty of what it was to be alive and politically aware in the early '70s with a rare accuracy and depth.
Its evocation of the politics and Zeitgeist of the late '60s is so right on, as we used to say, that it left me stunned.
Boston Globe
It's too fragmented and diffuse to ever bring its parts together in any really satisfying manner.
Entertainment Weekly
Enough to anesthetize the living.
By the time of Fielding's and Sarah's final, gooey encounter, she's not the only one who needs waking.
The film is one of the more adult offerings out there in a spring movie season peppered with martial arts and superheroes. It may be just what you're looking for.
Portland Oregonian
As so often happens, politics and religion add up to a double dose of self-righteousness.
USA Today
Spanning the counterculture '70s to the more career-oriented '80s and doing justice to neither decade, this event-heavy adaptation of Scott Spencer's novel may give viewers whiplash.

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